David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Friday, April 30, 2010

Prediction Dateline Sept.1, 2010

FLORIDA KEYS - The oil slick made it's way into the keys yesterday afternoon, prompting the evacuation of the lower keys, from Key West to the Seven Mile Bridge.
The fumes from the spill, now four months old, have reached as far north and east as Ft. Lauderdale.
President Obama has added Monroe County, Florida to the list of thirteen Florida counties within the area of impact (AOI) of the oil spill.
Coastal areas in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, have all been designated within the Disaster Area of Impact.
Earlier this week, BP announced its decision to begin Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings.
The oil company has asked for federal economic assistance in addition to $15 billion in expected costs to recap the damaged well; a move which has the full support of the Florida Republican party.
Preparations are underway to evacuate those special needs patients who have lung ailments from Monroe and Dade counties, with additional evacuations in Broward, Palm Beach, anticipated.