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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill is a deception, a chess piece, a trumpet horn of British Contempt for US

You have to admire how deeply below the belt this thing has hit us.

For a piece of pure cowardice, it rivals 9-11 in dollar value, certainly.

The ultimate aim is our ruination. It is the first in a number of threats to our national security which will likely culminate in WW III. Here's a guess: the Brits will NOT be our friends in this one.

Think of the assassination of Austria's Archduke Franz Ferdinan and his wife Sofia in 1914, the event largely thought to triggered the first World War. Conspiracy? Yes it was. Those that said it was contemporaneous to the event were ridiculed as paranoid lunatics.

We have known for a few years here, that a select few in congress, prodded by plutocrats in finance, defense and the oil industry, have been keenly interested in destroying the middle class of this nation. These corrupt, soulless, treasonous swindlers have sold us all down river. Big surprise there.

This is where we find ourselves; waking up in a fox hole next to a dead body representative of our freedoms, with no ammunition and our arms tied behind our backs.

But, the good news is, we ARE waking up. This oil spill has done that. A bit of shocking overkill that is too ghastly to ignore.

The Brits bear us open contempt now. The PM David Cameron is here today to put the requisite, smiling, yet condescending, face on things. Mr. Obama, like Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, will react to his Harvard training and instinctively defer to all things British. He'll blush like a virgin, a small dog in heat, smile and accept whatever lying, head-patting explanation Mr. Cameron dreams up, or has been directed to utter, regarding the release of Mr. al Megrahi.

Perhaps Mr. Obama won't even find the stones to ask Mr. Cameron the first, simpering question regarding the event. If our president, perhaps like Thad Allen, is pretending to be an idiot coward for purely strategic reasons, he's damned good at it.

But former coup d' etat president Cheney has done this to us, of course. He and his crowd have dragged the British into our foreign policy decisions and cost them many young lives as well, and now they are angry. As they rightly should be; as angry as we should be with ourselves for not waiting, for accepting the official story too easily; for reacting in rage and anger, and in need of a straw man to burn.

The Brits don't know how to express their anger with us openly, yet. They haven't since 1812. And so their official take is silent, while the realms of equal cowardice are exploited via the oil spill, via the release of the Lockerbie bomber. This while strangely sending the Queen to our shores; a little salt in the wounds, perhaps? Or was there hope we would insult her royal person with jibes, taunts or protests?

The British establishment will continue to push for separation from us; cowardly, covertly, through goofs and insults "so sorry, really quite and truly we all are", all the while slapping us on the back, smiling, and shaking our hands. This while our young president continues to treat the Oval office as his man-cave; busying himself on smaller issues, such as golf, and where Lebron James might play basketball.

This is not to suggest the entirety of the British nation is comprised of terrorists. No. This is to state without equivocation, that there are elements within the British government who are PRECISELY that!

Might those terrorist elements include BP's top man Tony Hayward? Listen to me closely while I state it for the record: Absolutely!

The intentional injurious contempt he displayed regarding people along the Gulf Coast is totally unacceptable, suspect, rife with bad faith and, fits in precisely with this notion. Indeed there is no other logical explanation for Mr. Hayward's reaction, is there?

To essentially blame, denigrate, insult, bear hatred, pithy remarks for those your company has essentially murdered? Rendered unable to provide for themselves? To glaze over the destruction of the ecosystem with a calloused, bored jaundiced eye of upper crust cynicism; to be all those things hatefully Brit in the face of what your company has done?

We don't recognize subtle European manners which bespeak fanged aggression. Too few of us have played soccer, or are even familiar with the game. A late challenge for the ball: cleats are raked across the thigh of a defender: "Look mate, so sorry. I didn't mean it."

You have a mysteriously stopped well, on day 87? The fact the equipment to at least mostly stanch the flow was at the ready all along, doesn't register some concern within our alleged media? All along this equipment was there, usable, available, everyone making the decisions within the company knew about it, and yet there it sat while millions upon millions of gallons flowed into the Gulf of Mexico!

Add this to the unassailable fact that as many as ten things had to go wrong for this to happen in the first place and every, single one of them did.

If you offered your friend the use of your car and he "accidentally" struck ten phone poles one after the other on the way home, would you question it? If a doctor gave your aged mother not one but ten forms of wrong, poisonous medication in an afternoon leaving her in a coma, then refused to give her the one thing that might begin to heal her until day 87 would you allow yourself a moment of skepticism?

Today's meeting with Mr. Cameron should tell us much. It is either a photo opportunity with absolutely no information forthcoming or there will be some backbone displayed by our president.

If the latter is true, then at least we know all is not lost, that the course of human events for the next twenty years hasn't been pre-determined in a Bilderberg boardroom somewhere.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dick Cheney Is Dead!

Not today, but, soon. Damn it, what wouldn't you give? What wouldn't you do to see this happen?
Hell, I am not Gandhi over here. Let's face it. It's a poor one that I am, to be sure.

Cheney is not dead. But he is slipping. He knows it's time to take the long hot bath mentioned in Godfather II. Yes, he's getting ready to do the Frankie Pentangelli about his Big Oil/Halliburton days. What's a Frankie Pentangelli? This is a Frankie Pentangelli:

But Dick will not be finding himself under any bright lights; not like his former boss Ronald Reagan.

Reagan, it was said, was slipping into Alzheimer's, and so, "I don't recall" became his mantra. Those who were alive during the days of the Iran-Contra investigations remember Ronnie's continuous inability to remember the Shennanigans that led up to the mess. Of course, it would take a primer of ten pages to describe what went on down there. That's because the history has been, all-but erased.

Big Dick's path of least resistance is his ailing heart. A device of some sort has been attached to it, which is code for "leave me the fuck along I don't want to answer any questions about Big Oil or my part in the deregulation."

The heart thing of course, will lead to a brain malady which will disrupt his memory without having to suffer the indignity of a courtroom or a congressional hearing.

For the meantime, we can dream, can't we?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is BP currently posturing itself for strategic extraction from the Gulf of Mexico?

Q:How do we know BP may be working behind the scenes to pull a fast one on us; may try to do the old dine and dash?

A: Are you familiar with the company currently trying to kill the Gulf of Mexico?

Also, there is a pattern to recent events that points to the distinct possibility.

Containment cap in place and no one other than Olbermann is asking why it took so long to find one that seems to work? One thing about this is, it forever obscures, if not completely covers up, the amount of crude oil leaking from the well since day one. If they get the gusher stopped, I'm all for it. However as Keith Olbermann pointed out last night,"why the hell wasn't this done before?" They had an oil expert on MSNBC also with Olbermann, a cat named Bob Canvar, who said the equipment now capping the well, is basically garden-variety gear aboard many drilling rigs, and found within every oil company. So again the big "why wasn't it done sooner?" After Olbermann asked this question, the man said that it is one of those million dollar questions that makes you slap yourself in the forehead and then pound your head on a desk.

Now, you watch; no one else will have the guts to ask it. I can feel it. This is a question too close to the heart of the matter, and possible evidence for something nefarious that BigGovCorp will never-ever-never explain, nor allow the media to dig into.

In other words, the answer to that one simple question (why did it take this long to do something this simple THAT ACTUALLY WORKS COLLECTING THE OIL?) could explain the whole deal: and we know children, BigGovCorp can't allow that. We've seen enough to know that by now, haven't we? And indeed, MSNBC's daytime anchor, who looks like a Powerball Z cartoon character, can't remember her name, just had Cavnar on again, and she RE-FUH -YOOOZED! to ask that simple question to him "why did it take this long?"

Children, THAT question is GONE! It's over! Done! Poof! You love that? If this current containment cap works, THE QUESTION WILL NEVER BE ASKED AGAIN.

Signs that the containment cap will at least work to catch most of the oil?

Payments have been cut to half and sometimes one third to those impacted by the spill in advance of a pull out. No warning; no information provided. Imagine an old war ship menacing your town from the harbor. One morning you see the men on board, aggressively trim ship and prepare to haul ass out of there. A retreating Man-o-War. The gun ports are closed, out come the sails, the rigging is at the ready.

If BP can get away with it, they will crap out that $20 billion in escrow with about as much impact to their overall balance sheet as a gnat fart, and they will exit. Where will they go?

BP is positioning itself for a massive project in Lybia, while considering/making press noises, creative leaks about a possible bankruptcy in America and also making noises it wants to sell off assets in Alaska. I mean: HELLO?! WAKEY-WAKEY SLEEPY HEAD.

BP are working on a contract with the Gaddafi's or Godawfuls or whatever it is we call them. The prisoner from the Lockerbie Scottland Pan-Am bombing was released to the Godawfuls who rule Lybia with an iron fist. The idea was, the man was suffering prostate cancer, and so why not let him die in his homeland? Well don't you know, there is a different story coming out that BP was involved in a deal to swap the guy out for a massive oil lease in Lybia. And now other reports are surfacing that this man no more had prostate cancer than he had Ebola. An investigation is under way that will never get to the bottom of it. I mean, come the fuck on. Do you think even if they found evidence of string pulling and deal making on this level, anyone would EVER TELL YOU ABOUT IT? Get real.

All these taken together could be an indication of a strategic, fast-exit; what Hunter Thompson referred to as "a savage burn." The most savage burn in U.S. history.

Where is President Obama?

Golfing, more than likely.

Stan Morton Diaries: Make them STAND THERE!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Machiavellian Media Awards

Here is an update on outright, obvious, conspicuous media chicanery regarding the story, I have noticed as consumer. (updates will continue as they are observed. At this time, CNN tops the list. FOX isn't mentioned because FOX is fully complicit with a GOP agenda siding with BigCorp always, and thus always receives an M rating for everything they continue to do.)

I=Mere incompetence
B=Suspicious bullshit. May or may not be evidence of conspire to alter coverage, or suppress it.
C= Conspiracy, apparent, to suppress information related to content controversy.
S= Apparent shilling for BP, or soliciting/"whoring" to illicit from, or quid pro quo after the fact, for advertising dollars.
M= Machiavellian avoidance, well apparent to the rater: Avoidance, manipulation of the story, selective editing, or changing beat reporter due to apparent pressure exerted by the parent company, other corporate consortium, entity, or subject party.

1. CNN just "waking up" to the fact that dispersant "gosh-golly" could be used by the company to hide the actual volume of oil. CNN also awoke from their Machiavellian, good-morning-sleepy-head slumber to sheepishly ponder whether or not BP's insistence on using Corexit, THE most toxic dispersant, is related to their connections with the chemical manufacturer that makes the stuff. Rating? M

Our response: Hello CNN! YA fuckan' THINK? This is only what people have been scuh-REEEEEEMING with every scintilla of volume in their voices since day one.

2. After months of virtually ignoring the Haiti story, CNN decides with Machiavellian verve, to send Anderson Cooper to Haiti. This, just when Cooper began seriously digging into the story and was actually getting somewhere. His repeated challenges and documenting BPs refusal to go head-to-head with him, on air, inspired by what Edward R. Murrow did in challenging Joe McCarthy. But, CNN - owned by Time Warner Inc. - decided to stop Cooper from pressing on, denying the public whatever information would have fallen from the tree. Now, coverage of the Gulf resumes its plastic-smile, all-is-well pablum format. Rating? M

3. The Thad Allen sit down. CNN. The most trusted name in news decided on a sit down with Admiral Thad Allen, for whatever strange reason. Perhaps the first time in history an admiral in the US Coast Guard has been given free media reign to go over highlights of his career at the end of it. Allen is at the center of controversy. Many are of the opinion he has been far too fawning, lenient, accepting, and receptive to nonsense and lies from BP; thus, in part, putting us at day 83 of the gusher with little or no meaningful protection of our coasts, marine resources, or our coast residents in the affected region. Mr. Allen has seemingly been more interested in directing his service to help BP suppress the media. Allen continues to receive media softballs from all major media outlets. Rating? C

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Response to Florida Today

Gang it is working. Florida Today just ran a piece about how my local area BPs are experiencing a 30 percent drop in revenue. There is an active group of people here. But we face a lot of hostility from local business people, who react to activism the way a vampire does to sunlight.

Our weak-willed, caving cowardly news organ, Florida Today, is sure to provide a fig leaf of nonsense to cover up for BigGovCorp whenever it can, like it did today. I have mailed all their editors this response which they will file in the circular locator. Great thing about the internet is, I don't need them anymore. You can see my response anyway.

Remember: THIS....IS.....WORKING! Keep it up!

Regarding "BP Station Owners plead for some understanding" Florida Today, Business 8-C, July 10, 2010:

The journalistic special relativity with which Florida Today takes on the BP boycott is amusing but not surprising. We recall the Northrop-Boeing tanker-gate debacle.

Mom and Pop retailer, aka, BP’s human shields have to show between $700,000 and $1 million in ready cash depending on locale, to even be considered for a franchise. Not any mom and pop I know. These poor mom and pops likely live in Lansing Island. Cry for me Argentina: not.

Not that Mr. Price’s story thought to mention the actual economic means of “mom and pop,” what sort of poor, struggling merchants they are. Not that he thought to ask, even though it’s all over the Internet already. Or perhaps was it that an editor didn’t think this level of detail made harmonious music of the “mom and pop” lullaby.

Alright then, once again. Let’s for the sake of argument, believe FT, the latest in a long line of newsLITE™ providers, to refry this corporate hash.

The argument is that somehow, BP isn’t harmed in the least by the boycott, children. This is because BP makes no money whatsoever having its sign up above these stores. Not one dime.

We can suppose that, even in the harsh real word of facts, where these contracts with BP stipulate that mommy and daddy grocer get 5 percent of the royalties on gas sales, in our bedtime story spoon-fed by FT the other 95 percent of the money for those sales, simply evaporates? Is that it?

Certainly BP who only are in business out of the goodness of their hearts, don’t receive a dime. The money, is it donated by BP to the nuns and orphans program? Or sometimes to the charity that protects walruses ever so infrequently injured by BP’s operations in the Gulf of Mexico?

Listen, using FT fairy tale logic, lunch-counter sit-ins in Alabama should not have taken place. Why? Mom and Pop racist restaurateurs, we wouldn’t want to hurt them, would we? The Nuremberg trials needlessly interrupted German business, and makers of Zyclon-B were just trying to earn a buck and should have been permitted to ply their trade, right? Yes, poor mutter und vader, Zyclon B manufacturer. Poor them!

BP makes hardly anything off of fuel stations? What about the interest on their gas cards? No? Nothing? Nicht? Nada?

BP do make something off mom and pop and we all know it, so stop shilling. They do make something. They charge royalty fees, and interest and all sorts of other goodies all across this land. And perhaps this brings up the actual reason for the boycott: Because it is working!

1. The point is to force the retailers to switch suppliers. THAT hurts BP! BIGTIME. And it is happening in Michigan and elsewhere where PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE.

2. The point is also to get the retailers to turn right around and bill the company for the losses they have experienced, and THAT hurts BP. And this is happening!

3. The point might be to get the retailers to sue the parent company – why not, they have perhaps the clearest case of anyone!, and THAT hurts BP. If a pension fund can sue BP for what happened and the lost stock value, as it did in New York, why can’t the retailers? Hell, why wouldn’t they?

Did Mom and Pop ask for this? No. Are they to blame? No.

Can they get their money back from the oil giant? Yes they can, unlike many a struggling fisherman in the Gulf these days. Unlike many a hotelier, or a waiter or waitress, or someone who merely made the mistake of investing in BP day before the collapse.

Boycotters aren’t villains they are liberators of mom and pop from a company that is going down of its own actions!

And our government is not going to hold this company accountable. The government is going to make sure that we are short-changed. That is clear now. Why? Because BP is still the largest single provider of petrol for our ongoing war efforts. Many Dr. Strangeloves in the Pentagon will ride that puppy right into the ground, our own laws be damned.

We should force our defense department to quit the contract with BP for their numerous violations. You can't be a government contractor AND be in violation of federal laws. That’s the way the laws are currently written!

But crickets will chirp in cowardly newsrooms all across the country, on that little ditty. The editors, publishers, producers, and so on, all controlled by Big Energy and Big War will hear a train whistle at a distance of 20 miles – “hold that thought, can you hear that? Excuse me, I must check on that sound!” - before they will be able to focus in on this very salient point, that our own federal guidelines are being ignored with every violation, every dead turtle, every oiled bird, every discarded safety protocol.

Now the civic angle. What is it the paper is telling us, and why? How strange and unseemly is it for Florida Today to be openly begging customers not to exercise their right to choose the company they want to purchase from for any reason. People need to be writing down somewhere those that are on the wrong side of history. Because this paper seems to be on that page, over and over again.

I want to boycott I want to protest, and I should, we all should. BP is ruining the environment, disrupting turtle habitat and all those other things you people write about when it’s easy, when it’s a happy little evergreen story with no meat, bite or taste. Now is the time to get behind the environment, not when another entity wants to create a tax shelter, or official wants a photo op. Now!

I like boycotting. I like protesting BP. It makes me feel like I am doing something to hurt a foreign enemy, a great evil. It makes me feel like an American citizen which is what large corporations, Gannett for instance, are growing so intolerant of; the fact we are waking up to the realization that we are not drones in a corporate machine, we are all not coworkers in USA GovCorp., but citizens of the United States of America, and we don’t have to take this crap. In fact, it is our duty to fight it, to speak out, to boycott.

The arrogance BP continues to show, has metastasized into outright evil, an evil which is choking this country of ours. It is now directing our foreign policy, it is adopting and/or controlling our police powers, it is controlling our media - Gannet for instance, as evidenced by this unbalanced article. It has bribed our officials, and has met every standard of tyranny.

I want this thing dead, deceased, kaput, no more so it cannot do precisely what it is doing. So its demise provides a warning to others in the same business, so we gain some control over our lives, and so we can all clean up our act and move on.

Sorry to you, newspaper, your editors, your corporate handlers, to you, the gas station owners. I am sorry some of us have had enough and are now behaving like American citizens. Sorry, you have a problem with that...........NNNNAAAAAHT!


Listen to this mumble-fish moron. He has no authority over you. Stop listening to or engaging with corporate flunkies they are NOT law officers. Yet somehow the police aren't stopping them from impersonating law enforcement.

"You got to have PPE."

"Cleanwaters, cleanwudders. You got to have the proper PPE." Steel toed boots, and then wet-suit booties inside those, huh? Gloves. Yeah, huh? Is that right? Oh yeah, huh? And you didn't just make that up driving over here?"

Listen here's what's going on. People are getting paid to excavate the oil and haul it off, but once again, no federal regulation is happening. They are working under their own 'supervision' so what do YOU think is happening?

What if they simply bury the oil with sand hauled from the tide line or the dune? Done. Likely plow up sea turtle nests when they do it. Did you see how nervous this clown got? Is this what they are doing? Seems to me, the way things have been going this is precisely what's going on.

They make up some mumbo jumbo gobblety gook about PPEs or some other dogshit, and you're expected to swallow it. Law enforcement sits there and lets a SUB-contractor from "cleanwaters' or wudders or whatever the fuck this ass hat said, come along and TELL YOU what YOUR RIGHTS ARE?

People, wake the fuck up and make a damned stink. Go down and film whatever the FUCK it is they are doing or they are NOT doing. GET ARRESTED OR LOSE YOU RIGHTS!

This is bullshit. Do not put up with corporate thuggery!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Federal laws mean nothing to BP, our own government, and big media

We don't care. We still do business with just about anybody. Even an enviro-holocaust provider.

This is just a little detour here while we talk about the irony of that. (clears throat, smiles, shakes head) okay so, let me get this straight. While everyone and his mother are dumping on Obama for being too soft on Iran, here Halliburton is in violation of federal laws for business dealings WITH IRAN! And, like, WE KNEW THIS?, and THEY WERE PERMITTED ON OUR GULF COAST DRILLING RIGS, IN addition to BEING GIVEN SUPPORT CONTRACTS, SOME OF THEM SOLE-SOURCE over in Afghanistan?

Well sure; no potential security risk there. Pffft.

I mean, we're still using them after the movie Iraq For Sale, drew nothing but crickets chirping, this after Senator Al Franken had to get up before congress and say, and I am paraphrasing here, 'c'mon people, we shouldn't do business with companies that actually rape their 20 year old secretaries then lock them in a storage bin so the docs can't use a rape kit on them.'

You know there are standards, minimums. By your associations you are known. Apparently our government either never read the civics book wherein the later was stated or, more likely, they just didn't give a shit. And still don't.

I am so mesmerized by this Iran thing, I could almost wet myself. Google consult yields this: Halliburton is hip deep in Iranian oil field services? A loophole is that they, Halliburton are actually an international subsidiary, of themselves, operating out of Dubai. Al Moosa Tower 1, to be precise.

Okay (shaking head, hands jerking back and forth, eyes blinking furiously) stick a pin in that for a moment.

Szzzzzooop! Let's go back to BP.

Somewhere back in 2008 revised ethics rules where put in place to prevent us with doing business with contractors who had shady business dealings or didn't conduct themselves ethically or honestly.

I love this excerpt:

Subpart 9.1 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires a prospective contractor to demonstrate its “responsibility,” which is defined, in part, as having “a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.” To this end, the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council and the Defense Acquisition Regulations Council have proposed amending the FAR with a rule that would require contractors to “conduct themselves with the highest degree of integrity and honesty.”

The neat part about this is that it was all adopted into law. This is now the law of the land. We did this. This is now a federal regulation. No federal agency can deal with a contractor that does not conduct itself with the highest degree of integrity and honesty. Not, sort-of-okay-highest THE HIGHEST.

Not only is this laughably outside the scope of how BP conducts itself, but WE that is our President and our federal agencies and our military CONTINUE NOT to follow this very clear rule, our own law.

The same year these measures were adopted our Minerals Management Service was accepting gifts from BP and other energy contractors. Nothing changed. No one was fired, even after the story went worldwide.

BP, with numerous environmental and safety violations, the center of a massive lawsuit for the Texas City refinery explosion of 2005, is the prime provider of petroleum products to our military and the FAA, continues to be.

What am I missing here? Why does Obama, the congress, the federal regulators permit this to continue especially in light of what we know about the Deepwater Horizon.

You see the Obama administration these days becoming champions of the low-hanging -fruit causes, by comparison. They're going after the state of Arizona for their new anti-immigrant law which, let's face it, will not stand a serious legal review. No way in hell. But, it makes all kinds of headlines for Obama and company to laser in on it. It's sexy; they're going to (quote-un) help the hispanics. Yay!

This also gives the appearance of progress while ignoring people along the Gulf Coast; while sort of also forgetting about that silly - what was we thinking! - moratorium on offshore drilling until at least we understand what happened on the exploded rig.

The media, controlled by Big Energy Big War, also focus in on controversy and low hanging fruit: gays in the military, for instance. Yes, let's narrow in on that topic just now;

"THIS CANNOT WAIT A MOMENT LONGER! Get someone down there immediately!" screams an editor or producer.


'THE MILITARY, BY GOD! We need commentary! We need the other side slamming the gays for know....gayness!"

Meantime, what is BIG MEDIA doing about the on-going use of corporate contractors who stomp all over our laws? NNNNNNNAHT!

The Gulf now falls between the cracks, of course. FOX won't even slam Obama for his mishandling of the situation, because to do so, shines a light on BP and we all know FIX NOISE isn't going to go against BIGCORP anytime soon.

Michigan BP station owners switching brands

Yeah, sure. The boycott isn't working at all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Truth Comes out: Our Military IS the BIGGEST customer to BP?

This whole thing is a Manchurian cluster-fuck.

This sorta-kinda destroys the idea that BP (insipid whiney voice) "will lose the ability to pay for the mess" or that BP will be "needlessly harmed" by any boycotting.

That's the good news, that the latter particularly stupid and insipid argument is put to rest.

The bad news is, this is the reason why the government response has been so slow, why Obama has been the ostrich with his head stuck in the sand, why the vice president also has been MIA on taking names and kicking ass in the Gulf, why the Army Corps of Engineers has been so slow to move allowing those rock jetties to be hauled in to protect the marshes of Jefferson Parrish, why BP has not had its feet held to the fire for stopping the leak and paying more than ten cents on the dollar for claims, why they are permitted to rake our commercial and charter-angler fishermen over the coals with red tape, and the list goes on and on.

Why the black-out of the media? Because if a photo of even one dead sea turtle covered in oil hits the world-wide, there is prima facia evidence of a federal violation, and there this whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Fact.

The tentacles of BP are wrapped around our collective throat like those of the Giant Octopus. And now, they own our asses. Could the lesson be any clearer? This is why, children, it is bad to be in bed with Big Oil, particularly a company that has such callous disregard for our citizens, our environment, demonstrated over and over again.

By the way, this is even more reason to suspect the sabotage angle: how to cripple an enemy? Disrupt his ability to mobilize, to move about. And certainly severing our relationship with our military's chief supplier of petrol would qualify.

But soft, children. BigGovCorp and the Obama administration won't ask these questions, leave off give you answers to them. Because BigGovCorp would rather our national image be reduced to chicken-shit.

Every nation on planet earth can see now, can watch like spectators to a rape getting off on the violence of the thing, as we are done over a railing, pirate style. They can bear witness while a company with maleavolence and insolence, does to us what our sworn enemies have not been able to do. Only terrorists in 2001 have come close to what a corporation is doing.

People locked in Guantanamo for years haven't been able to accomplish what BP is doing to us, day in and day out. The lack of urgency, the insulting patronizing attitude toward our citizens our press are muddy boots on the ground.

The foreign power, the enemy now comprised of our barbarous federal agencies and corporate interests have yet to begin kicking down doors of citizens. As yet, they haven't done this, we can be thankful.

But the media blackout they have imposed the stalling of real remedies says there is even worse treatment to come.

The bell-weather will tole when we begin ignoring our own federal statutes against using a government contractor that is currently under criminal investigation regarding or found to be in violation of our federal and state laws.

In that hundreds of thousands of species of wildlife are being killed by the oil, some of them threatened or endangered species, do you think BP is in violation of any of our laws? Are they being investigated for such?

How long before our regulators - gosh golly - notice the glaring criss crossed violations going this way and that in all of this mess?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thoughts on the 4th of July

We need to really take a look at the Declaration of Independence again. Such a relevant document.

Passages jump out at me and remind me of the troubles we face in the Gulf of Mexico and within the country at large. BigGovCorp could be easily substituted for the King of England throughout the document.

The framers listed the atrocities and enormities of King George under this subheading:

"The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world."

Then, well down within that list, is found this notation:

"He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people. "

You never hear about these passages within the Declaration. No small wonder, really. If we actually understood what they had said we would be all the more outraged. Which is why corporations are so keenly busy softening the heads of our young, obviously.

Here's an item which could easily apply to BP's thug squads, working in cooperation with pretended US Coast Guard, and law enforcement, to squash free speech, deny free access of public lands, and freedom of the press to document the horror.

"He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation."

Looking at the meat of the Declaration is really like gazing into the present, not the past. Here the framers discuss the current circumstances; our continued sufferance of evils done by our government in the name of large corporations, and the urging of vast sums of PAC money.

"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

And even I could hear the "but" coming like a train whistle in the distance.

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

That's right gang, it is your "duty" to "throw off" such government if not, at the very least, protest against it.

The history of the world shows a mixed success rate for non-violent resistance that has a general positive result trend. In other words, it works more often than not in a modern world.

Face it. We are outgunned, in light of predator drones we have helped create and other weapons of infamy such as LRAD and others, non-violence is the ONLY way to carry this thing out.

In my mind, the aim of our resistance should be to break the power of Big Oil on our failed government. And we must admit it has massively failed us, and continues to.

Rife in the current Obama administration is a lack of resolve against this atrocity, this environmental holocaust currently "ravaging our coasts" and "destroying the lives of our people." An emasculated display of cowardly avoidance.

The gusher still gushes, Obama goes golfing. Biden busies himself on a fact finding tour of Afghanistan while a foreign power continues to annihilate us at home. The continued, dickless lassitude with regard to this on-going gusher, can now only be interpreted as outright cooperation with the great evil done us, and thus, outright tyranny against us; essentially an abrogation of duty so ugly as to rise to the level of treason.


Well kook at it. Not one person in the former Minerals Management Service has been prosecuted for the behavior of selling their positions, at times prostituting themselves, while turning the regulatory functions over to those who would be regulated. No one has ever been charged. A man was appointed and given a white hat to wear; in retrospect an insult, a smiting spit in our eyes by the Obama administration.

What was done? What steps, other than a romper room renaming, were actually taken to clean house on the Minerals Management Service? Not one.

Allegedly none among us is above the law of the land. This is one of our founding principles, that none of us are untouchable princes. But it isn't working out that way, is it.

Dick Cheney continues not to answer for his 100 days of meetings with the heads of Big Oil, among them his recent employer, Halliburton. And the congress continues not to pester him, and our President continues not to give one fuck tick, concerning this silent contempt by the Cheney camp, regarding our need for answers. Our President continues not to summon the testicular gumption to ask or demand Cheney provide those answers, though it is well within his executive powers to do so.

Why? Because it is the season of "light and transient causes" also known as elections, and to do so now, would likely spell havoc and rage amid his detractors. As if any of that particular powder remained dry. As if the voices of Obama's opposition could be more shrill and bitter than they already are.

Indeed, Obama was milked from birth on the path of least resistance. But his political danger now resides in the fact that those of us who ardently supported him for president, myself included, are rapidly learning his true nature, while our president explores his inner weasel. The memory of his current bad performance will be recalled in the voting booth in 2012, if we still have a republic at all.

So, they have failed us. Our duty now is to deny BP the means to operate in this country. It is to prevent them from stopping us from documenting what they have done and what they continue to do.

We should not only be "boycotting BP" we should be openly, loudly shaming others among us who continue to use their services.

We should be refusing to yield to thugs on the beach who attempt to tell us to put our cameras away. We should demand to speak to whoever sent them. We should interrupt BP's corporate officers with shouts and protests whenever they open their mouths to speak because nothing has come from those mouths but lies.

Obama and others who have taken oil money from BP should be shamed into giving that money back. Where they fail to do so, let them be removed from office.

We should shout at congress people to summon Dick Cheney to testify. Where we are ignored let the shouts and protests grow louder.

This one company, BP, should stand in stead for all of them so that they all see that company's misery and learn from its destruction. Let us crucify and destroy this company so that the others fear us.

Let us demand that those officers of that company, who made the bad decisions leading to the destruction of Deepwater Horizon be subjected the perpatrator's walk in chains.

Nothing less will do.