David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How close are we to filling Giant Stadium with oil?

Giant's stadium 64.5 million cubic feet.

One cubic foot is equal to 7.48 gallons.

That being the case, since about 29 gallons per second have been escaping the hole since the blast.

29 X (60 seconds/min)X(60Min/hr)X(24hrs/day)X(71days)= 148,248,000 gallons

By the way, this is equivalent to 13.7 Exxon Valdez spills, as of today!

Now where were we? Ah yes. 148,248,000 gallonsX(1cubic foot/7.48 gallons)=1,981,925 cubic feet.

Therefore 1,981,925cubic feetX( 1 Giant Stadium/64,500,000 cubic feet)=.031 or 3 percent.

That means we are making a good start! We have seen the spill of 3 percent of the volume necessary to fill up Giant Stadium.

Keep up the Good Work BP. At this rate in just six short years, you will have spilled a volume equivalent to the bowl of Giant Stadium.

Poor Mom and Pop............NAHT!

Kindly review what it takes to become a BP franchisee. Mom and Pop grocer, they ain't.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Come Wednesday it won't be alright

People who know the water have a way of sensing when something big and nasty is coming from the ocean. They can feel it, the way a strong breeze will crescendo for a second or two, laden with thick moist air from the tropics.
Nothing you can quantify, nothing the news channels have told you about with their forecast projection models and wind speed estimates.
What will likely come ashore Wednesday, going into Thursday: and it seems it usually comes ashore at sometime between midnight and dawn, will be a thing like nothing many of us have ever seen; a thick black tide within the waves themselves.
Remember those images of the Persian Gulf after Saddam lit the oil fields on fire?
Yeah, like that.
Only then will people wake up around this country, around the world and understand what this corporation has done to us.
Those who have been urging us not to Boycott BP are going to realize all this time they have been placing themselves in the role of the German House Frau of the early 1940s who with feigned nervous calm, did her dishes, humming a guilty little tune, while the trains clickety-clacked by just a few yards from her home; trains en route to places like Dachau and Auschwitz.
Those who have filled their tanks recently with gas from BP stations, also, are going to experience a sinking feeling in their guts; something like they felt the first time they ran over a dog, or a cat accidentally, but with fatal results none-the-less.
BP will likely have stores in their corporate fleet shuttered or perhaps even boarded up. Some of us are going to be so... damned ... angry. Some of us, already brought to the brink of hopelessness will not be able to resist the temptation to vent their anger on those god damn signs with the hypocritical yellow and green coronas, under those innocent letters in lower case.
Those of us who understand the sea know that there are few things in this world more inexorable than herself. When wind moves across water at a high rate of speed over a number of days, say, more than three, whatever is floating in the water there within that fetch, will inexorably wash ashore.
Those of us who know these things, and who have also not shielded ourselves in a cocoon of denial about the size of this oil spill; those of us who have gritted our teeth and dared ourselves to open the web URL with the satellite image of this monster in the Gulf exposed in all its hideous glory, can see where this is going.
It doesn't matter that the storm called Alex is moving well west of the Deepwater Horizon ground zero site. The wind fields extend hundreds of miles, nearly a thousand, from the center of the hurricane. Southeast wind will have its say, and the black tide will hit our coasts.
It will likely be something so black and evil as to approach biblical proportion in many a shocked eye.
You can already see it in the concerned, sweaty looks from the weather forecasters; feel it on the web in the panicked typings of madmen such as myself and the conspiracy theorists.
This time, however, we are not wrong.
This will not be something anyone can stop. It won't matter what your politics are; who you voted for, what you tweeted on the internet. It won't matter how you politicize it, from the right or the left. You won't be able to use it to boomerang your hate onto your enemy or philosophical foe. It will be beyond the reach of all such trivial conflict.
We should all be forced to look at it in all its evil magnificence; every last dead creature, every last ruined marsh.
We should feast our eyes on it until we suffer nightmares, and know that while a corporation is to blame in this case, it is just as true that we did this to ourselves.

BP Station owners really feeling it now! As they should be!

Here we see the station owners, feeling the vice of the boycott, still aren't getting it.

Here's another whining intellectually dishonest piece by ABC News about the plight of the poor mom and pop station owners.

Station owners! How many fucking times do we have to say this? Station owners need to stop bitching about boycotters, stop asking the big slavemaster for help with dumb adverts to "coax" us into the stations.


Cheney's Strategic Heart Trouble

Big Dick is expected to be released from the hospital today.

The great part about heart trouble is, anyone who asks you anything tough and disturbing, could be accused of attempted murder.

Heart trouble becomes Dick's time-out, his safe zone, his ...well, you get the drill.

Dick has a lot of information in that big ole melon of his and we NEED that information. We need to understand what went on during those energy meetings that lasted 100 days. We need to know how retired from Halliburton Dick really was when he was serving as vice president/prime mover.

But we will get none of it. Dick is now "convalescing" and there is nothing more vulnerable than a "senior citizen" in convalescence mode.

I have to marvel at how much power Dick has. Big media has forgotten all about his shady connections with the two companies - Halliburton and BP - now at the center of the deadliest oil spill on the face of the earth. Big media barely registered a hiccup at his hospitalization.

Shhhh, children. Mustn't notice these things.

The NWO freaks -HEY, RIGHT OR WRONG! - seem to get less freaky in my eyes as the days of this thing wear on.

My prediction is that Dick will be wheeled out of hospital, will wave while grinning devilishly, as he is deposited into a black Cadillac limousine. And this is the last we will hear of Dick for a good long while.

And Big Media with its big, dumb, unknowing, glazed, purposefully oblivious eye, will focus in on something trivial, something useless, some sordid tale of wrong done some celebrity non-entity to divert our gnat-like attention.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Explain to me like I am a four year old WHY if it's "our fault" for boycotting BP? If we are being so damned cruel to "MOM and POP" grocer, why is this pension fund is suing BP for lost revenue?

Wouldn't the pension fund be urging people to buy BP gas so as not to "hurt" "mom and pop" investor? Isn't this the same logic? Aren't we guilty of hitting their retirement funds by urging a general boycott of BP gas?

Hell no. That's a lame ass argument. The ugly cousin to the lame ass assertion that we should stop boycotting because mom and pop grocer will be hurt. The attorneys for the pension fund are not stupid. They see two things coming, just a mile or two down the road. 1. that oil will make massive landfall in not one but thousands of places an when that happens millions will be as angry as you and I now are. This is only the beginning. 2. Boycotters do not have the money, BP does.

The attorneys for the fund aren't suing BP because they care about the Gulf, or the Arctic where BP is planning on setting up shop this fall, oh no. Couldn't give a damn. They are however, smart enough to be first in line.

The gas station owners - and it must be a corporate value, denial - have yet to see the light and are still blaming silly protesters and boycotters for their woes. Still getting on the twitter sites, and Facebook and YouTube lambasting a righteously outraged public. But even these shouts are dying off.

This lawsuit will be a landmark case, in my opinion. The first spurt in a nearly ruptured pipe.

Which mom and pop gas station operator is going to be smart enough to get in on the ground floor and just like the pension fund, sue BP?

When will they wake up and realize that more than the fishermen hotel owners, those who run the gas stations with the BP brand, have BP by the balls? They have irrefutable data that their stores' revenues were immediately impacted by the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

Who handed them, or are attempting to hand them the vice grips if they would only take hold of them?

Us, the Boycotters and protesters.

Rather than blaming us for exercising our right of free speech, you should be thanking us.

Follow the money. And we, silly protesters and boycotters don't have it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Robert Redford Calls out Dick Cheney

How do I know Dick Cheney is feeling guilty about Deepwater Horizon?

Robert Redford has called him out, and we're not hearing a peep out of Dick.

I want you to imagine the way we were prior to Deepwater Horizon. Imagine the world we lived in. Dick was all over the news, commenting on the poor performance of the Obama administration, while jabbing the various enemies he has faced over the years. He even went on a radio show with GOP apologist and former comedian Dennis Miller to blast Sen. Patrick Leahy again, over something that happened in 2004. In another Machiavellian coincidence the original dust up concerned Cheney's favored FitzRoy, Halliburton.

This thing with Robert Redford, a canonized saint among the Hollywood elite, is Cheney's red meat. Not should be, is.

Yesterday The Sundance Kid went the rounds of evening talk shows talking about the ossified energy policies of the Cheney White House that led us to our present predicament. In one instance Redford actually slipped and said "we need to get rid of Cheney," obviously referring to the former co-president's mega-influence which malingers to this day, and not the man.

And yet once again, crickets chirp. The wind gently puffs through swishing nettles. Off in the distance, a crow kaws from atop a phone pole.

Cheney had set aside five minutes - a whole five minutes, ma! - on June 16 to speak to the press during a confab of business gurus in Erie PA. Apparently not one member of the media made the trip, for again, the hollow ring of nothing. No information.

There is a media blackout that follows Cheney, after Deepwater Horizon. It hangs over him like a cloud inflating the Vaderian carbuncle of his former public presence.

And yet, this Redford thing, should have drawn him out. Too succulent to resist. That a Hollywood figure, an avowed environmentalist, should summon the temerity to disparage His Cheneyness; that should have done the trick.

It didn't. And it wont.

There must be a team of lawyers and handlers strapping him to a gurney. Or perhaps Cheney like, the mighty Shane O'Neal, has had himself boxed in heavy sand, so he cannot harm himself or others.

Media continue not to mention Cheney. The president continues not to call him to the White House. Congress continues not to mention him, even though he knows a lot about what led up to the fatal bits of deregulation and the Minerals Management Service.

And Cheney continues to lurk amid the weeds of "retirement".

Hush children, mustn't mention the obvious.

Cheney's feeling guilty about something. For once he is silenced by his own chicken-shit cowardice.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Fucking Lies from Officialdom, Big Media

To clean the oil you have to wear a Hazmat suit. To pick up tar balls, as well.

Oh, but, you can swim in the water. Sure no problem.

Come on down! Hey, the water is clear, the beaches are too, and the sky is sunny. Don't forget to drop your tourist dollars. Hey, CNN why don't you report that, that the sun is out, and although you can see and even smell the oil offshore, the "ALL CLEAR" is given?

But, benzene is a volatile organic compound, part of the same class of compounds that killed Love Canal. VOCs have been detected all along the Gulf Shores in all states affected by the spill.

You can't smell benzene poisoning. The Environmental Protection Agency won't come out and tell you VOC Benzenes have been detected in concentrations at three times the rate recommended in the workplace by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration according to this report.

But what the hell, this is America, right? It's all about the greenback and these businesses need your help! What's wrong with you? Are you a communist? Serve the system! Buy BP gas and help out (quote-un) Ma and Pa Kettle who run six bp franchises.

Or are you a do-good hippie, commie pinko. Betcha care about pelicans more than you care about American business- scumbag. Go back to Hippiestan. Freak. Zealot!

Now, where were we. A short vid to demonstrate the attitude of officialdom and Labradoodle media.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tony's Little Yachting Adventure

What the hell is wrong with you, America? Haven't had enough yet? Got no balls?

No? Nothing? No come back?

Here BP gave Tony Shameward a raise. Of course, the raise was announced during all his cost-cutting, leading to profits to the shareholders, that eventually led us to where we are now. But the raise went effective AFTER the spill happened, sort of like those stock dividends which were quietly put into escrow and now await the slumber of the American public to be siphoned back to shareholders.

Here, for what it's worth, you can watch a clip wherein Tony says "we will get this done, we will make this right."

But by now you know the truth. Tony the Tiger is buggering off, back to England where he can get his life back. He's so put out by all this Yank whining and sodden, booo-hoo nonsense, he's thumbing his nose at you by attending a yachting event with his son.

Lovely that. Bit of bonding. The sea has such wonderful restorative properties doesn't it, Tony?

Does it surprise you, American, that this company continues to make war on your soul, now that the groin kick has been delivered and you're still standing?

Now the company, full-on, shakes the middle finger in your face, doesn't it. Even the UK press thinks its a bit much for Tony to be sailing at this time. Not BP.

BP backs his every move 100 percent. Just sift through the comments in this piece by Huffpo.

BP's Robert Wine says the Tonester hasn't had a moment's peace since the whole miserable incident began, poor dear.

His spokeswoman says Tony is always in communication with the Gulf. The chairman of BP went so far as to recently refer to those of us put-out by the slick as "the little people" and then went right on and apologized for this inexcusable comment.

So my question, children, is why the bleeding F(*&K any of you are STILL purchasing your gas at BP? Why the HELL haven't you done your bit and clipped up your BP cards?

Can't you tell when someone is making war on you? Are you just that soft? Just that unpatriotic? Just that "give a shit" about your fellow Americans.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tony Hayward gets Grilled, baby, grilled

The Hearings Live with BP CEO Tony Hayward.

Things to keep in mind 1 barrel of oil = 42 gallons

60,000 barrels per day X 59 days = 3.45 million barrels X 42=148.68 million gallons

Exxon Valdez spilled 10.8 million gallons into the Prince William Sound

As we speak the gusher has spewed 13.76 Exxon Valdez Equivalent Units into the Gulf of Mexico

Consider 60,000 barrels per day X 42=2.52 million gallons= 105,000 gallons per hour/ 60=1750 gallons per minute/60= 29.16 gallons per second.

Monday, June 14, 2010

We go on Geraldo

Thoughts on the "Geraldo" appearance.

They will call you a reactionary, a zealot, and a "vigilante" but don't you listen to them.

My video where I, that being my character Stanley, drops grass clippings on the BP property, and then cleans it up because, as he says, he's "better than BP," caught the attention of a producer for FOX's Geraldo at Large, show.

After some back and forth, a couple of emails, the car from FOX arrived at my door at 8:30 p.m. on the dot on June 13. My daughter and I rode in the limo over to the studio of a subcontractor to FOX located within or near the Orlando Universal Studios attraction compound.

The ride itself was amazing. A black Lincoln Continental, a plush cocoon of silent gliding. Seats so comfortable you could stretch out and sleep. I was told Sean Hannity had ridden in this car, as well as some members of the Orlando Magic.


Okay, bam. Cut to inside where very nice and cordial dude puts me under the hot lights and the camera. You have the mic and the earpiece hooked up. You're told about the 14 second delay and you wait, staring straight into the camera. You're jacked in, hearing the chatter of not only the show proceeding but, the back and forth of producers asking if everyone for the next segment is ready to go.

My spot is alongside a panel of folks, a gentleman tragically lost a son in the Deepwater Horizon explosion; the woman who now faces and year in prison for pouring oil on herself during the congressional hearing, a damned gutsy move and I wished to hell I had thought of it first; and two officials from a small town in coastal Louisiana.

At first the G-man stated that we all were experts on what to do about the spill. We were also referred to as possibly those sort of folk President Obama "would be listening to." The joke being, myself and, we can suppose, the brave woman who poured oil on herself, are cranks, reactionaries, whack-jobs and so on.

Straight off I was deemed a "self-described vigilante" this before I had opened my mouth. G-man went on to interview the others in this panel, as he said, "trying to get to everybody before we run out of time" and I held my tongue, biting it so as not to interrupt the man who had lost his beloved son.

This is what we risk, if we stand up.

What my character and I do; the worst of it, is direct others through theatrical demonstrations on how to use the ubiquitous presence of BP stations in our communities, as a means to voice our displeasure toward this horrific spill and the company which has so injured us.

Never once have I called myself a "vigilante." By definition the term is a stretch and a half. The term can be taken to include someone who uses violence, and destruction of property. These are things I am definitely against.

I was able to press the point that Boycotting is our right as citizens, protesting is our right and duty, and that if BP either local or worldwide has a problem with that, tough!

Further, the local proprietors MUST address any lost revenue as a result to BP corporate because this loss is a verifiable, legitimate claim. And Tony Hayward said he would pay these.

Geraldo, agreed with me. I was stopped short of saying another word by this admission because I have seldom heard him say this, not in all the years watching him on television.

Again, wow.

This shows you that FOX and other massive corp media, are tied in with those in power, those in Big Energy, Big War. And their mission is to squash you, and keep you silent should you like the non-flush nail raise your ugly head above the surface of the societal wood.

No matter fight back anyway.

Fuck 'em. Enough is enough.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Halliburton or BP Inside Job? Others ask the question as well

This just in: other media has finally suggested, or is considering the sabotage angle.

Finally myself, and the NWO worriers (right or wrong), aren't the only ones suggesting the possibility that the Deepwater Horizon blowout may have had its origins in an intentional act of sabotage.

This writer firmly believes that no one INTENDED for the severity of the final event, but someone - counting on our national penchant for crying NIMBY, at the first blush with trouble, and BPs penchant for cutting corners for the almighty greenback - likely was up to shenanigans in order to force us to scuttle domestic sources of oil. This "domestic phase" was President Obama's pragmatic, yet, enviro-dangerous plan for getting off the fossil.

This is my first post regarding this theory, here.

Look at it. The Macondo well, which may be an ongoing crime scene, sits on a massive reservoir of oil. One source puts that mother load at perhaps 46 billion barrels, certainly enough to make an oil executive salivate. This figure may represent two days oil consumption for the United States.

Forcing us back into the sole source Middle East for oil, means lucrative weapons contracts for giants like GE, Lockheed, Boeing and that list goes on down to the ancillary manufacturers. It also provides more work for your troop support groups corps as Halliburton, who performed the cementing job aboard Deepwater Horizon.

Halliburton was Dick Cheney's love child prior to taking the reins as co-president (vice). The lackadaissical meth-doing, lap dancing, legs spread members of the MMS, Minerals Management Service, who were responsible for the oversight of Deepwater Horizon and other offshore drilling leases.

Cheney had a mysterious meeting according to reports, while in office, with top execs from the oil industry that he REFUSES to comment on. IN fact, where the hell is he? No one is saying, and the big media isn't bothered with asking.

Another weird tid-bit is the report that yet another company, Schlumberger, was aboard the Deepwater Horizon just hours before but did not preform a described "gold seal of approval" test on the cement bond capping the well.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


By David Kearns

Sung to the tune of


by Jimmy Buffett

Slippin on mud cakes

Watching the sun bake

All of those dead birds covered in oil

Knee deep in muck rings

Covered in Benzenes

My hazmat suit is

beginning to boil


Wasted away again in Oilavidaville

Searchin for my, lost tablet of salt

Some people claim that Tony Hayward’s to blame

But I know, it's partly our fault.

Don’t know the reason

Stayed her all season

Nothing to show but

black- toxic spew

But there’s booms in the water

And they’re all covered with slaughter

And not one person

Is having a clue

Wasted away again in Oilavidaville

Searching for my lost pocket of oil (ahl)

Some people claim that Tony Hayward’s to blame

And I’m thinking

Partly our fault?

We put them in congress

And they went rogue on us

Drill baby dr-llin under the sea

Some bastard got rich again

By killin the pelicans

Those that lsurvived now

can’t even see!


They blew out the rig top

And now the oil it just won’t stop

Gushing on up out of the of the heavenly blue

And now that old bayou

Is slathered in myre, you

Can’t believe what they say

Buddy, nothing is true

Just wasted away again in Oilavidaville

Searching for every, last droplet of oil

Some people claim that Tony Haward’s to blame

And I know, hell yes it’s his fault.

Yes and

Some people claim that Tony Hayward’s to blame

And I am thinking

Oh, it’s all Bp’s fault

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stories and Mother-Fucking Fairy Tales

I have a Cornish Pixy's go-cart on my shelf. Want to see it?

I can eject gold Dubloons from my backside. Would you like one?

How about a diamond instead?

In a former life, my name was Zphendor, that's pronounced like END-ore. I lived on the planet Nahbesh, with my lithe fertile queen who, through sturdy, repeated copulations with me, brought into our world many fine sons. They each had a single eye like their mother's.

Oh, and, in case you were wondering, BP announced they are collecting literally thousands and thousands of gallons of oil from that papier mache looking device they've fitted over the 21 inch riser pipe.

Be not alarmed in the fact that this thing, whatever Christ-fuck, it is, continues to belch and billow black bile around the edges like a busted sewer main in downtown Manhattan on a bad day.

Be not suspicious in the fact BP was issuing nonsense almost immediately concerning the fact the riser would somehow miraculously - against known principals of hydraulics, fluid dynamics, common sense - begin to gush MORE effluent into the sea, merely because the riser pipe that had fallen over was now gone from the scene.

Ask not this question "Genius, explain how the oil reservoir down deep in earth's bowel, and stuffed with billions of gallons, begins pushing MORE volume up an 18k foot shaft, simply because you tore away a 5k foot section of pipe?"

Be not suspicious of the fact that now, since this contraption, whatever in bleeding fuck they are calling it these days, is now over the end of the 21 inch pipe, no one can get a clear view of said pipe to adequately calculate the flow rate.

Nevermind that the paramecium-brained members of the media have not thought to ask for a "hold up" just a minute, at the very crucial and potentially revealing moment of said liberation of severed riser pipe, sans contraption, to better get an idea precisely how much oil was flowing, so as to multiply this huge figure by the number of days that have stretched like eons into the dim distant past so that we all can better understand, precisely, or even ballpark, how much black goo is out there.

Be not the least bit alarmed that fucking - JESUS-WEPT - NO ONE is asking this very salient question.

But we do know Tony Fucking Hayward and co. have purchased the word "oil" from Google as a search term. So that now, when even you attempt to go to the internet to make some sense of all this, you are directed to BP's dog-barfing homepage.


The Word is Getting out on Boycott

Here we are, now world famous Stanley Morton III is interviewed by the BBC World News

Speaking of the British. You know sometimes I have to wonder if there is something to this reincarnation business. Here is a little something on Captain Charles Boycott, the Land Agent for Lord Erne in County Mayo, Ireland. An infamous Englishman for whom, the term Boycott is named.

A skin-flinting, pernicious, notorious rent racker who had a penchant for seriously pissing off labor in the community, Boycott was ostracized by the local Irishry. They wouldn't tend LordErne's fields, work in his house, nothing. They simply would not interact. No matter what he was paying. He had dispossessed too many families of their homes and farms; had abused too many local workers on behalf of his absentee landlord.

There are stories in county Mayo of the last day Boycott spent in Ireland, not even able to be tended to in roadside pubs and eateries as he left the country with his family. No one along the way would so much as accept a farthing from him, or his retainers.

It made worldwide news. The idea that someone from the gentry could be reduced, run out, hobbled, humbled and humiliated by the worker class, by them simply not interacting with him, simply not participating in any shape form or fashion.

Tony Hayward is Charles Boycott: he is quite simply, begging for it. He has said "I want my life back" to the very people whose livelihoods have been destroyed because of this growing oil gusher. His complete contempt for us is only underscored by his sickening advertisements where he feigns, only half-heartly, that he is concerned for our country, for the marshes, for the millions of organisms now suffering and dying because of his company's negligence or worse.

The well still has not been shut off!

Gas prices are coming down as battle continues.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP has no intention of shutting off the flow

That's right!
Every decision they have made has been based on what?
Right, the Almighty Balance Sheet.
Why continue using a harmful dispersant?Because it can hide the volume of oil spilled, which ties into the potential fine assessed.
Why say something like "the environmental impact will be modest?"Because you want to pacify people into looking away, so they don't know the extent of the devastation. So they don't boycott.
What a joy it must be to live in such a simple world, all choices made for you by the ABS.
So, why, why, why in huh-HELL! would BP plug up this well, before a side drill could save it?
Ninety-nine decisions, small and large, leading us to this moment. At the last, that very last decision before total enviro-holocaust, the cold, calculating CEO and his team decide, "you know what? It's time to do the right thing and plug this hole, even if that means drilling another expensive well later to get to precisely where we are today."
(Music rises here.)
"Even if it means we lose a billion dollars, or fifteen, on the lost chance to recapture this reservoir."
And the music fades out. We cut to commercial.
(snap snap)
Wakey wakey, Sunshine!
Do you believe that cartload of horse-shit? Did you watch too many ABC After School Specials growing up?
You must have.
What you are viewing or hearing about, from your Top Hat, Top Kill, Hot Tap, Junk Shot, Dome - this litany of vaguely pornographic terms - is nothing more than stage drama, designed to divert your attention.
It's like the serial killer helping detectives "find" the bodies, but, he takes his time, misdirects the detectives so his accomplice, another even more dangerous killer, can get away.
Is there a sense of urgency?
Who are these people behind him on computers? Is this a NASA command center? Is this a moon landing?
He continues to use the words "professional" and "extraordinary".
The man must think none of us have anything in the way of education.
There is nothing professional about what has happened. Nothing.
The only extraordinary thing they are doing is parsing their legalese and covering their asses.
The thing that strikes me most extraordinary about all this is the notion people still believe the criminal will make everything whole again - he's almost there, almost capped it - if we just give him a little bit more time.