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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


You should read this article by the New York Times on Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu's ties to BP. It goes deeper than Dr. Chu. His undersec is also a BP insider.

You should get a kick out of this quote from an Energy Department spokeswoman, found in the article.

Ms. Mueller added, “No one in their right mind would suggest that Dr. Chu is beholden to oil companies, especially since he’s spent the past decade working to cut America’s dependence on oil and move us toward a clean-energy economy.”

Call me crazy then. Here, I want you to listen to me while I say it, Ms. Mueller; "Dr. Chu is beholden to one oil company in particular and that company is BP!"

Having listened to the news reports and watched tape on His Majesty's $15 million laissez faire coffee clatch commission (AKA Presidential Oil Spill Commission) which, by the way reports directly -do not pass go, do not collect $100 - to Dr. Steven Chu, I can safely say the results of that commission are bought and paid for by BP, in my humble opinion.

In my humble opinion I'd also like to add that I think Al Capone was guilty of murder, in addition to income tax evasion. I just want to cover all bases of ludicrous, over-indemnification.

By the way, you have to love the way government people parse their words. It works like this: Q: "Did Senator Snort take the money?" A: "Why these questions are as outrageous as they are sophomoric! Of course the sun is the center of the solar system!! (harumpf)"

"No one in their right mind would suggest Dr. Chu is beholden to the oil COMPANIES" Plural. Did you catch that?

No. That's obviously not the question, in the plural. That's very different than issuing a categorical denial to the assertion that Dr. Chu is beholden to BP, specifically. It shows you that even the spokesperson for the department of energy KNOWS something hinky is up with Dr. Chu and his strange association with BP.

I highly recommend you read the NYT article and balance this against the bizarre, inconsistent findings of the president's oil spill commission.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Was there sabotage involved in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill?

"Heavens no. Who would even think of such a thing?"

What do you mean by that? Is that even a logical answer?

"No but, there's no way."

How do you know?

"Because no one would ever be so evil as to do such a thing."

How do you know?

"I....I.....let's not even discuss it. Too difficult to believe or even track down the answer."

Sounds like you work either for the media, or the United States government.

Just because you can't believe someone would do something that is hideous, murderous and evil, is NOT a fact-based reason NOT to investigate whether or not they did it.

If your only criterion for removing a suspect from a list is because you "just can't believe they would do something like that" you should be fired as an investigator.

Example: a woman runs over her own toddler with the family car. Police have run into this situation from time to time. It usually turns out to be an unthinkably tragic accident.

The point is, the police at some point, have to ask mom what happened, what she was thinking, what was her frame of mind at the time, and what led up to the accident? If they don't they aren't doing their jobs.

But take the hypothetical a little further: she placed the stroller behind the car, got in, put it in reverse without looking, and mashed her foot all the way to the floor atop the accelerator.

Now what? Three different lapses in judgement, each as reckless as the other.

Take it even further.

Now she "lawyers up", as they say on the television dramas. She lawyers up and she shuts up completely with the bland statement "it was an accident," being her only explanation. The police ask her to come in to speak with them and she refuses. They launch an investigation and she fights it. They get a warrant to search her home and she and her high-priced lawyer fight that as well.

Come to find out, she was cited for shaking the toddler so bad the month prior, the Department of Children and Families came to the home and issued her a warning, and assigned an investigator.But the investigator was so overworked he hadn't time to report to the home. Police look a little further into her background and discover that two years ago, she dropped the child off with a friend and disappeared for a week! Her last words to the friend before she left? "I just can't handle one more second with this kid!"

Now what? Does a good cop still swallow the "too horrible to be true" defense and not even pursue the line of inquiry called "was it intentional?"

We have a similar set of outrageous circumstances with this oil spill. His Majesty's weasel commission isn't even making inquiries into the possibility that someone, somewhere inside the whole mess, MADE this accident happen.

You have a greedy company cutting corners time and again. As anyone who plays Jenga knows, the last block removed is the one that results in collapse. In this case, was not every last "responsible decision" block quietly ushered out of the way? Which was the last Jenga block in this case? Is it not possible that any one of these blocks - from the cement mix, to the decision not to use quite so many centralizers, to the decision to remove the drilling muds prior to making sure the cement plug was in place - could have been the Jenga block? Who is responsible for that decision for removing the Jenga block? What is their background? What was their motivation? Have they experienced any massive economic windfall recently? Do they have mysterious bank accounts anywhere?

So many different possibilities: so many potential villains.

But no. Your government isn't even looking into the possibility. Does this even concern you? Is this the way the NTSB behaves after an airplane crash? Of course not. They consider the unthinkable if ever so briefly.

"This is too difficult; to run down all these questions," so too, is not a responsible reason NOT pursue any line of inquiry

Why are they not asking this question given the obscene preponderance of evidence that the wrong decisions were made from shore over and over and over and over and over and over before finally one of these became the Jenga block? Why isn't the sabotage angle even entertained? Does this make sense to you?

Because it is too hard to even question whether or not someone would do something so hideously evil?

But see history's many examples and you have to conclude not only WOULD man do something so monstrous to his fellow man, but he has, time and again.

And those who eluded capture the longest were those who did the MOST monstrous things.

Because no one believed that a human being with a heart was capable of it.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Corporate Sabotage STILL ON THE TABLE

Anyone with a rational mind knows it. No small irony that if it was an act of sabotage originally designed to possibly reduce our domestic oil exploration, it will now end up being government sponsored in the form of sanitation, and blow-back muffling.

Because those formerly in possession of a conscience and a spine are found without them when it comes to BP.

Manslaughter, eco-terrorism, sabotage. Yes. That's what I said. There is a strong possibility, in my view, that this is precisely what we have experienced and the government blessing thereon will fall from His Majesty, our own wayward and corrupt president, and our equally corrupt congress who don't particularly care anymore about this issue and want it gone at any cost.

Months ago we spoke of motive and opportunity in the potential sabotage angle concerning the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

An article Saturday reported that the Oil Minister for Pakistan says his president and another official have forced him to accept a deal giving BP massive oil reserve drilling rights in Pakistan for pennies on the dollar.

(Use the pretty colors, they are links to more information, then come back using the back arrow.)

Recall that the previous article regarding the sabotage angle I said something to the affect that for a thing to be intentional, there has to be a number of decisions that could have been made to prevent it, and yet were not chosen.

More simply, the curious presence of the wrong decision, not once but in repeated succession, again and again. More than three bad decisions leading to a disaster of this proportion, and you have to ask yourself if there isn't intent to make the wrong thing happen.

We have at least twelve such bad decisions.

Yes, the muted weasel commission's findings actually show about twelve things that could have gone wrong and did and each decision was based, nine times out of twelve, on time constraints. And curiously most of the bad decisions were made in the safety of the shore side urging the workers on the rig, on pain of termination from employement for failure to follow through, who then suffered the outcome in eleven human fatality cases. Those dozens who survived deal with horrific memories, injuries, and nightmares.

As in "Oops. Our bad. Sorry guys! But keep up the good work, valued employee! ... those who survived anyway.."

Other seemingly random events such as the worn out blow-out preventer parts have yet to be addressed since the $15 million, six meeting, presidential oil spill commission is apparently waiting for the recovered device to rust before commissioners - gasp! - "discover" the parts' rusted condition prevents its use as actual evidence."Heavens! Look! It's Rusted! Oh well!"

This no joke. This crucial piece of evidence is reportedly languishing in the open air on a NASA dock in New Orleans receiving whatever insults nature and Joe the Dumbass wandering by? can mete out to it, just now. Do you find that curious? No? Nothing conspicuous with this choice for THE most crucial piece of evidence in recent memory? No? Not surprised?

BP have allegedly lobbied to release a convicted terrorist, remember? No investigation currently? BP have certainly killed their own employees (oopsie!) before this, then pinky-promised to do better. Remember? BP allegedly continues its enviro-pillage in Nigeria, oh but, you know, there's no evidence to suggest perennial partner Halliburton allegedly bribed anybody in the Nigerian government, and get real would you?

Halliburton has also allegedly killed its own employees and just as allegedly raped others; then allegedly told them to shut up about it while pointing to non-disclosure agreements. But it's all good because it was a subsidiary KBR, see? and not really the parent company, so that makes it alright, allegedly.

These are not nice people, allegedly. By that I mean the alleged management of these corporations. Not the line employees who risk their lives under a cloud of taint and bad decisions.

But now, with a deal cut in Pakistan, everybody gets rich who is supposed to, the war continues via cheap gas in situ.

Connections: BP supplies our war gas. It now has a cheap supply in Pakistan, so who needs competition coming from the Gulf? But if BP is also hamstrung by persecution by Obama for its misdeeds here, it finds solace of friendship with Musharraff who is talking a little more like our enemy, lately.

Reviewing then. BP= Nation state unto itself. And we wouldn't want to piss it off, would we? So accept the lie, I suppose. This thing is scripted. Get on the page and STFU. Like that.

Now Obama can glide through the end of his historic term as "first black president" having accomplished absolutely nothing. His Glibness playing mop boy a part scripted for him, sprung on him like a trap, by republicans and oil greased democrats.

Thus, a mathematically probable act of corporate sabotage, and most certainly a wanton act of disregard for safety and life on earth, in lieu of money, is ushered under the rug of obfuscation so that business in the corrupt usual may continue.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Un-Fucking Believable!

This is MR. OBAMA'S Oil Spill Lie-Wash Commission's essential finding:

(Puffed up voice of officialdom here) "There is no indication safety was compromised for monetary concerns."

Yes, this is what they told us via anal fog horn, just a week ago. Remember? Can you remember last week? Hello? Are you there? "DOCTOR GET THE PADDLES THE PATIENT IS DOA!"

But as luck would have it - or perhaps it's God talking to us, or the Dalai's karma - an internal memo has surfaced now in the form of a slide within a presentation that was to be aired only "interoffice" of the weasel commission. This leaked out to the wider world through the website of said entity, also known as The Presidential Commission on the Gulf Oil Spill. And from there it found its way into The New York Times and its associated web site.

This PowerPoint slide more clearly and concisely, without the mumbo-jumbo previously fed to the public, iterated eleven conclusions. These each state that safety WAS pitched for monetary (aka TIME!!) concerns in as many as nine out of a possible eleven procedures omitted in the worst man-made upward fornication, in earth's history. The other two omitted procedures may have been time savers, or they may not have been.

Time is used parenthetically here only because some folks (namely the commissioners themselves) need it pounded into their heads that there is absolutely no difference between time and money in the adult world of drilling for oil.

I have already decried all this in a previous blog. As Dale Bozzio said "Do you hear me? Do you care?" She also said "What are words for when no one listens anymore?"

I was so angered I even trotted out my old friend Stanley Morton to say it in a video now found on YouTube, last bastion of the insane. Stanley feigned urination on the commissions' findings because he believes that our minds long ago reverted to the fecal stage, and thus special impactful images are necessary in order to reverse Societal Bullshit Tone-Deafness Disorder (SBTDD). You'll notice Stanley gets so worked up b y all this he can't even add and subtract anymore while explaining things. Sad, really.

Stanley says; "I stood in a public bathroom out in the middle of nowhere in Palm Bay, Florida and poured GatorAid on a piece of paper then flushed it for y'all. Did anybody listen?"

We continue:

This little ditty of a slide, well, the commission wanted that right back again didn't they, so they pulled it from their website.

These guys wrote a nice article about the whole thing, and here it is. (See where the colors are different? You take the mouse and guide the cursor over the pretty color then click. Then you hit the back arrow when you're finished. Yes, come straight back here, because I want to yell at you some more. Why? Because damn it all, I have no one else to scream at and my hands are shaking my cheeks are wobbling, and if I have to endure this feeling then, my friends, SO DO YOU!!)

Oh, and here's the offending item GovMediaCorp didn't want you to see, AKA the truth. (Repeat instructions)

In summation, no one likes to admit this about any public official they previously believed in. In my case there are two who fit into this category, Senator Bob Graham who chairs the weasel commission, and President Barack O-goddamn-I-ain't-doing-shit-about-the-oil-spill -bama.

The weasel commission is proving itself to be a passel of lying villains, who can't even lie with competence. They are acting every bit like they are being bribed, drugged into stupidity, coerced through strong-arm tactics or all of the above.

They have now let the "truth pig" out of the bag. And they want it back, so they can dress that bad boy up and put lipstick of obfuscation, the soft, legalized piss-water, the parsed nothingness of GovSpeak all over it.

At the very end tail of this pig they wish to place a little glop of dog shit like a bow for us to grab with our mouths, suck on hard and swallow. This dollop of poo lamely asserts that everything previously stated, is only true, in the exact opposite sense.

Yes, "Opposite Day" for grown-ups. Remember Opposite Day as a child? Only we Americans are now such utterly clueless idiots. Now, without the benefit of an education befitting an eighth grader to guide us, we can't taste the dog shit going down, much less understand it for what it is when we hear it, or read it.

And that's just un-fucking believable to me.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Obama's Circumlocution Commission; the Itty-Bitty Whitewash Committee, the Compost Consortium, the get the drill.

Writing the last missive about the "Woopsie Daisy Commission" compelled me to actually read the charter of the group looking into the Gulf oil spill. Found at this hyperlink, gang! Use 'em if you got em!

The first thing that jumps at me is how sparingly the charter uses the word "investigation". Once! In that case it refers to their promise not to go off Helter Skelter interfering with REAL investigations currently underway by actual government agencies and law enforcement. Translation: THIS HERE ain't no INVESTIGATION!

No, this is an "advisory committee", submitting toothless "recommendations" after "findings of fact." With all the non-judgmental warmth and love of The Litte Red School House in Manhattan. Not that there's anything wrong with nurturing CHILDREN WHO HAVE DONE NO EVIL!!; as in caused the death of coworkers, destruction of ecosystems, and damaged thousands of businesses, careers, and families.

..........But I digress.

The committee will submit a report to His Tone-Deafness, His World Traipsing Majesty, the President of the United States Barack Obama, in January. And sixty days later the group will disperse.

Second thing that caught my eyes is the price tag: $15 million smackeroos! Third thing, is that the group is only required to meet once a week. Fourth thing that jumped out, is it engages no less than 35 full-time employees each drawing a government salary. (Yee Haw!) I can only imagine what G-level their average pay-grade is. There are seven committee members and subcommittees appointed ad hoc, in other words, no vote.

What I know about government service, having worked two years overseas, one year here in the U.S. boils down to this: a government worker, or official, will do the bare minimum amount of work mandated, for the total maximum price permitted.

If the minimum effort required is once a week, he will do that thing, once a week, and only once a week! To do otherwise invites hatred and ostracism from his chain of command. If he is given leave to hire, or appropriate 35 FTE's to do that one thing, he will ask for 35 and one more, pretty please, oh please, oh please, oh please!

The group will all work on the wasteful, unverifiable Flex-Time sheets, consume as much per diem as is permitted, exploit every last coffee break, lunch break and water break for the computation of hours. And they will stay in THE VERY BEST hotels, and then some, hoping their credit card expenses are given the blind-eye glance for propriety. They usually are rewarded for their largess.

Now, (sound of crinkling chart paper, accompanied by the hiss of hotel ballroom air-conditioners) the group, like Project Blue Book, like the Warren Commission is likely armed with "guidelines" sent down from on high. In this case, since it was chartered under Executive Order 13543 the "Decider" of those guidelines is the most powerful public official on planet earth, the President.

The go-to guy, is the Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu. Where have I heard that name? Oh yeah! Here, CLICK THIS LINK and scroll down the page, please! Dr. Chu accepted a $500 million grant from BP, on behalf of Berkeley Labs, in 2007 BEFORE he was appointed Energy Sec.

............Yeah...........that'll work.

Dr. Chu can appoint ad hoc ( no vote) the subcommittee members. The subcommittee members can be department of energy employees.

............Yeah...........that'll work.

What you are seeing here of course is the gentle, slow wonkification of this issue. They are taking any potential blame, liability, not to mention the truth, out behind the barn, and slitting its collective throat with a dull blade of government wonkery. And they are charging you $15 million dollars to do it.

Next we'll explore some of their most bizarre positions, as highlighted in their preliminary findings.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Woopsie Daisy Commission

The last post highlights the ever-changing narrative; the bumbling, about-face, mushy, non-findings of President Barack Obama's Woopsie Daisy Oil Spill Commission.

The commission also goes by the misnomer "The National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling." I say misnomer because nowhere in this title can be found the word 'investigation' which is something the commission have led us to believe was a function, when it has outed itself as yet another government funded "Ponies and Balloons" program.

At the end of the day (because wonks always use that phrase), when they are cornered with their own bullshit, they admit they have needed subpoena power all along. This, in spite of British tonnes of evidence already in the public record that BP CUT CORNERS, IN CRIMINAL FASHION and something was FLAWED WITH HALLIBURTON CEMENT!


1. Here's the word coming out on the commission's findings on November 3. To wit: Halliburton Cement = Bad.

But now? Woopsie daisy!! Not so much. 'No no, children. No smoking gun here'.

How are these two accounts so divergent in just six days time? In what universe are they even remotely congruous? Did an alternate reality superimpose itself on the previous? Was there some time warp paradox? Or - just spit-balling here - do they truly believe WE ARE THAT FUCKING STUPID?

2. And how about the numerous new stories including video testimony of survivors that BP was attempting the old, "wham bam, thank you ma'am" early withdrawal method from operations, to save time and money. This included the fatal removal of the drilling muds and replacement with lighter seawater BEFORE the well was entirely capped with failing cement!

BTW Did you hear the Doug Suttles quote mentioned? "let the investigation" find out what happened. Sure he's all for that. Because what he is talking about is the current, flaccid 'investigation'.

The investigation that, Woopsie-daisy!! Really needs subpoena power to actually do its job. Oh, boo-hoo. Included in the limp requests for more power, they (and it must be said) fully intend not to use, is the implied excuse and caveat "Well, we did as much as we could." (palms turned upward, shoulders shrugged here)

But now? Woopsie daisy!! Not so much. No. You must have heard wrong. " 'BP took no shortcut! What shortcut?'" And anyway, shortcutting was standard operating procedure so, technically there's nothing out of the ordinary going on. You see, that makes it okay, right? If everyone is doing it in the industry, even though it's unsafe, and like, BP have been doing it this way all along even though it defies even the notion of safety, then it's fair game, all good, end of story.

Funny how a trial balloon works. If you go for it and salute, why, that old trial balloon because stone-carved history. Anyway, you'll see it down there at the very bottom of the page:

"BP's temporary abandonment procedures introduced additional risk."

Wow, searing! Scathing! Ouch! Blistering! Yikes! You can bet they won't do that again!

Imagine post-Auschwitz, a similar investigation into prisoner treatment; "The use of this material can be toxic at these quantities." Or how about after 9-11, "Training procedures for pilots from Middle Eastern nations need to be modified to ensure proper control techniques."

Can you feel the urgency of this commission as it does its job! Just click on the videos. Why, they've dedicated a whole 30 minutes to public commentary!

The truth is, this commission is a white-wash. They float turds of do-nothing, and when they come to conclusions that enrage people still watching, they cry weakly that they can't get subpoena power.

Have they been fighting for it? Have they demanded it? No. They asked for it once, that request went nowhere, in fact was blocked by a group of senators including Jim DeMint and John Boehner.

The House of Representatives has passed a motion to give that power to the commission, but with any luck at all, it will hit the senate floor just as the new crop of lunatics hits their seats and the do-nothing Woopsie Daisy Commission has muddled to an early demise like a bad round of golf.

The president, already having cut massive deals to make the whole mess go away, simply flies to India, Indonesia, Korea, wherever to distance himself physically on the polar opposite side of the planet while this clunking, sputtering, wonky little group of disgraceful do-nothings and say-nothings, continues to shuffle papers, go to break, grab some coffee, maybe head to the can, then come back and mumble sweet, impotent nothings into their microphones.

Be sure to tell them how you feel via their email. And you can be sure they'll read each and every one. But heck, it might feel better for you to stuff their mail box chock full.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


His Majesty Barack Obama's "do nothing and see if that shit flies" commission looking into the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster is in a bit of a bind.

Two days ago the commission, chaired, disgracefully by Senator from Florida Bob Graham, attempted to float the turd of "BP did not sacrifice safety" in spilling 205 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and that the commission agreed with 90 percent of what a BP inquiry into the matter had discovered; that being "ooops, it happened" and sometimes things do and BP weren't especially cutting corners or doing a rush job on sealing the well.

But yesterday, Graham and others of the committee were on the record, walking back those words with a more stern finger wagging, "these firms need top to bottom reform."

.........And they'll get right on that.

The UK's Daily Mail has some interesting comments: I thought this one particularly apt:

"This sounds like American policitis at its best. Reilly and Graham are all backpeddaling from comments made yesterday by another of their peers because Obama and his henchman called them on the carpet for being positive about BP. Mr. Barlitt said yesterday that he and the rest of his colleagues agreed with 90% of what the BP report stated. For this "team" to come out singing a different toon today sounds alot like Obama policitics."

The commentator hits the nail squarely. Tried to get away with taking the fish entirely off the hook and setting it free, but now with the finger-wagging for the benefit of the media.

Top to bottom reform was what was promised us when BP killed several works in 2007 with shady practices in a Texas City Oil refinery.

Top to bottom reform was what new CEO Tony Hayward was all about, until the Macando well exploded and could not be contained for months.

Now again we get this soft cheese about the need for Top To Bottom reform. These are your hard earned tax dollars at work. This is what they have arrived at after a few weeks and a few million in funding for the committee, the need for "Top to Bottom Reform."

Be sure to tell the White House what you think of their lame-assed response.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whore Judge Blocks Media from Hearing

U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman, the same judge who admitted to owning stocks in the oil companies, but who would not recuse himself from hearings on Big Oil in Louisiana, has blocked the media from a hearing concerning renewed drilling in the Gulf.

This is the same judge who ruled that July's moratorium on deep water drilling was too strict because the U.S. Department of Interior solicited no public comment, prior to implementing the drilling moratorium rules.

So which is it, Judge? Public oversight=good? Or public oversight=bad? Obviously, it depends on whether such oversight is good for big oil, or bad for big oil. And can you believe it? It seems the judge, in his honest pursuit of justice, rules in favor of big oil every single time!!

Wow! How did that happen?

Feldman as you may recall struck down the Interior Department's first moratorium in June. At that time, financial disclosure forms located in an Associated Press investigation showed that in 2008 the judge of the Eastern District of Louisiana owned $15,000 in stock from Transocean, owner of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig.

Many media outlets call $15,000 in stock a paltry sum, really nothing to worry about and certainly the judge felt this amount wouldn't in any way necessitate he recuse himself for involvement in this case. Likely because he dumped all the stock and collected all the cash. Payday? What payday? Just $15,000 cash. What?

Yet when you and I fill out our W2 forms, gosh golly, we would certainly have to declare $15,000 of assets in any form. Boy-o-boy, that paltry sum would be substantial enough for us to go to jail if we treated it as negligible. Wouldn't it?

Of course "how in hell is this guy still involved in ruling on this" bla bla bla...etc etc. ad nausea. Right? Of course.

But stop for one second. Breathe. And now consider it.

The guy is a federal judge. He hasn't recused himself from this case and no higher power has removed him. Obviously he has a conflict of interest. Now, he says the media has "no right" to hear decision-making about the re-opening of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. His decision making!

Run the replay tape in your mind of everything we have been through with this, all of it. All the images of the dead sea life, all the oil, people with open sores on their bodies from the dispersant, Tony Hayward wanting his life back, the gut-wrenching terror at the thought this thing might NEVER be capped.

The media has "no right" to hear what goes on behind this closed door? And this is okay with everyone? And our absentee president is in India of course. Sure, that's okay too. Oh yeah.

And of course you've heard the latest atrocity; the latest coitus justicus interuptus from His Majesty's Presidential Do Nothing Commission, to the effect that "no one single cause," precipitated the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill. Right?

We were really getting somewhere with this business about the Halliburton cement mix, remember? All the nitrogen in the mix? How it was odd? How everyone knew it? And the well was acting up and bucking something fierce, and everyone knew something bad was about to happen but no one had the guts to say anything?

Now? Not so much, children. Shhhhh. Go back to sleep. How about some chocky milk? And blanky? You want I should sing you a song, or read a story?

This while those involved slither away from potential litigation we suppose, while someone else gets their pockets lined. All deals made in the back rooms with the dirty little whores, and those infamously closed doors.

I think Boardwalk Empire's Nucky Thompson is more honest than Judge Feldman.

You want my honest opinion? I think Judge Martin Feldman is a dirty goddamn whore unworthy to even walk the boards in Atlantic City during Prohibition.

Telling him straight to his face would be the nicest thing I could do to him.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


War isn't a morally-defensible jobs program.

But brace yourself, that's all you're going to get from the bright-idea, think-bank of the republican-controlled congress. Scrap alternative energy as means to get the economy moving, reduce oil spills, and reduce our need for foreign entanglements because they have demonized it with the catchy term "cap and trade."

Worse, so-called democrats have been feigning interest in alternative energy for years; all the while taking cash under the table continuing the mush-mouth, limpotent ruse that they actually give a damn.

Don't expect help from the right. They will continue to look into the camera and spew this gibbering canine excrement with total conviction: "cap and trade is a jobs killer!"

They got this phrase, for the most part, from foreign-run, enemy combatant counterintelligence shill and traitor to his adopted country, Rupert Murdoch; through his sniveling sock-puppet Glenn Beck.

Now class, does anyone know precisely what this phrase "cap and trade" means? Anyone? No, and what's more, neither do goddamn those who defecate this out of their mouths every time one itsy bitsy solar panel or wind turbine is ever mentioned, or even meekly pointed at, in a news item.

Cap and Trade, Cap and Trade, Cap and Trade, Cap and trade!

What is it?

Job Killer, Job Killer, Job Killer, Job Killer, Job Killer

See? I can do it too!

Never mind that war is an actual people killer, running a close second to famine.

The "Cap and Trade = Job Killer" saw reminds me of this little ditty from the movie Idiocracy.

Predictions: future talk about solar panels and wind turbines, tidal and geothermal will be sidelined. Though they may discuss the nuclear option because republicans have an affinity for anything that produces deadly toxins, or anything that kills human beings or the delicate creatures of the environment that sustain life.

They also like nuclear, much the way they like oil, because of the large initial investments required for start-up. This means construction contracts, massive outlays for materials, engineering. These kinds of projects have more sheer tonnage of bribe money and kick backs available for the taking.

Prediction: all the sudden, the word will get out that unless we do something about Iran, as in yesterday, the world is going to go to hell in a hand-basket. We will be ushered to massive warfare on a new front. If you throw up a hand in protest, you will be deemed unchristian, unpatriotic, all-together un. Again, nothing provides for kick-backs, thievery and bribes, like a little psuedo-christianity/patriotism and a whole whopping shitload of fear.

Look for pseudo-terrorism to be on the rise.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fake Terrorism Again Rears its Pseudo Head

Just as news about Halliburton's faulty cement mix surfaces, we get more home-front pseudo terrorism in the form of "plots" that are "thwarted" along with undated media file footage, and stills of "terror devices," such as printer cartridges and electronic components.

Caption writers, if you still exist: what the hell are we looking at, please?

That's twice the news cycle was interrupted by incompetent "terrorists" uh-gin! sidetracking interest in Halliburton's participation in the BP oil disaster. This time it was a report by the National Oil Commission that the cement used in the Macondo well was unstable which preceded the terror plot by minutes. Halliburton is challenging the commission's findings of course .

Uh-Ghin! there is a Dubai connection, where Halliburton has its overseas nest of operations. In this case, the first package was actually discovered in Dubai on THURSDAY, same day as the cement story.

Still can't find out whether this is Halliburton's world headquarters. It is an established fact they have major international offices offices there for tax-free purposes.

Also, the American news media, especially CNN doesn't like to mention Dubai. They mention it once, as having something to do with the case, (WHERE THE FIRST FUCKING ALLEGED BOMB WAS FOUND, GUYS!) then promptly forget.

Dubai? What Dubai?

And well they should be. Let's not take me wrong. Real terrorism exists, I just don't believe this last threat was a case of it.

But the new TerrorismLITE (TM) has a habit of following on the heels of any big news related to Halliburton, its cement mix and BP, GOSH GOLLY. This time, that heel-time was measured in minutes.

Someone in Saudi Arabia "tipped off" authorities that a flight from Yemen had the bad stuff aboard a UPS cargo plane. The run-down on who, what, why someone in Saudi Arabia, where the USGovCorp maintains much of its intelligence community for the middle east, is now water under the bridge and well downstream.

Curiously, CNN keeps running these images of alleged terror weapons but they never fuhhhhucking! tell you whether these devices pictured are the ones actually found on the recent "terror attack"! Nope. Not gonna do it. You are left sitting there asking "how did they get photos of the weapons so fast?"

I bet you think those devices are the ones they recently found, don't you?

Well if they are, the folks at CNN won't say so! They won't differentiate between the most recent developments and what is more likely file footage of other suspicious packages and devices.

"Here's a photo of something, it might well be the insides of a Hoover vacuum cleaner for all any of us know, but here it is! Whatever the hell it is, or isn't... and hey, we're the Most Trusted Name in NewsLite(TM)."

FORNICATE CNN. C'mon. Let's just render an opinion here: It gives the public hind-tit when it comes to the truth, and it does so intentionally.

President Obama called the threat "credible." More lip, mumble from The AdministrationLITE(tm)

This incident in part mirrors the last act of pseudo terrorism where a curiously photogenic man "left" all the makings of a "bomb" on a busy New York City Street, before boarding a flight to Pakistan with connection through Dubai. This dangerous man was knowingly permitted to board the flight, presumably putting all the lives of some two hundred passengers at risk. Another inconsistency in the story that is glazed over by the big media players in between commercials.

Was this even a credible threat?

The most recent activity, as Chris Mathews pointed out Friday - well, as much as corporate slave-masters permitted him to - has to be one of the most circumlocutious "attempts" at terrorism, ever. You put the devices inside UPS packages destined ultimately for a couple of synagogues in Chicago. That's the official story on this anyway.

Okay (shakes hands wobbles cheeks in disbelief) I'd be delighted to know what was printed on the label, right?

"To: Staff at the synagogue
From: Yemen, where all the terrorists live

Love, Bob"

Mathews said it best. Is someone inside the synagogue even going to open this?


Mathews also had the guts - likely had to fight for it with his producers at MSNBC - to put a "where's Dick Cheney/Halliburton" comment immediately following his take on the terror "plot."

The newest terror threat would accomplish three things in the agenda of someone working for Halliburton, or Dick Cheney, or anyone within that whole nest/cabal of fascist, scumbag traitors to their country.

1. Make-work for more for weapons' manufacture.

2. Fear at election time favoring GOP candidates.

3. Bump the old Halliburton cement story right the hell off the front page.

Or look at my post on Feisal Shahzad, back in May, when word about Halliburton's cement mix was bumped off the front page the first time by the psuedo-bomber. Please take time also to watch Iraq For Sale parts 1-8 on YouTube (hey it's free, folks!) which investigates accounts of Halliburton/KBR's massive over-bulling, and other criminal acts too numerous to be believed and yet have never been denied, and yet again, never prosecuted or even slowed down, certainly not by the current administration - meet the new boss, same as the old boss .

Also, be sure to check out this story on Halliburton/KBR's brutal rape and imprisonment of an American employee. Okay? They rape, torture their own female employee, and thirty senators like Jim DeMint R vote to try to keep everything all quite.

I like to call him "toilet" DeMint, or De "Toilet" Mint. He and his fellow conspirators in the senate also voted to BLOCK subpoena power from the congressional committee investigating the BP/Halliburton Oil Spill.

What are the odds these two votes are bought and paid for by Halliburton? Do reporters still investigate the finances of senators anymore? Or is dead from the neck up, spoon-fed, dogshit, pseudo-journalism now the order of the day.