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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Saturday, August 21, 2010

NOAA's "Oil Budget" a bogus document; admits NOAA

The piece of cleaning tissue that NOAA issued, called The Oil Budget, has come under intense scrutiny and has been found to be lacking.

Yet it is an example of the sort of science we should expect from the federal government for the clean up, mop-up, cover-up effort since the spill.

We can look forward to all science regarding this issue, being seived now, through the sanitizing filter of the government "all is well" machine; whatever the reality may be lurking beneath the waves.

On a personal note; my child certainly spent more time on writing up her research paper for her 11th grade science project. The cost of her study, $250. The result? International Science Fair.

This piece of tissue, is what we get for untold millions in NOAA funds.


If you didn't catch it, Thad Allen, disaster incident commander for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response let it slip in his August 18 interview with CNN that all future science with regard to the disaster will be, coordinated under one umbrella held by NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco.

The importance of this announcement coming in the mix of conversation with CNN (time 5:07), was, apparently, lost on CNN themselves who haven't followed up.

Conversational tidbits:

"Last week I signed an order that tries to consolidate all the testing for hydrocarbons in the Gulf" Translation: There can be ONLY ONE centralized authority for testing for oil from this disaster. "I signed an order..." sounds fairly ominous. Like he signed that order keeping people 65 feet back from BP's dead sea turtles and dolphins? That kind of order? History says, yes. Precisely.

" that we can bring all the academic institutions in the Gulf under the uh, coordination of Janet Lubchenco and NOAA." Translation: No more independent science searching for, and possibly finding (can't have that!) other pockets of massive quantities of oil from the Deepwater Horizon. This will be under the 'uh' Translation: 'how shall we put this?' 'coordination' Translate: control, control, control, censorship and more control.

Some institutions of higher learning will actually like hearing this. Why? There is one source for funding to approach: NOAA. Just like the vessels of opportunity program which is now closing, since (yay!) FISHING IS OPEN! The Science of Opportunity Program, will only include institutions of higher learning who have shown the sound judgment of science for knowing when to print, precisely what is demanded, when to fudge certain data to meet that demand, and when to STFU. Likely, USF - who have shown themselves to be the conscientious polar opposite of STFU - will not be invited.

"Natural resource damage assessment to be paid for by BP," so that BP can tell the U.S. Government how much in fines should be paid, by BP. No, no back-room deals going on here, because, gosh golly, there's aaaaaabsolutely no conflict of interest anywhere in this equation.

As to Allen's caustic little jibe toward those carrying out real science? (Coming around 1:15 in the video) "...some of these other assumptions, by some of these other guys..."

"Some of these other guys" (translate: disreputable) That would be Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the Oxford University of the science; University of South Florida, Tampa; University of Georgia, Athens.

Woods Hole found a large chunk of the oil Lubchenco and NOAA said is gone or doesn't anymore. In this article, the scientists are quoted and the breakout schematic is enlargeable. Not only have these scientists been tracking this plume since June, they have been getting continuous nay-saying from NOAA and other government agencies. They point out that COREXIT thought to make the oil digestible by microbes, has only served to put it into a very cold, dark, deep environment where it could persist in its harmful state for years to come.

This is something NOAA will likely want to cover up; under the direction of the Obama administration's leadership, which, as we know, is partially or wholly directed by the BP administration.

Here is CNN's coverage of the USF findings of dispersed oil all over the bottom at the Desoto Canyon, which, as one witness reports on Youtube, was quickly stripped down from CNN's homepage. Classic example of evaporating history. Bombshell news story, immediately shunted to the dust bin by upper managers.

What can we expect?

Early reports are surfacing that Lubchenco was an embattled, on the way out administrator who, in order to save her job, lobbed up an impossibly rosy, science challenged, reality challenged picture in her "all is well" report to the administration. A classic case of telling the boss what he wants to hear. A report which is now the basis for the reopening of the entire fishery, and will likely be the roadmap for all future "research" for additional "hydrocarbon" sumps from the spill.

Here's the sort of scientific thinking you can also expect from the director of this new "effort" to "find" the oil still out there from the Deepwater Horizon spill.

"Just tiny tar balls" Irrespective of some of the massive, boar-head sized chunks discovered.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Every time you fill up your tank at a BP you are committing treason to the United States of America.
Tiny treasons all, with every purchase. They add up to big treason.
Some of you can't see it. You're lulled by the advertisements with the sell-out who happens to have the right accent, telling you "BP is here for the long haul."
BP is not here for the long-haul. BP is in it to haul ass, just as fast as they can. And, your treasonous government, is going to help them do it.
That's right: treason. Say the word. Use it. It is what's happening to you. Why not familiarize yourself with reality. Treason and fraud.
Recently the Obama administration strongly urged BP to place $2 billion in the escrow fund for damages to Gulf Coast business. Then, quietly pushed congress to allow BP to tie future revenues to filling the remainder of the fund - the other 18 billion.
That's right. You pay for the damages, through the gas tank. Do you love it? Obama handed them a link between your participation at the gas pump and the reparations to the Gulf Coast residents and businesses.
Now, if you boycott, which is your right, and I think your duty, BP and your government can come along - and they WILL - and say that YOU are harming the Gulf Coast residents who need your help by not filling up at BP.
Those BP commercials reminding you not to boycott, are currently in the works, there is no doubt of this. This is their next logical move to extricate themselves from this situation as rapidly and as cheaply as they can: to convince the public that buying BP gas, despite everything they have done, is GOOD for the very victims they have created out of our citizenry.
Obama will likely be making a public service announcement to this affect as well, to go along with this campaign, wherein he will specifically ask you NOT to boycott BP. The final insult to your sense of reality and your intelligence.
You can see that, can't you? That's not too far fetched?
I can even script it for him. Picture him in his customary Oxford shirt, jeans, no tie. Sunset along some Gulf Coast beach. He stares into the camera and says....
"America, people along the Gulf Coast need your help. Now is not the time to boycott. Now is the time to pull together, put our petty angers aside and pitch in and help the victims of this terrible tragedy."
I can hear him already. Can't you?
Now is not the time to let down our guard, or stop watching and listening to what is going on. Now is not the time to forgive, forget, or let our foot off the throat of this corporation. The boycott needs to go on, it needs to hurt them more, not less, than it is now. We are relaxing our grip on them, and we should not.
Things are about to get very strange. You need to watch. This is your country going to hell in a hand-basket here. A corporation, federal government, the president, and both parties are shoving this process along.
Think how strange things already are!
A terrorist who killed American men women and children along other innocent civilians from many nations was released to a Lybian dictator at the urging of this company. Fact.
Everyone including Obama stood around and watched it happen, saying nothing until it was too late.
Senators and other elected officials have publically apologized to BP for our impotent attempts to hold the company accountable; or at least make a show of it for the cameras.
Our government has given the company the tools and time, and the excuses it needs to hide vast quantities of oil. Oil that was inconveniently discovered by University of South Florida in Tampa, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Falmouth, Massachusetts.
Despite even the basics of scientific principles known to every eighth grade science student, science advisors for the Obama administration - some of whom are Nobel Prize winners - have stood idly by while grotesque quantities of toxins were spread all along the Gulf waters. This same group then, without the first meaningful study, sounded the all clear to open the fishery again.
The media will not help you. It has collectively decided that the train is leaving the station, on to more lurid, divisive stories in this election cycle of Hollywood East.
Those who seemed to care so deeply about you, have now abandoned you to the worst fraud and treason ever perpetrated by our government on the citizenry.
What are you going to do?
You need to continue to boycott BP. You need to clip up your gas cards; yes the same gas cards whose interest payments alone were enough to bribe officials in the MMS.
The thought of using a gas station with the BP logo on it, should fill you with dread. It should anger you that others are still doing it.
Remind them. Don't be afraid to call out to them from the intersection.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lashing the Aquatic Field Hands: Y'all git on back into the water!

The fishermen of Mississippi know what's going on. (See videos in previous post)
A roomful of suits want to reopen the fishery as soon as possible, to hell with consequences, to hell with science, to hell with what everybody sees in the water, to hell with future generations of fishermen, to hell with the safety of seafood consumers everywhere.
Why would public officials be rushing to do that which could be most harmful?
The sooner there is no excuse NOT to go back in the water and fish, the sooner the fishermen's future claims of lost wages can be invalidated by BP, or the government's "incident" money czar, Ken Feinberg.
So, how does that work? Does someone get paid to make it happen?
You think?
Do you think BP doesn't have a little bit of grease money lying around to get the system moving again? About the best damned thing they do, the quickest damned thing they do is sling that check book out when a public official leans on them even just a little bit. Ask Charlie Crist!
Who else might stand to benefit?
Look at it: catch don't come in? Fish houses don't get paid, and the ice packers don't get paid and the companies that haul the seafood don't get paid. And then the banks don't get paid. And we can't have that.
Everything hinging on this little commish giving the go ahead to send the little chillin', the aquatic field hands, back into the water. The ugly scene is being played out in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida as well.
Why the mistreatment and pressure? Why use sports anglers as vessels of opportunity more than shrimpers, trawlers and such?
Because that's the wedge. The carrot. If you don't toe that line, lift that barge and so on, you don't get the cookie. If you speak up about the state or condition of the seafood, or even raise your hand for a say in the matter, you NEVER get that cookie.
Sport fisherman doesn't bring in the dinner, he brings in the tourist. Government has no wedge against him. They NEED to KEEP that wedge against the primary producers. They need to keep them quite, obedient, in line. "Yes, sir. No sir. How high, sir? What color, sir?" Get the picture?
But is the seafood safe?
Oh who the hell knows and who the hell cares. BP certainly thinks so! After all it's the fishermen themselves that might get sued if the shellfish, or the shrimp is bad. The lawyers will wander back the distribution chain until they find somebody they can sue and get away with it. Someone who can only afford an attorney who went to night school, not Yale or Harvard.
And who might that be?
(sigh) You just aren't listening here, are you.
The men on the commission at the front of the room, are who precisely?
Governor Haley Barbour's appointees.
Barbour rushed into the mix early on in the disaster to assure his fellow citizens of the Magnolia State that the oil was "just a sheen" on the surface of the water. Nothing to fear.
Governors appoint people, give them power, often so that they can apply the subtle drifts and intrigues needed to make the votes go the way they want them too.
Watching these videos was, for me, like a trip back in time, to the warm, slow days of the deep south, as it existed here in East Central Florida, during more city council meetings than I can count.
The public officials aren't concerned at all how their arrogance jumps off the proceedings through the video. They seem prepared to bully, steamroll, insult, ignore then forget the fishermen and their concerns. Just the way rascally ole city councilmen and county commissioners used to do here in Florida; before they woke up to at least the 20th Century, if not the 21st.
These aldermen, commissioners as they called themselves put a very poor face on Mississippi. Lot of work to do there, one can suppose. A lot of education will be needed.
Open government laws, perhaps. Do they even have these in Mississippi or is it still THAT back-woods that elected folks on public boards can have secret meetings without the press, to conspire and divvy up the winnings on sad-sack Harry the hapless taxpayer?
Sure seems that way.
The fishermen in the video, point out that not one of the folks on the board were voted in, by the people who actually work on the water. The Vietnamese fishermen mentioned here, hapless pawns and race card fodder, might not be that up on the news of the day to know they even have rights, or are permitted to fight for them, apart from cow-towing to the one commissioner.
Is Tennessee Williams writing the script for this video somewhere? High, sultry southern drama.
For allegedly rustic and uneducated folks prone to rage, and so on, these fishermen displayed commendable restraint, and unfailingly refined southern manners when they were insulted and baited by at least one member of the brutish commission; the one in charge of "his" Vietnamese fishermen.
Just ghastly. Appalling. A lurid spectacle indeed. All public officials in Mississippi, go hide. Hang your head in shame. Fishermen? Hold yours up, for you dared ask that which needed to be asked. And you did it for all of us.
You can see where this is going.
The fishery will be opened. Things will get shoveled under the water.
How do we know?
Why do you think they call it Corexit? It takes the oil and turns it into dense little balls which sink below the mixing layer. Below 300 feet in the open sea.
The mixing layer is the upper level of the water column, where the wind and tides mix up the water. You carry the oil and dispersant down below that and it can remain there out of sight out of mind for years.
Trouble is, the greatest migration on the face of the earth happens in the water, right across the mixing layer, every single damned day.
Creatures from the depth, large and small, march right on up to the surface at night to follow the dwindling light, and warmth, then they move on back down when the sun comes up.
Whatever poison is in the water, whatever they have ingested is carried with them. Which is et on by larger fish, and larger and so on, until it is et on, by all of us.
Does this matter?
The fishermen seem to think so. They should know best, they are out there every day, for generations.
Will anyone listen to them, or will they be lashed by master's whip back out into the field?
What do you think?

Stunning Arrogance of an appointed official in Mississippi's the fishermans' fault for ruining the fishery.

.........You must be addicted to BP money! Not that you're concerned about the food supply, the survivability of the resource for future generations.

The Wizardry of Thad Allen

No one has ever explained why Thad Allen still serves as "incident commander," when the retired U.S. Coast Guard admiral's true calling, is that of a wizard.

He is able to alter the fabric of space time and change the past. That's the reason he seems to be continuously lying to us; and yet is so convincing, so emphatic.

In the retroactive, quantum physics world of Thad Allen, tachyons from the present move backwards in time and change history, all at his direction! Things he appears to have said, now don't exist in the new timeline. Events that have occurred have been erased.

As we know, Google search engines are merely encased in lead in the basement at Google HQ. and thus, are somewhat resistant to Allen's tachyon bursts jetting from his fingertips. Google should immediately remove the lead so that the version of Allen that exists in our future, can have an easier time of it.

Prime example: The bottom kill has been just hours away, from getting under way, for months now. A new article today has Allen telling us "there is no timetable" for the beginning of bottom kill. Not only that, "it's never been done before."

On July 7, Allen said the relief well was ahead of schedule, but conservatively placed the completion of the well at Mid-August. But we now know "there is no schedule." Never has been. He's a genius I tell you! NASA needs this man, now!

Bottom kill is the procedure they - Allen and BP - had assured us was the sure-fire method for finally sealing off the well. Absolutely. "It's been done before" his former self said, pre-tachyon burst on July 29.

There are also hundreds of schematic representations from CNN and other networks of the infallible bottom kill. Allen's former self assured us, the Ixtoc blow-out was a prime example of a blow-out killed using bottom kill.

But Allen must have sent a warning back in time to the 1970s preventing the Ixtoc blow out from happening at all. Because now, it, along with the method used to stop it, don't exist anymore. You'll notice he never mentions the Ixtoc blow-out these days. (whispering) it never happened.

One of his great feats was approving unknown, uncounted quantities of COREXIT, then going back in time, physically, to count the gallons of the formerly-toxic chemical to come up with a figure AND ALSO rendering it harmless! In so doing, earning "MERLIN" level wizard certification.

There are times when he uses his strange powers to control the present. Take the number of times he assured us there was no pressure on the media exerted by the Coast Guard at the direction of BP.

Damn you GOOGLE! Damn those YOUTUBE vids, locked in your lead-sealed vaults!

Apparently lead is also found in the heads of Anderson Cooper and James Carville. Here they seem befuddled at numbers they are recalling from the altered past. All these figures Cooper and Carville are referencing here, have been changed, and we now exist in the clean time line.

Cooper was sent to Haiti by the good medical doctors working for CNN to relieve the condition with chelation therapy. Carville was given time-out from CNN for suggesting "get a bat and beat these people over the head."

Cooper also was disciplined by his handlers at CNN because he failed to recognize WHY the military were preventing camera-folks from filming the formerly-dead birds. Everyone knows that when the tachyon bursts are doing their work erasing the past, blindness to the witnesses is a result. We note that the National Guardsman HAD the correct titanium and cobalt protective lenses in place. The cameraman did not.

What does it look like when the incident commander uses his tachyon bursts? Well, when they are projected from the present into the past, tachyons cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, we here at Black Gulf have been able to detect them jetting from Allen's fingertips by using our own pocket hadron-collider, located within our own labs.

The following is the footage we studied. You'll note Allen is forced to squint, and shift his eyes away from the tachyon beams while he alters the past, present and future.

While you have to click through to CNN's web-page for another example it is worth looking at. The video show's Allen working his magic again. A firm estimate that 76 percent of the oil is "gone" has been morphed by his magic to mean "accounted for".

He also tells you every reason why, U.S. Government scientists, who, after all, have nooooo incentive whatsoever at this point fudging their data, should be believed over the recent findings of independent researchers at USF, Tampa.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The bioaccumulation of Corexit into the food chain is poorly understood, according to the abstract of this study by the University of California's department of ocean and marine sciences.

However this quote from the study's findings is pretty clear "...Thus, chemical dispersant use in oil spill response may reduce short-term uptake but not long-term accumulation of hydrocarbons such as PHN in pelagic fish"

PHN is a typical hydrocarbon, or oil molecule. So according to this study, over the long haul the COREXIT may not even work to help keep oil out of the food chain and may, in fact, produce a toxic effect in larger fish species we eat.

What does this all mean?

Some of our public officials ringing the all-clear bell, while wearing the all-is-well smile need to be dragged from their desks and thrown into the street without their pensions, at the very least. They are serving no purpose.

They aren't protecting us, the environment, or the food supply.

What purpose do they serve?

Ken Salazar has fired no one from the MMS since it was let out that some of those who approve oil leases, were also accepting sex, drugs and lap dances from the very big oil flacks they were supposed to be scrutinizing at arms-length as a part of their job function. It is a federal crime to accept bribes as a U.S. Government official. No one has been prosecuted. But now, the allegations are being investigated, two years after the fact. Essentially, criminal investigators are doing the job for Salazar while he still earns a massive paycheck, for doing what, precisely? (He certainly earns more in a day than the unemployed he's supposed to be protecting, do in a week.)

And he does spend some time on Facebook. So he's got that going for him. Note, he lists himself as "politician". (Seconds after posting, the term was apparently removed from Facebook profile for Ken Salazar. At least he's quick on the draw about that!)

Thad Allen........need we say more?

NOAA's top administrator Jane Lubchenco can, just by osmosis, tell us for sure than NO bioaccumulation of toxins from all this is occurring. We can believe her, of course, because she seems angry and after all, what do oceanographers from the University of South Florida, in Tampa know about the Gulf of Mexico? Pfft. After all Jane was confirmed by the Senate on March 19 last year and USF has been working in and around the Gulf for decades.

Leave off the absurdity of what she says here. "Fish will degrade that oil and process it naturally so it will not bioaccumulate." Of course, this is like saying "the sky is blue, but, actually not blue." By nature of 'processing', bio-accumulation has begun. Bio=life. Accumulate, means to posses and add to. How much toxin is taken up by fish flesh from the globules of tar/Corexit emulsion? No one knows.

You know someone is lying when they say something like this, and yet they have a massively extensive background in zoology. This is a pHd, making this scientifically asinine statement!

So where are we? A bribed government, paid off, silenced like a rape victim by a corporate construct continues to abuse and offer us disservice. This while our gelded president continues to make nice with everyone like a puppy. This, while a complacent media watches politely from the sidelines.

What must we do?

At the very least we must march on Washington.

They should fear us, not the other way around.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Billy Nungesser calls BP 'the enemy'

The President of Plaquemines Parish, LA tells it like it is on Aug. 7

WW III and the "all is well in the Gulf" OUTRIGHT LIE

Sometimes we are given a rare glimpse into how things really work in this country, and in the world.
BP is the Pentagon's biggest oil-services provider, according to undisputed yet highly-ignored reports.
The government's rush to shovel this steaming turd of the BP oil spill off the front pages - with the complicity of bribed media, and cowardly journalists who are paid too well to even squeak in protest when told to shut the fuck up and read the news spoon-fed to them - seemingly has its roots in BP's connection to the Pentagon.
One has to ask why the Pentagon would continue to use BP when our laws strictly prohibit the government from using contractors who are in violation of federal laws? One would also question why federal regulators would be fining BP billions on the one hand; and with the other take money from BP for brand new oil and natural gas leases in California?
How can a moratorium on Gulf drilling not be the right thing to do with so many questions concerning the safety of blow-out-preventers, and the potential security risks on oil rigs remaining in the 'unknown' column?
How can this be?
How could our nice president, who campaigned on promises of energy and environmental initiatives, have turned on a major segment of the society? How could he so callously - and it borders on criminal - abrogated his duty to protect us, not only from the oil spewed by this evil contractor, but also the unprecedented use of Corexit which is poisoning the fishery?
How could he then issue an "all clear" on the fishery and the beaches with unknowns to health safety and welfare, outstanding?
He didn't seem like someone who was reckless, and psychopathically irresponsible when we voted for him?
Scarcely a year in office and he waves to us from a golf course while unspeakable horrors are being foisted on the environment and decent, hard-working Americans?
How can this be? Why?
In 2002 I was told by several people working for defense contractors that "we will be in Iraq within a year." I happened to be coaching their children in soccer. They stated it as fact, long before there was any vote to invade. They knew.
The decisions for war anymore, are not made in congress. Defense contractors like to joke among themselves that Washington is a show, a sham, a stage play. They call it "Hollywood East." How do you like the sound of that?
The decision to go to war takes place in corporate boardrooms, and is then shoved through congress; lubricated via the diseased innards of our lapdog, corrupt media. And we swallow what comes out the other end.
As this process begins we find we can no longer trust the media which busies itself with divisive non-news by comparison: gays and the non locked in eternal combat; pro-Hispano, pro-Anglo hatred and flair ups; celebrity and contrived-celebrity mishaps. All pablum; shiny objects waved in front of a dog, or a newborn child.
Those of us who wish to actually know what is going on in the world, are left to look through the hazy window, searching for patterns.
Apparently, with all these oil and natural gas contracts opening up, coupled with Obama's strange about-face and opening up waters off the east coast for oil explanation, a vast amount of oil is needed in relatively short order. No, it's not about the growing energy needs of a bustling economy. Don't be soft. There is no economy, stupid!
So why the need for all the new oil - as in, like OMG - yesterday!
The decision to exterminate a vast number of our finest young people, along with millions of fellow earthlings, has been made within the halls of real power: the corporate boardrooms. We are planning for war on a world-wide scale.
How do I know this? The oil spill has opened up that window on this hard truth. And the government is working just has hard, just as unscrupulously, just as murderously, and as furiously as it can to shut that window and bolt it down.
What do we see in the window?
We will murder and steamroll our own people to get that oil. We will poison our seas to cover up for a contractor. We will starve a whole segment of society so that the young, able bodied within that community have no other job prospects.
And, as with any good ole fashioned World War we will serve up a massive economic collapse.
All the patterns from the past are there.
They aren't tea leaves, these are rungs on a hamster wheel, and you and I are the hamsters.

Hacking Google's Continuous News Feed

Some people will stop at nothing. Somewhere there is a hack into this blog page. Just now the continuous news feeds do not show up at the bottom of the page. If I go into admin and set them, they still scroll through. But, you can't see them.
Very likely all you see are notifications that they are loading.
I write from the heart and I write the truth as I see it. Thus, I have been hacked before on so many different blog venues.
Back before blogging really, I was swacked with emails as I struggled to complete my first book, Where Hell Freezes Over. Someone deeply resented the fact I was writing about the U.S. Navy in Antarctica. For some reason or other, the powers don't want you to know about the massive naval mission that took place there in 1946/47. The mission in which my father, William H. Kearns Jr. and his shipmates crashed their seaplane George 1, during a white-out over Thurston Island.
I went through three computers during that time. Each hit with a virus more pernicious than the last.
The news feeds are very important. You could check this page only for the news feeds and I wouldn't mind at all. That's what they are there for, a collection of feeds covering as many aspects of the BP oil spill as I can stuff into the bottom of the page.
There they sit, for now, blocked, turned off.
This means, those doing the hack weren't bothered by the worst of what I had to say in the actual posts, they were bothered by the fact you - just as I do each day - might sit there and watch the stories scroll through, and get an overall view as to what is happening.
This is nothing new to me.
Hacking is what craven cowards do when they can't argue the truth.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Useless Eater Alert: Let's admit something is up with this Corexit Business

I've joined the ranks of those who believe there are murderous prime movers behind the oil spill in the Gulf, that it was done for a reason.
As someone who knows the U.S. government is capable maintaining horrible and fantastic secrets I may have some insight into this thing that the less conspiratorially inclined do not.
But, at the same time, I find it hard to believe the whole thing was done in order to institute a carbon tax, as Alex Jones does. No, it's much worse than that.
I think bio-uptake, bio-amplification of poisonous toxins into the food chain via Corexit is part of the deal. In essence, our government - I will still say 'apparently' - wants to kill many of us. Quickly, slowly, whatever. Doesn't matter.
What proof do I have?
Well, they are doing it. Very systematically. And they are claiming it is all accidental. Once again, if any of this were accidental, they would eventually make some errors that were not lethal, not toxic. They would have erred on the side that would benefit us.
Listen to me closely now: nothing, they have done, during this entire affair, has been correct. They, BP and our government, have not done one goddamn thing right. Everything they have done with regard to this has been the most harmful. Think about it. They are batting 1000 for hitting all potential negative health impacts. 10 times out of 10, they did what was most harmful to the public, to the environment. Does this seem to make sense to you? Is it credible that it is an accident?
Wake up.
As with all vast conspiracies, you know there is one afoot when tons of people benefit from massive tragedy and that payoff for some - Tony Hayward, Evergreen Avaition, Nalco/Blackstone the Japanese stockholders of Corexit - is instantaneous.
In Hayward's case alone ask yourself in what bizarro universe do you reward a CEO who presided over, then botched the clean-up and public relations effort on, the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history?
They, BP, aren't even being coy about it are they. "Boom, here you go Tony. Good job."
How in-your-face is that, America?
" Tony, ol'e son, for your hard work screwing up the Gulf, here's $18 million, plus $1.6 million a year at the new job for our Moscow subsidiary."
Tony: "And the mail-order bride? You've got that covered as well?"
So angry I can't even make a fist. You probably are too.
In Tony's case alone I could go down several different logic branches here, "if so, then" if "the following is true, then" ones you haven't even thought of yet, since you've got too much work to do just keeping up with the bills.
I am unemployed former journalist; having months ago joined the ranks of Downsized Nation, or the Armies of the Damned, and thus am I armed with the most dangerous of all commodities, time.
You know something is up when they trot out that old line about the basement loons such as myself. You know, the one Glenn Beck uses? "in your underwear, in mommy's basement" typing on the computer, etc. etc.
"Chief among these tools is ridicule" as the man said.
That man being an insider of the intelligence community who was kind enough to leak out the tools of counter intelligence on the web for those of us inclined to read it. There's that sticky wicket again: time.
If they could only find a way to enslave us AND disenfranchise without giving us so much damned time!
"Plutocracy To-Do List: 1. Pass a new law preventing the unemployed from using the internet."
Almost too far-fetched, that last bit. But really not a stretch considering that corporations want to reinvent the internet now as some sort of pay-for-play state. Might be one way to stop the basement loons such as myself from investigating, or putting all the pieces together.
Back to the original conceit: that I see a conspiracy here, a big one, that the Georgia Guidestones outside the town of Elbert may actually be a warning sign.
Let's look at some of the effects of Corexit
Here's some more:

There's more on this to be found here at protect Gulf Impact.
The professional ridiculers will of course, attack the goofy peace-nick beard of the latter speaker, or the granny glasses of the first, in the hopes you will dismiss the words of these two scientists.
What they are saying is true.
Population control via reduction etc. is one of the theories of the New World Order enthusiasts. Yet, now I am at a loss to point out where they are wrong!
To intentionally and continuously inject poison into the food chain, despite easy science telling you not to, is genocide, particularly in the quantities of toxins discussed. No matter that it is slow genocide. You know the dispersant causes cancer, can potentially affect millions, yet you keep pouring it on us.
Couch jockies who don't particularly give a shit, also need to wake up.
The uptake of the toxin will reach everyone eventually through our seafood supplies. Fact. Even if we wait for a number of years, the toxins will still be there at the background levels.
One thing about our current president that is severely disappointing - or perhaps indicative of his complicity - is his, seemingly, utter lack of science knowledge caboosed with the absence of any ethical science advisors working for him.
The ethics of a team of science advisors who would go along with the continuous - I will still say 'apparent' - campaign to poison American citizens and destroy our environment can only be described as Hitleresque.
Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu is currently Obama's science point man on this fiasco. Chu, a Nobel Prize winner, has a research background in atomic physics and lasers. He has also conducted studies of biological systems. Ignorance of what's good for the environment is not a plausible excuse here. So one must logically question his ethics in advising Obama.
Below you will see a clip in which Chu is babbling to Rachel Maddow. If you can make head or takes of his opening remarks you are a better one than I, Gunga Din. For the remainder of the video clip he evades questions. Maddow usually nails people for doing this, but here, owing to her apparent hero worship of the stratospherically educated, she flinches.
Obama's laissez-faire attitude with regard to BP may come from Dr. Chu's cozy relationship with same. Below Chu is touting BP's projected help in "stewardship of the environment" when BP teamed up with The Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory, which Chu was director thereof, to the tune of $500 million or so? Can this be right? Maddow's usually crack team of researches, missed this one, which was easily discovered by doing a search on YouTube.

So called New World Order "freaks" have theorized that one world government begins through the environmental initiatives. I have to wonder whether or not that is corporate disinformation that has entwined itself on the tree of their solid suspicions like a choking vine.
That's not saying it couldn't be true.
Perhaps what we are witnessing is the second in a series of shocks to our national systems designed to prepare us, condition us, for greater impacts, greater losses of life and liberty. This could be among probing tests to see what we will put up with before we rise in armed insurrection devolving into social chaos.
Having witnessed enough from the Gulf now, and seen enough criminal abrogation of duty from MMS all the way up to the office of the president, I realize we are in for a long rough ride, at the hands of people who feel they have every right to downsize, disenfranchise, and then disinfect us from the face of the earth.

"BP's Lying when they open their mouth"

Monday, August 2, 2010

Government: You may be eating COREXIT, be not alarmed. Go about your day in ignorance, thank you

Everything dove-tailing like some Kubrickian nightmare movie script.
People will eat seafood which very likely will be laced with low to moderate levels of Corexit.
Agencies will then test those of us who ate the seafood.
You've hopefully noticed that, without the benefit of the first meaningful study, our federal agencies, stuffed with people who make kick-ass salaries to allegedly protect us, are now sounding the all-clear on swimming in seawater contaminated with Corexit, and oil, not to mention telling us to go ahead and eat the seafood.
A colossal "who gives a fuck" moment.
The studies, to come after the inevitable sickness such ignorant, criminal abrogation of duty will cause, will be used to monitor the long-term effects of ingesting the toxic dispersant, to better estimate of the eventual sickness-mortality rate of those along the entirety of the Gulf Coast region.
Many believe all of this is no accident. Some New World Order theorists, who are seeming more credible day by day, believe the intentional poisoning of an entire population was the aim of this vast experiment all along.
Like any chemical tainting in the food chain, the active ingredients in Corexit are subject to bio-amplification. These chemicals are picked up by fish larvae, and plankton, which are ingested by larger and larger marine life forms.
Humans consume the fish, and the filter feeders, such as clams, oysters, shrimp, and receive potentially lethal levels of the toxins.
There are already examples of this in nature such as ciquatoxin, a bio-accumulated poison that comes from a form of plankton, which gets et by smaller fish, which are et on by larger fish and so on. Ciquatoxin can kill you, if the fish you have et on, has a lot of it, in its tissue. Which is why, as every Caribbean fisherman knows, you should not eat the Great Barracuda, ever.

The Lockerbie Bomber: another story that simply vanished!

Amazed yet, children? I know that I am.
Whatever happened to the inquiry into Mr. al Meghari, the Libyan terrorist convicted of the Lockerbie, Scotland airline bombing?
Chirping sounds, crickets, the lowing of a cow in the field far away.
No? Nothing?
As we recall, the big, bold, responsible, puffed up, arrogant, holier-than-thou, quote-un, "journalists" in Big Media were supposed to keep on top of this story.
Since reality television has rendered us with the collective attention span of the American ground squirrel, let us review.
The Lockerbie bomber was release on humanitarian grounds in 2009 in the hopes that he had only three months to live. But the bastard draws free breath as we stare at our computer screens together.
Imagine the man's face as he breathes. There goes another, and another. Did you see that last one? He smirked! Did you catch that?
He received a hero's welcome home, after, gosh-golly, someone got his ass out of jail.
And there was this buzz, see? this cloud of taint surrounding BP; whispers alleging BP had something to do with orchestrating the murderer's release behind the scenes.
The puffing of cheeks, the wobbling of nervous sweaty hands, blustery sounds expelled from mouth, perspiration on the brow.
BP: "Outrage! We did no such thing!"
Oh, and guess what? BP are just moments away from firming up their arrangement to drill for oil in Lybian waters, ever so close to inking the deal!
BP/Big Media/The British government: "No connection whatsoever. C'mon. Pure coincidence."
There were reports a British intelligence officer, who now, gosh golly, works for BP, had a shitload of time put in rubbing elbows with the Gaddafis.
There were reports that upper echelon managers for BP made discreet inquiries - but not quite arm bending; no, no, nothing like that - into whether or, if, or when, perhaps, mother may I pretty please, Mr. Meghari might find himself on the other side of the nasty ole' wall of shame and en route to Lybia.
BP: "We were randomly interested in the release of a terrorist from a 1980s era airline bombing. And so, like any good citizen interested in the early release of mass murderers reported to have inoperable cancer, we - just as randomly - expressed our curiosity in his release so that he might spend his last days with his family."
Big Media/The British government: "Pffft. No connection whatsoever. Pure coincidence."
President Barack Obama asked British PM David Cameron whether the U.S. could be privy to any information an inquiry into the matter the British might find.
British PM: "Well, no. That's simply out of the question."
British PM: "... out of the question."
Yes, but why?
British PM: "....not the sort of thing we do."
Yeah, but why?
British PM: "....snorkel..."
What does that mean?
British PM: "Nothing. Just a bit of sophistry designed to draw you away from your initial line of inquiry."
American Press: "What color snorkel?"
Two weeks later: Chirping sounds, crickets, the lowing of a cow in the field far away.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Tony Takes a Tiny Tumble

Well, he was warned. I warned him. We ALL warned him. Didn't matter.
Not only did Tony Hayward not listen, he didn't give a shit. Now his job is over.
But remember, children, there is a huge difference between getting fired - as it is handled in the rarefied air of the top branches in these giant corporations - and being thrown in prison for, by way of example, perjury before congress.
Yes, let us reflect on the grim reality, exemplified by Tony Fucking Hayward's considerable severance parachute rumored to be in the neighborhood of $18 million in cash, and hundreds of thousands of shares in company stock. Or the fact he is now working for BPs Russian joint venture, at $1.6 million a year.
Oh, and lest we forget, he got his life back.
What about the rest of us? No? Not yet?
Didn't think so, all you waterfront folks along the Gulf Coast.
The career demise of Mr. Hayward served to provide media tin foil over the emerging truth regarding our toxic friend, the dispersant called, Corexit: that, just as you and I suspected is ever so much more toxic than the EPA and Thaddeus "hey whatever" Allen let on at the start of all this.
In effect "well, oopsie daisy, all of you untrained scientists, not even fortunate enough to be on the government cheese-wheel; all of you schlepping along with your own lives, some of you without even a bachelor's diploma much less a degree in organic chemistry, were correct after all."
The truth is, Virginia, Corexit is chock-full of volatile organic compounds and thus incredibly harmful, perhaps even more detrimental to the fishery and all life in the oceans than the oil itself. Just as all you brave little children postulated at the get go, and for your trouble, you were given the proverbial flesh-lolly to suck on, and a disgraceful little pat on the head. Thanks for playing
Meanwhile, as you've hopefully noticed, CNN continues dolling out untruth Dildonium via their Machiavellian little morning segments; cheer-leading for big oil with countless reports of "hey, if it really was so bad, where is all the oil?"
Phillipe Cousteau: "hey, gang! Remember me!? Where is the oil? I showed you just last week! See? It's below the surface, millions and millions of gallons of it have been broken down into tiny droplets that...."
CNN: "YEAH, BUT, WHERE IS THE OIL! (shouting here)! WHERE IS IT!"
Phillipe Cousteau: "Guys, like I just said there are perhaps millions of gallons of it broken down, and also trapped at different depths all throughout the water column...that...?"
CNN: (on a megaphone here) BUT WHERE IS THE OIL? Attention! We cannot find the oil!"
As if their own producers - gosh golly - have simply forgotten countless news items they themselves have produced discussing the DISPERSANTS! This to satisfy the under-educated masses who just want to hear that the all-clear has been sounded and we can all go back to Snookie and The Situation on Jersey Shore again.
CNN the most trusted name, now, in shilling for big corporate when their managers want to tweak their BP shares.
It is all spookily reminiscent of George Carlin's last comedy bit; which, off the Doric columns of our stoney minds, rings like Plato's admonishments.