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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Response to Stan Morton's crusade

Someone working for a Kangaroo store got quite angry with Stan for his video, "woops I spilled something" and wrote a long lambasting email concerning Stan's protest methods. The video and the return volley to the email follow:
What's been proposed on this video is the essence of non-violent "woops" accidental protest, a new method of combating a new kind of tyranny: that being corporate tyranny.
Corporations hide. They rape, then they hide. They pollute, then they hide. They murder, then they hide.
Corporate tyrants such as Tony Hayward hide behind walls of people, and his own lies. He says things like "the impact will be modest" then admits he was wrong, after hiding for a few days. He did it again today. Yes, against reason and sanity, and in complete insult to our country, he asserted that somehow a cadre of people with booms has been keeping the black tide to sea. Favorable winds and tides have been merciful. Essentially this blaspheming cretin attempts to take credit for a merciful god, and the shear fact Tony's growing stain simply hadn't expanded enough to reach the coast. But that is now happening.
They are like cowardly groundhogs, corporations and their functionaries, only sunning themselves when they think the coast is clear, the sun is shining sweetly and no one remembers their atrocities.
Corporations who do these things use you, small business operators, as their human shields. You who come out and plead with others not to protest, or to do so, but only, not quite so loudly, or with a list of preconditions that sound suspiciously as if they were written by corporate attorneys.
What those who work for Kangaroos attached to BP, and BP proper, should do is walk off the job: all of you en masse. Just leave your store. Those in BP corporate offices too: just leave, walk away from your evil employers. Do it now.
Can't do it? Can you?
No. Now imagine you have to stay in your store, and you can't breathe; you eyes are burning. You have filth constantly on your toes, on your skin, oily stinking poison. You come home sick and coughing. Now imagine you have to take the scraps from the very same company that makes you bathe in this filth for a few months, but after that there will be no job. Nothing. Someone will cut your hands off so you can't even man a cash register. Maybe you can begin to see what was done to the people of Gulf Coast Louisiana.
What has been done to all of us is every bit as economically damaging as 9-11; it will just work itself out slower; like water torture.It will be protracted over years, decades.
The company you are associated does this, and you ask me to modulate how angry I or anyone else should be? You ask me not to show a video of me throwing yard trash in a bp parking lot, because someone might copy what I have shown here?
Let me tell you something friend; what I propose may just save lives. It's not arson, it's not poison, it's not even violent. All it will do is, cut into man hours, cut into pump time, and therefor cut into profits.
The father of one of the men who died on the rig said it best: the only way to get them to listen is to hit them in the place where their heart should be, and that's BP's profit margin, in the wallet.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big Media-Politician Suck Off

They want to bleed off the anger.
CNN right now is blasting back against the anger, righteous, well-deserved anger, aimed at BP.
But they are doing it sideways.
They are talking about the unwaivering need for energy in this country. A need which has said to the rest of the world, "hey fuck you, I need mine. Get out of the way. My lifestyle is more important than your little stick hut at the edge of a marsh."
Trouble is, now our energy needs are actually gobbling up our own people. The snake gobbling its own tail.
CNN is also still using the obscene, laughable estimate of 5,000 barrels a day: dead from the neck up journalism in a feigned attempted at objectivity, masking the agenda of supporting big oil, big energy big war.
That's the news today, the soundbite "Yeah, but what about our needs? They don't stop because of an oil spill."
You hear it from the Environmental Holocaust Presider Barack Obama.
"Our thoughts go out to the people along the gulf coast....BUT and there's a damned BUT in there, "BUT we need the oil."
You cannot wipe out a class of people and an entire ecosystem in order to solve our energy needs. Because there is no balance sheet that captures the loss of these two. Can you itemize such genocide?
Here's a thought everybody: what happened with Deepwater Horizon was either intentional? Or it was an accident.
IF we have problem to the extent that blowout preventers are essentially worthless, this would extend to all 400 rigs in the Gulf. That means we MUST shut down the offshore drilling NOW, even projects that are going right this minute. Until we get a handle on what the hell is wrong with them.
IF this is a perfectly safe and enviro friendly way to harvest energy, as these goons have been telling us for decades, THEN what happened, WAS INTENTIONAL, WAS MURDER, WAS FU-CKING TERRORISM. If this is true, there is likely another Deepwater Horizon accident, brewing somewhere. For how easy have they gotten away with the first? Scott Free.
There is NO in between.
The media pin-heads, our politician in chief and the Oil Heads ALL, realize the stupidity of a middle ground in this situation. THIS is why you are being reminded today about the energy needs of the nation. They are trying to head your brain off at the pass and keep you from adding one, plus one, to come up with two.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Stan Morton Diaries: F-BP

Here's $5,000 before you die

(fourchon story below this one, thanks for the RTs)

A very interesting post is found here concerning recent actions of BP officials while the oil heads to shore like a slow train wreck.
This confirms everything I thought about this situation. This has all the earmarks of an "un-accident" the Manchurian Oil Spill.
During the Great Depression, those living along the shores of the Gulf had the option to weather the economic downturn; fishing. Following the Great Depression, the Gulf states provided their share of the fighting men during World War II and then some. They were among the best in all branches of service.
People who fish are strong and able: they can actually do things. They don't sit at a desk in a cubicle. They don't wait for the magic touch of someone above them to raise their G scale pay grade. They don't have to play the corporate game and float to the top of the heap.
When things get tough, they go fishing. They provide for their families and ask for very little from the government in return apart from begging it to leave them alone as much as possible.
Mathematically, the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon, should be drawing concerns from statisticians working for the government. Strangely, it does not. Apparently no one working for the media employs anyone familiar with statistics, either.
You often hear pundits chuckle and joke that they got into media, or journalism precisely because they were not good at math.
The count on how many things had to go wrong with the Blow Out Prevent is now up to more than four. Add another coincidence, in the fact there was no acoustic cut-off switch, since deregulation took care of that, and that number is five. Add an additional potential failure in the unusually high nitrogen composition of Halliburton's cementing job at the bottom of the well, reported by New York Times.
Add another for the fact BP reportedly ordered Transocean to remove the drilling muds before the final cement cap could be put into place. Well, it was cost-saving, you see.
As many as seven things had to go wrong, and did, all of them, every last one. The odds against this happening are staggering.
If we base a simple event like one failure on the blowout preventer being a one in five shot, by the time we get to seven things all happening, all failing in sequence, we run the same or better risk of winning Powerball. This seven strike sequence is sort of like lending your best friend your car, and he slamming it "accidentally" into seven phone poles on the way back from his errand.
"Sorry," he says, handing you the keys.
Now we get to BPs laissez-faire attitude. When you look at BPs website, and all their promotional videos by Tony F. Hayward, you get the sense that all of this is a very neat little exercise they are involved in. Their technicians are hard at work with hats on. They are holding vials of seawater up to the light. They are doing science in providing as Hayward says, an "extraordinary response" to the "incident."
In these colorful montages you see that something obviously is absent. What is that thing? What could it be?
The goddamned oil of course, covering the water. The tar balls, the sludge backed up into the marshes.
The main response we are looking for first of course, "shut the damned well off!" they never seem to get that quite right.
"Sorry," they say.
"Unlucky," at this, as they say on the football pitch, when a corner kick goes awry.
Today it was announced the top kill intervention was going to be postponed until Wednesday. No explanation.
Boats paid for by BP are sitting idle and had to be commandeered by Jefferson Parish, no explanation.
BP has seemingly done everything in its power to provide a massive kick to the testicles to the people of the Gulf Coast, as though they were getting us back for something.
Now we hear strange reports of officials offering hush money, being told that hush money will be taken away if the fishermen, now hostages in their own homeland, object to the cloud of toxic gas, and the sludge ruining their water ways.
Interesting. Deadly, interesting.
It's as if BP wants the U.S. to take over the site. You hear this now, from, of all places, the conservatives! "why hasn't Mr. Obama taken over?" and essentially confiscated BP assets in the region. And he very well may have to. He's been boxed in, and BP keeps thumbing its nose at us, the business people along the Gulf and the problem!
You've heard not one word of sorrow for these people, these good, rugged individuals, these small business operators, coming from the mouths of pundits. Where were you Glenn Becks, your Rush Limbaughs, Sarah Palins, and your Rand Pauls, even? Was there outrage at the destruction of the individual captain of enterprises up and down the Gulf Coast?
No. They sided with big oil, they blamed Obama, or they, like FOX's Billy O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, ignored these good Americans. Simply ignored them for more stories about teachers strikes, or regulations concerning finance.
Glenn Beck has run nothing but inane, arcane idiocy concerning the wording of the Constitution, interpretations thereof, in some strange hybrid classroom, come temple. Some weird bastardized faux representation of Americana, while REAL Americans were being raped, and muffled into silence with a few dollars left on the nightstand by Big Oil.
I have been in contact with people along the Gulf Coast who are getting so angry now, so angry they are considering violence. Many have turned to alcohol. Many have weapons.
Our government is run by debt. Obama owes BP for the $70,000 in campaign contributions, so that any move he makes, seems like heel dragging, and may damned well be precisely that.
The Coast Guard, with its Admiral Thad Allen days from retirement, treads ever so lightly with BP, forced to trust BP to provide the answers which may or may not be solutions but oblique satire aimed at the American educational system.
Hair? Hay? You would need enough to cover the state of Pennsylvania. Are they having a laugh? Are they taking the proverbial piss?
Seems like.
In all of this, one has to ask why? Why is this happening?
One thing I have concluded is, this may not be an accident. Because it seems like the foul ups just keep coming.
Odds say they, BP, would have to get something right.
It's been a month now and they haven't.

Forty BP Boats sitting Idle are commandeered By Jefferson Parish

BP officials reportedly have vessels sitting idle and are rejecting hair booms with donated material.


Early reports from Port Fourchon Louisiana, the southernmost port in the state, are of complete devastation to the bays and islets with oil from the BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon gusher that continues to flow.
Unconfirmed reports are that officials of LaFourche Parish are keeping out all media in an attempt to hide the extent of the impact. Unconfirmed reports add that those working the clean-up who question why Port Fourchon is not being cleaned have been told they will be fired, if they speak out concerning this area.
Fourchon is the primary service port to more than 200 offshore oil rigs within a 100 mile radius.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meantime: Halliburton

Meantime, with Halliburton...the company is involved in allegations of bribing Nigerian officials in contract letting. In a previous post we reported that there are $180 Million in alleged bribes.
Again, how much money do you stand to make if this is your down-payment?
Does this explain why Halliburton might have had a motive to derail energy operations in the Gulf? Nigeria: little to no red tape, little to no environmental concerns, everyone in power on the take?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


This just in from Louisiana; a local has this to say about what is happening TODAY!
BP is confiscating cameras and video recorders with the help of the US Coast Guard. The coast guard is telling people its BP rules. Since when do private corporations have the right to tell free american people where they can go and what they can take pictures of. Why do we not see more arial shots of this spill because BP does not want them out there. Criminal is an understatement

Check all Stan's videos, action and all the comments generated thus, including other live comments from the zone of impact, thus far at

Friday, May 21, 2010

More BP arrogance: they will stick with harmful dispersant that is illegal elsewhere

Think it's not personal? Think they are trying their best to minimize the impact? Think again.

Stan Morton Diaries: "Yes BP Loves Me....?"

A dead turtle tol'e me so...

How much did they pay you for your soul?

Some people don't have a soul anymore. They say inflammatory things they know damned well are lies. Take this pile of excrement out of the mouth of a BP executive.
He's sure the Gulf will rebound. Yeah, and that'll happen too!
Do you love that? It's like a reckless driver rendering a medical opinion of "oh, he'll walk again" to his victim in the wheel chair. Do you love the corporate culture of these mater fornicatti! This is a corporation that thinks the words "hydrocarbon," and "incident" perform the Jedi mind trick when used in conjunction.
If they say these words - and Tony Hayward is ever so fond of the words "extraordinary" and "response" - we will all go to sleep, and not think about it. Yes, my murderer/robber/rapist has things well in hand. I should trust him. He's using those magic words, again.
Then you have Rand Paul, an absolute turd of a human being, in my honest opinion. This is a man who will say anything so long as it appeases his daddy, and the wart-core group of rich, curmudgeonly misanthropists at the center of his own party.
Here he says it is unAmerican for the ultimate representative of the people, that being the President of the United States, to use the term "foot on the throat" of BP while describing the amount of pressure needed to gain corporate compliance, leave off accountability, which we will never get.
Do these people know the word hypocrisy? These are the very t-baggers who are (quote-un, hand cupped in feigned masturbation) helping small business. You love that? Isn't the common businessman the shrimper? Isn't he the rugged individual whose family runs a fishing charter? Isn't he or she the seafood restaurateur?
Dipshit, (can I call you Rand?) let me ask you something: where does cattle feed come from? What percentage is seafood? Shrimp, anchovies, mullet, and so on?
Only now do the self-centered pseudo-Christian jackasses of the bag, perk up. Yeah, dumbasses! Wake up! Hello! Your rancher buddies are fornicatto as well!
Oh, gee. Didn't think of that!
When these folk begin to see the length and bredth of this catastrophe, only then will we see them cultivate that rumpled, damned-near whisperingly dead vestige of a soul.

Stan Morton III Diaries: Stan and a dead fish discuss the problems of BPs Environmental Holocaust

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Enviro-Holocaust Denier Update/media

In no particular order:

Ft. Meyers News Press - Without a stitch of evidence to support themselves - other than officialdom who are praying to the sweet baby Heyzoos for a miracle - this news paper sounds the all clear for Florida. Must be advertisers in the hospitality industry raising hell behind the scenes in FM. The news that Florida "may escape" the oil comes suspiciously six days after the same reporter bravely tried to wrap his head around the staggering numbers with regard to the quantities of oil involved in this piece. Let's see, a day for the calls to start coming in; another day for a special meeting of the city council in which the paper is lambasted for the article in which a reporter attempted to do his job. Another day for the editorial meeting with "concerned advertisers". A fourth day when editors try to gently coax the reporter into writing a qualifying appending piece, and or "look at the upside" to his last, and on day six, after looking at dim job prospects elsewhere he is muscled into doing so, damned nearly with an editor standing over his shoulder watching him write. Does that sound about right?

In addition, with a huge blight on the Gulf waters, how anyone short of Edgar Cayce could know the extent of the damage to the fishery is beyond comprehension. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great Britain's Petroleum Attack on the United States

Our last staunch ally needs a pretext to side entirely with the European Union. MI-6 in the form of Tony Hayward? has perhaps given it to them.
BP's foot dragging will mean we will have to take over that oil well. Obama then will go hat in hand to the Queen and beg forgiveness. We had to do it, he'll say in a shameful display which will put him in the light of Chicken George, which we will detest as a nation, and so will the UK.
This will complete our isolation on the world stage, something the Rupert Murdochs and others of the Plutocracy set, Dick Cheney and so on, have been pushing for, for years. Orchestrating it like a symphony. Really have to hand it to them. Brilliant.
You notice the media coverage of BPs disaster is completely different in the UK than it is here, both sides playing against the middle; and that middle would be us, children.
Tony Hayward plays his role and assures the British masses the yanks are on about nothing, over and over again, despite the pictures underwater, despite the film, despite the satellite photos.
Yes, British press, not unlike hours, not unlike the sniff-sniff, "yeah okay go with it", five-second rule lapdogs they universally are, with rare exception, run with what comes from the mouths of they in the know. And come on, Tony Hayward? "Seems a nice enough chap, doesn't he?", say the easily charmed mums in their row houses, "Would he be lying to us?"
"Bloody yanks you know how they are." Father nods, creases the Times over to sports.
This all despite the fact, Tony Fucking Hayward, is indeed completely full of bung! Lying his ruddy, charming, smirky little school boy English face off, he is.
For years it's been in the works, our renewed alienation from the UK. First they got rid of Tony Blair and replaced him with Gordon Brown, and then he was no good, too close and chummy with the yanks. Tony Blair pretty much cannot show his face anywhere in London; Bush's creature. Plague.
So now what? Brits would certainly like to distance themselves from that whole thing in Iraq, they would. We're the villain you see, been practicing for the role since 1991 when we went into Iraq the first time.
All that was needed to touch the powder keg was a pretext; something both sides would find inexcusable.
On our end, we cry "what is going on with the oil spill, damnit? Can't you stop it?"
They smile, attend another press conference. Feign ineptitude.
Notice Tony Hayward spends quite a bit of time speaking to the foreign press. He has yet to show up at a senate hearing on the Hill.
On theirs? The (quote and un) outrage at us when we take over the site, seize their assets, send them packing. This we very likely, will have to do.
All pawns in position, right down to the window dressing. Those who can't remember history; yes, that sort of thing.
I find it extremely suspicious that a group screaming for seizing the assets of BP was primed and ready to go at nearly a gnat's fart for notice when all of this went down. Even had themselves a pretty little web site with all the frills. Hell I was so angry I signed their damned petition before I even read a word. Some obscure law they were on about, from the late 1800s, giving our government the right to seize property when and if the interests of the United States are so compromised by those of a foreign company or party, so on and so forth.
I thought hang on? How did they come up with all of this so fast? Even had themselves and little rally in Tampa St. Pete, with signs printed all, vaguely Jugo Chavezy sounding, anti-capitalist mumbo-jumbo, but not so it convinced you; more like a web company sending kids out on the street with t-shirts to brand themselves for the cameras.
Yes, where have I seen this sort of thing before? All the ready made propaganda? Why that would be Honduras during the strife, revolutions, elections, assassinations. Good times.
So our Gulf becomes, what?
A part of a larger chess board. This dangerous game that the likes of the Plutocrat set - Rupert Murdoch who plays both political voices on both sides the Atlantic, and Dick Cheney, who rose so high in our government, we scarcely find the testicular fortitude to summon him to answer what he knows - has used this perfect, blue tapestry. These movers and shakers sullied it with unspeakable horror, to continue their game.
And we, all of us, pretend we don't know what the hell is going on.


They struck in the middle of the night. They hit us in our veins, kicked us where we couldn't cover up.
They came pretending to be our friends, attacking from the inside. They even used the help of traitors within our institutions all the way up the highest office in the land.
They had help. They made it look like an accident. Then they pretended to help stop it, while they really kept the flow going, and took pretty pictures of themselves "at work on the problem."
Evidence that it was planned?
Fail-safe after fail-safe thwarted by suspicious coincidence; more than four major ones involving a Blow-out preventer. Then the cement mix, by a cementing contractor, then of course, the fateful decision to cut corners on the removal of the drilling muds.
Taken in all, the evidence adds up: one had to try to make this happen. Someone did, and IT did.
Strangely just a few weeks prior on April 5, a ship crashed on a reef off Australia spilling oil and coal on the Great Barrier Reef.
Incompetence is the new weapon of economic injury; no one sees it coming, no one can blame anyone for mere incompetence, and so, everyone stops looking for a villain.
And yet the weapon does its deadly work; the targets, the fisheries, morale, and tourism.
In a down economy, a segment of a society can limp along with a decent fisheries. Tourism can sustain economies that are impacted by financial loss, and a waning real estate market.
From the morale perspective, those reduced to a one-income household may yet still find solace in that inexpensive camping trip, to revive their familial batteries. Not anymore.
From a perspective of tourism, an area decimated by job loss, then, suffers vacant hotel rooms, vacant restaurants, further unemployment from a lack of fresh seafood, and a lack of patrons.
The threads of culpability are not checked, because they are not suspected. There are no criminal charges, so no one is interrogated. No witnesses are flipped. No bank records demarking a massive influx of cash to the guilty, is ever checked because no one would ever suspect that individuals charged with protecting the public would intentionally do something so evil, underhanded and potentially devastating.
The perfect crime, codified, and signed off on, by bought and paid accomplices in government who sold out their countrymen for cash, trips to the Bahamas, a gram of coke, a bar tab, a fling in a bathtub that remains secret.
On another level, members of the rising Plutocracy, who show no allegiance to any nation save their astronomical bank statements, have also sold off their positions, high in government, to sell out their countrymen and women, while holding the office of Vice President of the United States. In so doing selling them downstream to become chess pieces on a game of Risk being constructed and wagered using real human lives by the millions.
The perfect crime. A new Dead Sea is born.

Stan Morton III Diaries: Stanley takes some folks to the WOODSHED!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Numbers Are Simply Staggering: 7.5 EVUs!

A fluid dynamics engineer has looked at the video (see it at the bottom of the page) and noted the flow is more like 70,000 barrels a day, also known as 2.8 million gallons per day.
Oh, okay, minus the 1,000 barrels a day BP says it's now collecting with its little straw. Yeah, you go BP.
Now into our 29th day, assuming the flow has remained constant since the blow out, this means 81.2 million gallons of oil have flowed into the Gulf of Mexico. That's 7.5 Exxon Valdezes.
Sort of like how astronomers speak of that 93 million miles between the earth and the sun as a Solar Unit, or an Astronomical Unit, this to describe such awesomely unfathomable distances that are still miles but not yet light years.
That's right. This unchecked torrent has gone stratospheric. So much so, it has to be referenced in EVUs, Exxon Valdez Units. At the present time we are at 7.5 EVUs.
Let's talk about it, shall we?
Big Media?
The crickets chirp, over a muffled cough, while sweat drips from a media executive's Nixonesque upper lip.
Yeah, they haven't said these things. The opinion shows lambaste all day though. The Ed show, Olbermann and Maddow, good job, but the news stories?
Still the same photos, dismayed brows, and definitely these facts, these as yet undesputed quantities are left out of the news copy.

There are no words

...for how much sorrow and misery that BP is likely about to cause the state of Florida.


Stan Morton III Diaries: Stanley take apart BPs latest story that they are solving the problem

Watch Stan's experiment and tell us what you think?

CNN "We'll swallow anything" award

This morning's news shows were emblematic of what is wrong with large corporate media today. CNN among the worst of the gargle and spit method for delivering the news, followed by the It's Way Too Early With Willy Geist on MSNBC.
Both shows had graphic representations of how BP has stanched the oil flow with a six inch pipe with a hood on it.
Doing a disservice to the truth and journalism, all in one.
Touchdown, guys. Way to go!
Question (and Stanley Morton III might emphasize at this point: "dumbasses!") if it were that easy, what in the hell was BP doing for going on 28 days messing with hats and domes, and talking about golf balls?
Think about it!
In eighth or ninth grade we learned a little trick in pre-algebra called dimensional analysis. Example if you have five chickens to a pen, and there are four square feet on the bottom of each pen, how many chickens can you pack into a farm of 100,000 square feet?That sort of deal.
Well, flow rate of that 21 inch riser pipe, which we all know now, since we are now all oil and gas experts at this point, was calculated by scientists using a stop watch and that video BP provided, to be about 70,000 barrels a day, not 5,000, that BP estimated.
I work in gallons. Now, if 5,000 barrels equals 200,000 gallons, we have to multiply 70,000 by 40 to find that the actual flow is 2,800,000 gallons a day. By the way, that means about every four days, we get an Exxon Valdez (10.8 million gallons of oil). That means, also, by the way, we have had 7 Exxon Valdez's equivalents up to this minute.
Work out the math and tell me I am wrong and I will correct it!
If BP ever admitted this to the news people, this would be a fu-huh-cking! NIGHTMARE public relations-wise for BP.
Big Media never says this! Have you noticed? We have the information at hand! They've given it to us, like a defense lawyer sloshing his opposition at disclosure with stacks and stacks of nonsense paper. IN other words, with NO, basic analysis that a ninth grader is capable of.
Yes, big media, run by Big Energy, is more than too eager to let BP off the hook, as we have discussed and as we are seeing here this morning.
Are we saying CNN doesn't have people on staff who can do ninth grade math? Apparently this is the case, because we wouldn't want to believe that CNN, the most trusted name in news, were purposefully ignoring their duty as journalists; also known as malfeasance, intellectual dishonesty, cowardice, just plain shitty, gutless, nutless "All is well when it really ain't" journalismLITE (tm) big media is often accused of.
But look at it, by these numbers, there were ( before the magic six-inch diameter pipe) 32 gallons coming out every second. Boom, there went another 32 gallons. Boom, again. Every minute, nearly 2,000 gallons. Every two minutes your average above ground pool would fill up with oil.
Now imagine a six inch diameter pipe (the magic pipe) being shoved into a 21 inch diameter sewer main, pumping out a swimming pool every two minutes.
They BP tell CNN who lap this information up and regurgitate to us that (whoopie!) they are now collecting most of it, and the oil is being pumped to the ship.
Yay! (Souza music here)
They further tell CNN who are more than happy to pass along this fairy dust to us, that, they will be "piling mud" on the busted riser from Deepwater Horizon, and this will cut off the flow forever.
Let's review the misrepresentations, low-balling, and/or god damned lies this company has told us since this fiasco began, shall we?
1. No leak. This facturd shared with the U.S. Coast Guard immediately after the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon. Wwwwah waah! Complete bullshit. It in fact was leaking, so much so, we now have the worst oil leak in US History on our hands.
2. "Not our accident" said BP. Complete bullshit. In fact, the news coming out indicates all three, companies had something to do with it.
3. A dome will work. The company should have been well aware there were methane hydrates coming from this well and had a good idea how much in ever gallon of fluid pumped out. They would then, one assumes, have the expertise on hand to have an idea that the dome idea, particularly one in which there was no heating of the fluid to put the methane ice back into liquid, would be an utter waste of time.
4. Smaller top-hat will work. Same logic, with a heating element, failed. For whatever reason.
5. Days and days of discussion about golf balls, bits of tire, sand, mud etc. being injected into the Blow out preventer. This idea has vanished, likely because the idea of a golf ball, or a thousand golf balls and bits of tire flowing upstream against a 32 gallon per second current defies the laws of physics. Also, what happens if all that mess generates a spark?
6. The waivers. Someone in this mess had waivers for people to sign releasing liability with regard to those who had seen the accident. BP later said this was an error, boilerplate legalese that just somehow seemed very specific to the Deepwater Horizon event. Wwwah waah! Bullshit.
( Shall we continue?)
7. Tony Hayward BP CEO, let it slip to the press that this was a relatively "tiny" spill when measured against the volume of the water in the world's oceans. Nice. Real nice. This gives us a glimpse into the corporate culture of a company that would not only continue to allow this man to say such utterly stupid things, but also give him a raise of 40 percent for his continued blasphemes against truth, and our country.
8. "The other guy did it" Blame game.
9. The idea that a million feet of boom means a damned thing in all this.
10. "We are preventing this spill from reaching shore" essentially taking credit for the fact the winds heading toward shore and the currents which are trying to pull it into the Gulf loop, are for the moment, keeping the spill where it is.

This list is far too short.
Yet, here is major media this morning, controlled by Big Energy and Big War, ready to gobble the magic pipe (story) and we can all rest easy.
The bronze statue to CNN for this prize would be pornographic and distasteful. Too distasteful for description here.
I leave it to your imagination, dear reader, to conjure the image I am thinking of.
Meantime, won't we at least ask someone for video footage of the allegedly stanched flow before we gargle and spit this information onto the public?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meek the Press

Watch them smile and calmly snicker at the problem they have caused. They cannot even look up and face the audience. This continues to be an inside job; a deadly practical joke deployed against the Gulf Coast states.

He continues to say "a million feet of boom" as if this means something when faced with a million miles of shorelines, inlets, estuaries, bays and river mouths.

A good Job of Containment? We are learning all the time? This is the first time the industry had to confront this issue?

Tame reporters talking about "prongs of intervention" dead from the neck up. Ask why the fuck (pause) were you drilling in 5,000 feet of water (pause) when you obviously hadn't a scintilla of an idea what you would do (pause) if you had a problem? That's not playing Monday morning quarterback, that's a solid question!

Stan Morton Diaries: Stanley is getting good and mad at BP

Here is a video log of Stan's trip to the beach with his son. This might show a little insight into why Stan is getting so damned angry at BP
Stan makes a statement.

Underwater plumes found at different depths

Not all oil is lighter than water. Some of it is denser. That means it will rise to a certain level of density in the water column (up or down) and then stop, or, get trapped the way clouds do in the sky on an inversion layer.
This was coming, no one in the media mentioned it. Paid scientists failed to consider it, but, there you go. Kinda like the health expert working for a tobacco company.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Do you need more evidence that this company is actually attacking the United States of America, and their bungled handling of the oil spill is a sham?
Tony Hayward's 40 percent raise.
The idea that this company is 'trying' to handle the ecological disaster in the Gulf would be laughable were the consequences not so damned serious.
What BP has done is release a torrent of oil that is virtually unstoppable. Then they set up a command center, from which BP CEO Tony Hayward issued statements in which the word "extraodinary" was used several times to describe his company's response.
If your firm makes a massive bungling mistake costing lives, destroying others and ruining the environment, do you THEN REWARD THE CEO?
Only if you bear nothing but complete contempt for the country in which your firm did this.
The spill in the Gulf is quickly becoming a foreign policy crisis, straining the relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Friday, May 14, 2010

We've likely surpassed Exxon Valdez

When BP finally released video of the oil spill, all scientists - and indeed a physics student in high school could likely do it - had to do was use the size of the pipe and the apparent speed of the plumes to figure out the flow rate in gallons per hour. Then they did the amazing trick of multiplying this by 24 to get a daily flow rate= 70,000 gallons per day.
Which means we have surpassed the spill of the Exxon Valdez days ago.
Tony Fucking Hayward calls this "a relatively Tiny spill" to the British press. He simply will not learn that he cannot say one thing to the American press, then say the precise opposite to the British Press, as we Americans are quite familiar with the damned internet, thank you very much.

"Ooops I had me an accident on BP Property!"

While out BOYCOTTING BP on YARD-TRASH DAY! Stan has himself a little accident.

Chris Mathews MSNBC: Where the Hell is Cheney? Make him testify!

Congrats MSNBC, about time. Chris Mathews is first in Big Media to ask the very solid question? Where the Hell is Dick Cheney and why isn't he called to testify under the bright lights and the cameras, along with his buddies in Big Oil?

This all is a retread of a similar set of circumstances in 1987, when investigators looking into the Iran-Contra matters, began to focus on CIA Director William Casey. But Casey suffered brain cancer and found himself unable to answer questions with regard to his role in the mess.

Past as a predictor of the future I can safely predict something, perhaps a medical condition, perhaps a tragedy of some sort, will prevent Cheney from shining any light at all on these alleged meetings with oil execs.

Maybe he'll do what all good Nixonian Cold Warriors do, deny, deny, deny

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yep, someone said it The Perfect Storm

Sad that a college professor at Rice chose to be the ignoramus who went ahead and said it.

I predict that by tomorrow, numb skulls all over the media, will have been swept up in the rush to deem it The Perfect Storm of Errors. See my previous post date May 5, on this. Of course, it is NOT Perfect Storm, it is a series of dozens of accidents and misjudgments, so egregious, so conspicuously bad it simply cannot, in my opinion be completely accidental. It looks more like sabotage, ecological terrorism aimed at the United States, perpetrated by corporate criminals who want to force us back into the Middle East Sandbox rather than try to extricate ourselves from it.

Tell me where I am wrong?

Watch what's coming!

London Telegraph: POOR TONY HAYWARD

Poor BP CEO Tony Hayward, hasn't been home in weeks! He hasn't slept well. Poor poor Tony F*&^% Hayward. Mean old America taking him to task, making him earn his keep while his company tries to handle the WORST OIL SPILL IN DECADES!


Hi Resolution photos of the oil slick. You notice also they have stopped estimating the size of the spill. These photos are a must-see

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why aren't the BP Oil Spill Hearings Live on TV other than C-SPAN?

Look at the list of ownership for big media.

Yeah. Want to know why anything of a mysterious nature is? Look for a dollar sign as well as a scheme to make more of it. And let's admit, I'm not really talking about money, am I? No, something more sinister: power. That's it, really.

And hey! Carlyle Group Chairman is the First Director of Westinghouse! Carlyle is who? Well, that's Frank Carlucci. In a previous blog post here, Carlucci is noted to be the defense sec, replaced by Dick Cheney. Big whoop? Well, both of whom were members of this mysterious group, from whence sprang Halliburton's drive toward the mideast, with Cheney as CEO, as referenced in

Carlucci was also a member of another mysterious group,( notice how mysterious, scary groups are often called "thinktanks"), on Middle East Policy.

You never hear this mess from Glenn Beck, even though the tangles and nets and Machiavellian coincidences and intrigues are tailor-suited to his paranoid mind. You never hear about this because Rupert Murdoch wants you to be mad at a seed, and that image he has painted in your mind.

Energy, via Westinghouse and General Electric, is big into, Big Media.

Smoke? Meet Fire. Fire? Smoke. Shake, off you go.

Apologies to you, dear reader, for not explaining the connections at what they mean precisely. You'd have to be Jim Marrs to do that, and the trouble is, once you become Jim Marrs, it's too late. You've gone so far down the rabbit hole you've lost your mind.

If you can sort it out, you likely win a Nobel Peace Prize, because understanding the incestuous mess of it, means you can begin to untangle it.

Suffice it to say, we can, however look at this from a higher level, a global view, the way you might take a painting by Jackson Pollock and back away from it, to get an entire sense of the thing.

Seems to be, the entire mess WANTS us all, to CONTINUE to wage blood for oil in the Middle East.

Your camo hate monger in the bushes of wherever, points to Israel and chambers a round, which is really off the mark; sort of like pointing at one face in a crowd of thousands. Our Middle East policy is a symptom of a machine, only one voice in a chorus moving in one direction.

If the entire thing were a machine, you get the sense that the machine wants to drain every last drop of oil in the Middle East, first, so that the rest of the world doesn't get any of it, or get it before we of "the west/western civilization" do. In order to do that, the machine can't very well "let" us, an allegedly free society, explore these home-grown resources over here in continental North America.

This bottleneck means the machine also wants a great many of us dead by a certain time-frame; which brings in all the alarmist bugga bugga concerning Trilateral Commission, Iron Mountain Report, Bilderberg etc. etc. theories that essentially say war is a natural and necessary pruning method used by the world to eliminate too many useless eaters.

But, have you noticed lately, everything is a rush job? Rush, don't think. Rush.

There were three MAJOR fail-safes on the Deepwater Horizon that had to - gosh darn it - just not do what they were designed to do, before the rig blew. This, in addition to well tests which were ignored.

New York Times on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 reported that Halliburton had placed a great deal of nitrogen, a strange amount at the very bottom of the well in the cement mix. Some of the workers thought it strange and had never seen it before. NYT buried this information at the very tail end of their coverage on page A-13. Worth noting.

Another weird, Halliburton rag-end: Sen. Jeff Sessions from Alabama grilled Halliburton's corporate development director Tim Probert, who, according to Forbes, earned $2 million last year. The question that Probert had to be cornered into responding to, was, is it strange that heavy mud designed to bear weight on the cement well cap, was removed BEFORE the cement cap was in place? Probert said the procedures laid down by BP were followed.

In other words, rather than using their critical thinking skills, someone followed a check list, however poorly written, and evacuated the drilling tube early, BEFORE a cement cap could be placed on the well.

The cap was never fitted into position because the well blew, from natural gas and oil surging up the pipe.

Michigan Senator Bart Stupak said in an interview on May 13, "they knew there was 1,400 (pounds per square inch) on one one side of the pipe and no pressure on the other. They knew something wasn't right."

Stupak also said the batteries on the blow-out-preventer had been dead, which would have been discovered if company officials followed their own procedures and checked the BOP every three days like they were supposed to.

All of this makes for good tomato targets, but back to the central point of this entry: why no big media, televised coverage during the hearings?

Massive media stock holder GE certainly wouldn't suffer if all this "domestic oil" foolishness went away fast. If we understood what was really happening, we would be more apt to question such massive defense expenditures in the Middle East. GE, which makes good things for life, also makes good things for death, as well, like electronic components for jets, missiles, smart bombs, predator drones, communications satellites.

You can almost hear the chastising interoffice memos aimed at Maddow and Olbermann, "downplay, smile, joke, make lite!!!" from their handling of it. Though they do make a valiant effort, one must admit. But, too many smiles when it comes to this. Hey, it is a downer, no doubt, but this isn't a damned Disney ride, either, this is serious stuff. We don't have to orgasmically enjoy being informed. There's no way to sugar coat this.

And don't tell me about it, Olbermann, how you don't know editorial pressure, that no one messes with the Almighty Keith? I've been in the staff meetings of a major newspaper. I know how it goes, they don't tell you why they are doing it, the players involved. They never come out and say, "lay off of so and so" (well, FOX does, but) most of them glaze over it, letting you infer the why with bland statements like; "Joe Six Pack doesn't want to hear all that. Come on, he wants to eat his Cheetos and bla bla bla."

We also have the strange disappearance of Halliburton's Baby Daddy, Dick Cheney. He hasn't been seen or heard from since April 22, and his name keeps coming up in the hearings as having held secret meetings with oil company executives while Vice President, conspicuously prior to relaxing some rules that took us where we are today. Does CNN even ask "where is Dick Cheney?" Does MSNBC? FOX...well, what can you expect from them but bullshit.

If there is a silver lining it's the peek we are getting into the true nature of the beast we are dealing with; the true mechanics of the machine. Every now and then, we get a look at it.

We can see major media ignoring a major news story, AND THAT tells us perhaps more, than if they shined a spotlight on it.

Double Secret Probation hearings

Hearings of the boobs in congress who all took oil money and who now are acting like they've never heard of deep offshore drilling before.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Boycott BP Step 1: Decide You have a problem

My buddy Stan The Floridian shows us how to Boycott BP
Approach the Tank! And Just SAY NO

Let's recap!

Limpish Administrative reshuffling

The Obama administration has made the soft-testicled move today, to restructure an agency, the Minerals Managment Service of the U.S. Department of the Interior.
This annoucement was made after senators within the energy subcommittee sushi-grilled representatives of BP, Halliburton, and Transocean on the Hill.
Bland "who shot joe" statements of elaborate unknowlege were shared with our elected represenatives. A rundown on this to follow.
The announcement to restructure the agency, that, quite literally, had repeated sex with 'members' of the oil lobby was announced through Interior Sec. Ken Salazar, who made some emphatic hand gestures, wearng a denim shirt and a smart looking baseball cap.
Here's a link.

Here's a Link to C-Span coverage of whitewash and double secret probation


Where is Dick Cheney?

Expect strategic heart trouble any day.
His last public appearance was on Denis Miller's radio show on April 22. Here Miller guffaws with Cheney over an incident in 2004 where Cheney told Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont to self gratify, sexually.
"Best thing I ever did," said Cheney.

The Planet's Mr. Potter has been completely mum since allegations have surfaced regarding his love-child and recipient of sole-source contracts, Halliburton, provider of cementing and other services to drilling rigs all over the world.
News media continues not to know whether Halliburton is a Houston company, or based in Dubai in the United Arab Emmerates as was universally reported in 2007.
More of that mutable, plastic, morphable history, again, surrounding anything to do with the company, or its baby-daddy, Dick Cheney.

Halliburton Wonderfulness Redux

The company famed for buffering itself with subsidiaries, was insulated from blame in a New York City sewer tragedy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Halliburton Wonderfulness

Question: If you are willing to pay $180 million in bribe money to a foreign power to make sure you get a contract, what WON'T you do for money? Is there anything?

When is, what is, E.V. Day?

EV Day is when the amount of oil dumped out of the Deepwater Horizon well, equals the amount of oil dumped in the Prince William Sound Alaska following the Exxon Valdez back in 1989.
That quantity is thought to be 10.8 million gallons of oil
Every minute after this day, the Deepwater Horizon spill, gains the distinction of "The Worst Oil Spill in the History of the United States," forever solidifying BP's, and Transocean's and Halliburton's place in sequential infamy.
Well, Halliburton is already there for other reasons, but, you get the point.
Now, when is EV Day?
Depends on which estimations for flow rate provided by BP that you believe. And boy that estimate sure probably is accurate, hey gang?
Now, this is really easy math. Republican senators such as John McCain, conservative Mommy bloggers such as Sarah Palin, follow along slowly as we go. No, mathematics is not a progressive plot to make you look bad in polls. Glenn Beck....? Forget it, you won't understand this.
Here we go.
The estimate that BP goes by is 200,000 gallons a day, but recently in NYT the company announced the estimate may be as many as 60,000 gallons a day too low.
If we use the first estimate, it will take 54 days total to reach EV, in which 20 have already lapsed leaving 34.6 remaining, bringing the date to June 13.
If we use the second estimate, 41 days total to EV, of which 20 have elapsed bringing the date to May 31, the end of this month.
Splitting the difference, we have EV Day falling on June 6, 2010. Also known as D-Day. This should make it easy for folks to remember.
On D-Day, June 6, of this year, in all likelihood the Deepwater Horizon will have replaced the Exxon Valdez, and every moment thereafter, the bar of environmental violation, poison and pillage is set higher and higher.

Domed to death

It's a game of three-card (dome) Monty.
No, no. We need another dome, see?
Hey, no, no. It's not bullshit! Swear to God it's not.
Now it's a smaller dome. Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket.
Never mind these facts.
1. Methane aka, CH4 is such a well known gas. Even in the hydrate form, that is to say, CH4 locked into a lattice with water molecules to form ice, science knows precisely how it reacts given conditions.
2. There is a thing called a phase diagram for common compounds such as methane. It tells you under what conditions a substance will be a gas, liquid or solid. All you have to do to determine this, is, follow on an x and y axis - x axis for temperature, y axis for pressure - and see where it falls on the phase diagram for liquid, solid gas.
The science - still not eradicated from the classroom by republicans - is so settled on this. Here's a real simple one for Carbon Dioxide.
Super easy, even a BP executive like TF Hayward can follow one. And knowing the temperature at depth, just above freezing, and the pressure, which any basic certified SCUBA diver can calculate, and then using one of these diagrams, these should give you the answer you expect, that Boom, this stuff is going to form ice.
Question, was this dome that failed built precisely to match this first attempt or was it something BP found lying around? Media? Look into it.
If it was just found lying around, then, you have your answer. This dome business is bullshit. A time-waster a public relations stop-gap, while BP tries to come up with something else. Something they should have thought of already and put into a blow-out contingency plan which had to go through an approval process. Yeah one of those pesky pieces of paper that our MMS waived under the direction of two presidential administrations, the latest following the lead on the first.
Today it was announced a new dome, smaller was needed.
Yeah, that must be it.

File it under Late Breaking Horrendously Bad Form News. It is a GR- Gotta Read.
How does a state senator move AGAINST small lawsuits filed by people afflicted by this oil spill? On what cretinous planet does this man live?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Look for psuedo-terrorism on the rise to divert our attention

Why would you believe Big Oil would be capable of anything less?

My prediction is that Machiavellian coincidences, such as Times Square psuedo-bomber, will be on the rise in the coming days.

Right? Because the REAL story is terrorism folks, not the potential DEATH of the Gulf of Mexico. No, no, look over here, gang! This, see? See this evil man with the black hair and the gold chains! Foreigner alert! Shifty guy! See? Don't look at that man behind the curtain!

From the article:

"We have been lucky, but luck is not an effective strategy for fighting terrorism," Boehner said at his weekly press briefing, and he denounced the administration's "bland reassurances."

Pouty Boehner seemed visibly angered, in his televised address, currently unavailable from YouTube, that the Times Square bombing didn't go off! Now that's patriotism.

Rachel Maddow blasted the media for swallowing any tidbit of information on Pakistani American Feisal Shahzad, no matter how unverifiable. She eviscerated and dissected other members of the 4th estate for hook-line-and-sinker gulps at government boiler. My take-away from her piece? In truth we really don't know much, if anything, about this guy. Video of her piece is currently available on YouTube.

Against government intrusion and pro-constitution GOPsters such as John McCain were particularly nervous Shahzad would be read his Miranda rights, regardless of his citizenship. I wonder why? Could it be we might find out more REAL information on him if we let the DOJ do its thing, rather then whisk him away to Guantanamo never to be seen or heard from again? Could it be some folks REALLY don't want us to know this man's back story?

Knesset delegate to the United States Joe Lieberman, also a sometime U.S. Senator for the independent party, immediately championed legislation to (doh!) strip those pesky dual citizens or foreign-borns of their rights should they be found in league with terrorists in their associations. Again, like Arizona, wording is rumored to be all loosy goosy so you can pretty much zap anybody.

Damn that U.S. Constitution!

Remember, a herd of precious backsides will have to vacate their smelly seats come November, if the public finds out who has been supporting big oil, if they connect the dots between votes (okay now children) and relaxed rules governing back-up plans for deep-water drilling. They NEED us in a panic over terrorism; the perennial boogeyman.

Is Feisal Shazhad a brainwashed operative? I have no earthly idea. The point is I don't believe one word out of the mouth of anyone who has supported Big Oil or Big War, anymore. This oil spill stinks to high Hell. Tell me how this isn't evidence that our government is at war with its own citizens.

There are elements in the Big War complex who are working very hard behind the scenes to keep us dependent on foreign oil. These movers and shakers don't care who they have to maim or kill, foreign or domestic. Believe it.

There are countries in the Middle East working on their own alternative energy complexes while perfectly happy to have us over there shedding our blood for their security. And I am not just referring to Israel. Saudi Arabia, Oman ...etc. What would they all do, without the World Police to keep things stable.

Watch and see if we don't - gosh, how did that happen - this week see more buses stopped on bridges, more airports shut down for 10 hours, more threats phoned in. All of these will divert our attention from the biggest story to face us since WMDs weren't found in Iraq.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Upcoming Senate INQUIRY on the Oil Spill

Not to jinx what will obviously be a serious, in-depth, befuddled, meandering, grandstanding, utterly useless, pointless, wrist slapping, paddy-cake with Big Oil but...

Let's face it. There's a reason Animal House was so funny. Emblematic of our societal hypocrisy, in many ways our congressional administrative proceedings - as we have learned with so-called financial reform - are little more than venues to pass out Double Secret Probation.

This will likely not be any different. They joy in all this is found in the fact that while these useless proceedings are taking place, while the sleazy lobbyists are having their way with our greedy congress people, while the back-room deals are made, and our senators whore themselves, dolled up like strumpets for the cameras, thundering away in manufactured righteous rage - "how could this happen! May it never again!!" - the ocean will be dying. We will be turning the Gulf of Mexico into the necrotic bung of the entire ocean system of the planet.

If we are lucky one of the three largest living coral reefs in the world off the Florida Keys, or perhaps the Florida Everglades will be feeling the first effects of the noxious chemicals; better to accentuate the irony. Residents from Biloxi to Destin will be experiencing the joy of black sand beaches, families who depend on the sea will be starving, life sustaining wetlands - the nurseries of our fisheries - will be smothered in filth.

Cameras will roll, as seemingly concerned journalists furrow their brows. And, with a hopeful flourish or two, they will discuss "viable solutions." We of the couch will nod thoughtfully, and quickly forget.

Here we see this is not the first time BP has been under the gun for an accident. A 2005 blast at a Texas refinery killed 15, according to this report. Over 300 safety violations are noted. The Earth Day destruction of Deepwater Horizon is apparently why some of the victims and their families, are seeking a restructuring of the plea deal which capped fines paid from BP to OSHA at $21 million. BP was later given additional fines of $87 million for not having some or all of those safety violations fixed in time. Pfft, pocket change. So what...

From this, you get a tone in the way BP does business. Our people say "do this now, fix your problem!" and they make a face, and sigh "yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll get to it."

And, can you believe it? Not much happens after that, until the next explosion.

Double Secret Probation.

According to this report, victims of the Texas City oil refinery explosion have been fighting the plea deal since it was announced in 2007. Okay? Five years later people are still fighting BP. To read the article they don't do this so much for personal gain, although restitution for the deaths of their loved ones surely factors into it, but also so the company will feel the economic pain more, and remember it.

"Victims have been trying to derail the plea deal since it was announced in October 2007. While they sought a larger fine or appointment of a safety monitor to insure BP completed required safety improvements at the plant, the judge couldn’t alter the plea’s terms."

Obviously, from what BPs TF Hayward shared with London Times, BP will call this new request to modify the plea deal of 2007, frivolous and "illegitimate," because this is how we Americans are. I keep reflecting back to the callousness of this statement, in that it also demonstrates that BP doesn't think Americans can use the internet to find an article in the London Times.

At the time this post was begun, the story was coming together. This FOX report, strangely decent and among the first. The way the news is shaping up, and paraphrasing, the Blow-out preventer had been sealed up with cement. But, there was gas still coming up the drill hole pipe to the ship; which indicates perhaps a gas bubble had compromised the integrity of the cement designed to do that job at depth. This is Halliburton's end of the deal.

While the crews had yet to put the cement cap on the well above, for some reason, the packing mud, designed to put weight down on any escaping gas and allow for a safe seal at the top with additional cement, was being evacuated prematurely. This is Transocean and BP's end of the deal.

Again that phrase they are all dying to use, is that this was "a perfect storm" of accidents. Yes, this will be bandied about, either in the halls of congress, or into the lens of a camera somewhere, uttered by a concerned journalist with a furrowed brow, and GREAT hair.

We can only be thankful senators gave the companies an extended deadline to prepare their stories regarding what happened, with expected further delays in the offing. Senators at first demanded company officials appear front and center on May 5, then that slid to May 11. But wait, there's that crucial thing that will happen on Monday or Tuesday, which will require everyone's full attention. We likely won't see C-Span 3 televised coverage of the Come to Hayzoos, Double Secret Probation, hearings until one month after the explosion. Attorneys you see, we must be polite to them, let them get their manufactured facts in order.

Ironic that seven executives from one of the three companies involved were aboard Deepwater Horizon, celebrating an unblemished safety record when the accident occurred.


Hope it doesn't happen but there's every chance it will. Pop goes the weasel cause the weasel goes pop.
Gas under pressure. Boom.
Another tid-bit just in, it's a mine field, where they were drilling, or at least near one. Now, nothing is impossible. No horror too unbelievable. What's next?
The well head beneath the accident site is 5,000 feet below sea level. The pipe that is leaking is 18,000 feet down. (Below that? Below sea level? they never clarify.)
Along comes the Big Dome, a cement condom, placed on the oil leak. The idea is to create the necessary vacuum that will draw the oil into the reservoir at 5,000 feet below sea level, then slurp it up to the ship.
Never been done in deep water offshore, i.e. over the edge of the Continental shelf then down!
Pressure at the end of the pipe is 2,000 (psi) Think of a F-350 pick up truck balanced on a ball-peen hammer for every square inch of any kind of surface. Now, the pressure of the oil coming out of the hole is so great, this 2,000 psi is, well the oil just blows right through that. So much, 210,000 gallons of oil every 24 hours is gushing out of it, perhaps more, ADMITS BP!
I know, right? How do they know the flow rate anymore, THEY HAVE LOST CONTACT WITH THE BUSINESS END OF THEIR PIPE!?
So, put the condom on, try to generate some type of suction and slurp up the oil (sorry) and see if we can maintain a steady flow. Right?
Hold up. There is natural gas coming through the pipe, into the box condom. It comes up as liquid with the oil, hits the 1 degree celsuis water and turns to ice, but then as it rises, or as friction warms it, as the ice heats up, it expands incredibly, then moves right into the gas phase, more pressure. So, you have the differential in pressure from the box condom 2220 psi, to the surface 14.7 psi, drving the flow, plus, the pressure from the natural gas,
The point is, if the seal isn't right and they can't control all that nonsense, what BP could be doing is constructing a bomb that might just rip a larger hole leading to the reservoir, or blow up ANOTHER ship on the surface. And their luck? Not good, recently.
Let's hope and pray I am completely full of it, for the sake of the brave men doing this, whose managers will no doubt - Tony F. Hayward et al - be very far away from this when it goes down.
Hey, surprise me. Prove me wrong!

Someone Gets it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Enviro-Holocaust Denier ROUND-UP

Searching through recent news-clips and blogs to see who is the biggest enviro-holocaust denier as of this blog's date and time. So far, here are the rankings:

1. Halliburton "Spawn of Evil" Inc. - Cement preparer for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Halliburton has remained nearly completely mum through all of this despite allegations their cement is at the heart of the explosion. Halliburton and its "previous" subsidiary KBR, past records of business ethics include unanswered charges of employee rape - no, seriously, this is true. Al Franken got up in the halls of congress and said this (below) - as well as essentially offering foul bathing water for U.S. Marines, and that's just the start. Watch Iraq for Sale

2. BP CEO Tony "WE DIDN'T DO THIS" AKA "Blame the Rape Victims" Hayward- That BP was even involved with Halliburton goes well against their fluffy little ads.
Tony Hayward has been busy covering his ass rather than expressing a sense of urgency. He also insulted victims through the London Times, see previous posts. Tony has also been very courtly and careful in using words to suggest his company is not to blame for the spill. A cold fish indeed and showing no signs of changing his tune.

3. MMS "Marijuana Mattresses and Sex", AKA Materials and Minerals Services, a division of The U.S. Department of the Interior. Took bribes, had sex on our behalf, relaxed rules allowing BP to slide under radar and not put all technologies on their rig. Apparently, the Interior Director was rafting soon after the explosion. Truly a "Brownie" moment.

4. Transocean "Mum" Inc. - also involved in the accident, yet, somewhat eager, as is the entire trinity, to slough off blame in reports and maintaining a low profile despite the horror of what has transpired.

5. U.S. "Inferior" Interior Chief of Staff Tom "Hey I'm on Vacation" Strickland. Three days after the beginning of the worst oil spill disaster in history, one of the country's top public officials overseeing minerals, mining in the borders of the United States was taking some PL at The Grand Canyon. This, while hundreds of thousands living near the gulf were and remain, living in fear of an operation permitted by his office.

6. President Barack "Enviro-President" Obama - sadly, this is true. Where is he on this? His moving about, glazing over the issue seems to bespeak a complete state of denial with regard to the seriousness of this situation. Also, the environmental president showed an alarming eagerness in championing offshore drilling just weeks before this event He needs a 180 reverse course, he needs to be on scene taking names and kicking ass to get himself off this list. At the moment he is instead folding himself up into the womb of his adoring base by addressing immigration while the entire nation is being hit in the bread basket by an act of corporate terrorism by way of incompetence or outright sabotage.

5. Texas Governor Rick "Act of God" Perry - the Texa,s secessionist-speaking, George Wallace sounding, Tea-Bagging politician finds a convenient scapegoat in the Lord God Almighty, rather than bend a finger at corporate culture, or maliciously fallible mankind. The politician, who will likely by played by his near twin, Josh Brolin, in the movie version of this fiasco, has no problem using the creator to start meetings in his state, and found a ready goat tied to a post from same, when conspiracy theorists surfaced on April 20. Texas is an oil state, and before moving headquarters to Dubai, Halliburton was based in Houston. Coinky-dink?

6. Mississippi Governor Haley "we don't have to call it a catastrophe" Barbour - Barbour recently said the slick was just a thin thin residue in one statement besmirching the name of the Mississippi education system AND the political process which put him in office. His statement belies a profound inability or unwillingness to understand the nature of poisons, basic biology, physics, mathematics, geography, aquatics, fisheries biology, and sorely insults the ability of all citizens to know bullshit when they hear it.

7.Rush "increasingly irrelevant" Limbaugh for first suggesting this was an environmentalist act of sabotage.

8. Glenn "white noise of nonsense" Beck - for stupid fecal matter about this, yet to fall from his mouth.

9. Sarah "Blowing Rogues" Palin - The never-governor of Alaska's continued association with scheming characters who are, to a man, anti-envronmentally minded remains perplexing in that she comes from a state of such stunning, pristine beauty and that has suffered a similar tragedy. An unrepentant fan of the phrase, "Drill Baby Drill" as much a fond memory from high school prom night, perhaps, as it is an encapsulation of her life ethos.

10. The Mainstream "attention span of a gnat" Media- After 48 hours either paid-off or pressured media execs, many of whom actually answer to big oil interests, are easily led away from the heart of the story, feigning ignorance of science in their superficial coverage.

11. Dick "Dr. Evil" Cheney - Halliburton's baby daddy has gone to ground since the spill. Neither hide nor hair can be found of the former vice president who arguably served up a war to the company that gave him more than $30 million in recent severance just before he was elected. He has not surfaced to even peep a word against all the talk swirling around the carbuncle of his once very public persona.

Tony Hayward in his own EXTRORDINARY words

These can be found on his company's new Facebook page.
Let's hope it doesn't just become a clearinghouse for BP whitewash.


The tentacles of this reach into the Obama administration; there's no denying it, unless the denial comes from Barack Obama, himself, which it likely won't.
Analysis: Minerals and Materials Services is a Federal Agency within the U.S. Department of Interior. For a long, long time - i.e. previous to the Obama administration - this agency has been developing a cozy relationship with the oil lobby. Let's see if we can get some video on that. My fingers are tired.
See the Obama administration said, all of this was going to be cleaned up. This story came out one month before he was elected, and of course it gives a whole new spin on DRILL, BABY DRILL. There was a lot of drilling going on, yeah.

"The government employees who oversee off-shore oil drilling are literally and figuratively in bed with big oil," said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.

Under pressure from the oil lobby, as are all public officials who take their money, and Obama took $71,000 from BP, yeah, and trying to get his energy initiatives passed, yeah, and trying to come up with a longterm plan for that, yeah, he decided to play with these folks.
Big, MUH stake! Mr. President, big mistake.
He also, obviously succumed to the whiny bullshit from oil types and GOP across the aisle about how literally everything in the universe is over-regulated. You hear it like a maddening jingle;
"Come on! WHY CAN'T PRIVATE INDUSTRY GET A BREAK. All we want to do is produce our own bubble of negative time space using a Hadron collider! C'mon!"
Also, enviro-freaks such as myself have to admit it: yes, we want to GET OFF FOREIGN OIL! Right? Take a look at what we are funding by involving ourselves in the big sand box.

Every gallon of gas goes right back into the grist mill, funding weapons that kill our sons and daughters sent to go get the oil, overseas. They never tell you about this cost when they tell you solar is too expensive do they? How costly is a pint of blood? Anyone's blood for that matter?
For now, however, we have to replace that oil with something else in the meantime, something domestic. There's a bigger picture. We are being drawn into a death spiral in the Middle East and, I suspect our president knows this, but, refuses to comment on it, refuses to aknowledge it because to do so now, is dangerous.
Why do need oil and not something cleaner right now? Because the oil lobby has stifled, strangled, bullied and bought off, any initiatives any administration has called for - however meekly and intellectually dishonestly (Bush) - since we've been powering our societies with this combustible resource.
Following the previous administration's course on energy, in comes Obama, signing off on BPs exclusions to rules which would have placed an accoustic switch on an emergency blow-out preventer. That means a signal could have been pulsed down to an underwater speaker, to activate an emergency cut off switch to the well. It's a $500,000 part found on any BP rig in the North Sea.
Great. Now look.
If restrictions hadn't been relaxed, the Glenn Becks of this world, your FOX noises, and the GOP would have thundered Obama was bad for business.
And now, your Gulf of Mexico, my Gulf of Mexico, is royally screwed.
Barack Obama, just like BP, just like (well let's face it Halliburton is evil, they'll never admit anything, especially if they murdered their own coworkers with sabotage) just like Transocean, must stand up and admit complicity in this tragedy.
Barack Obama must come clean as to his part in this before he can move on with his head held high.
No more rubber stamps on anything related to oil, and no more deals for reduced restrictions, and no more passing the blame.