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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Claims Czar Ken Feinberg's metamorphosis

A Louisiana U.S. District Court judge ruled yesterday that Gulf Coast Claims Czar and attorney Ken Feinberg, gosh golly, can't really call himself impartial from BP since his firm is paid $850,000 a month for his services. Though the judge didn't order strong-arm tactics used to prevent future lawsuits, to stop.

Anyhoo, let's see if we can sense a change of tone in Mr. Feinberg take hold through time lapse YouTubery.

At the beginning.

President Obama: "administrated by AN IMPARTIAL and INDEPENDENT party."

"Ken Feinberg will run THE INDEPENDENT PROCESS!"

Ken Feinberg:

"I am serious about helping these people!!" (June)


Note: "Minimally corroborated ellegible claims will be paid promptly. Where we need to accelerate the process is business a matter of days."

"I am determined to make sure the process is transparent"

"Come on in and file" Here on Aug. 24, is he beginning to morph?

NOTE the following quotes: "I think BP deserves a lot of credit."

"You've got to be elligible and you've got to document your claim."

"Things are rapidly improving. One thing I have to do is separate the damage and come up with a plan."

"I am grateful to BP for the work it did."

"I have been living down here."

"One can reasonably question the long-term impact..."

Remember the date of this video is Aug. 24. The well wouldn't be declared officially dead for another month. The "leak" hadn't stopped yet. And he his questioning whether there even is a long-term impact of all the oil." (hmmmmn?)

"How FAIR in principle the program is."

"Too many fraudulent claims"

"Gulf will recover by 2012 and here's a lump sum payout if you don't sue BP"


Ed Schultz/Mike Papantonio's take on it.

Release of the news that the Gulf will recover by 2012

Meanwhile, those seeking their claims say their claim forms have been lost four times, and they are now forced to eat their pets.

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