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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The We Agree Commercial

Nothing is more heinous than the Chevron "we agree" commercial, which if you watch, you assume the pair, one a Chevron engineer named Steve, and the other a teacher, are either dating or thinking about it.

But listen to what he is saying. She speaks and he shakes his head then sloughs off with the bland non-starter "renewable energy is vital to our planet."

She"you hear about alternative energy wind, solar algae..."

He: " I think it has to work on a big scale and I think it's got to be affordable (smirk? Did he smirk there? a little shrug thrown in? What?)"

She: " so, where are they?"

He "I think it has to work in the real world. We're investing millions in solar and biolfuel..."

(Did he say millions, wow, like how many? One or is it two million? Is it two whole million dollars? Is that, like, total or, what? Is that like how much in the last ten years? Like, two whole million? Wow, you can buy an apartment in Venice Beach for that. Gosh!)

"We agree"

Okay? But, what? What's the end result Steve? Goddamnit Steve? What? C'mon man! Tell me something!


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