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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh Yeah! Whatever Happened to...?

Here's a little rundown of some of things we've all been conditioned to forget about and have been more than willing to do just that. These are stories that, soon enough, if you recall them, you will be deemed a conspiracy theorist and a nut-job.

Another rig exploded. The last meaningful coverage on this story was Sept. 2. No other mentions since the well-publicized photos of the oil rig on fire in the Gulf. You'll note through this link, that a man calling himself "Phil Jones" does quite a bit of work bashing NPR and other media outlets for "overplaying" the story. Jones appears to have spent his day doing this. He claims the rig did not explode and calls the word "explode" hyperbole. Well, if 13 people thought the fire was too great, the concussion from the ignition too dangerous to remain aboard, that they jumped five stories into the Gulf of Mexico, I don't know what you'd call it, Phil. Call me a shit-for-brains but I say that's an explosion. The timid media backed off the "explode" angle despite photographic evidence. Then the story evaporated, leaving chem trails in links like those found on this page. Open ended stories which will soon be denied as to having ever existed.

A Lybian terrorist was released to Lybia at the urging of BP. Again, this goes no where. This is fact that simply vanished. An oil company thought to involve itself in negotiations for the release of a convicted terrorist who killed 270 civilians above Lockerbie Scotland. They have admitted it. This is one of those toxic pieces of mercury that will scuttle and slide down the drain of history without answer. The last serious coverage on it coming in July.

The $20 billion escrow has not been filled and now BP makes noise that $20 B is too much. Which should alert everyone that perhaps if it isn't enough, someone should be filing a claim who has not done so previously. Scratch that, many of us need to really, really look at it, and see if maybe BP doesn't owe us pain and suffering from this.

The Kill Shot, or Junk Kill, or Top Kill - or whatever in Christ-fuck! Thad Allen is calling it these days - IS NOT COMPLETE AND (perhaps) NEVER WILL BE. The number of lies told on this project is uncountable.

BP continues to destroy Nigeria. You can only imagine the utter chaos and destruction being foisted upon a poor, third world country by this oil giant. We forget there are other people in the world besides ourselves. What we cannot forget is the stone fact that all water is connected and what we do to one body of it, we do to our own, and ourselves.

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