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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Response to Mother Jones excellent article today

Our government will roll over on its back like the whelp pup and ask for a belly rub from big oil while it says yes to this arrangement. It is a complete fornicatus fisticus of the Republic, all its laws, good sense, good science and common decency. But those in power will have an excuse or two for agreeing to this continued petty treason, eco-hate crime, corporate terrorism, however you view it. If you listen you can almost hear them drafting and practicing their damnable lies before a mirror. Can you see Ken Salazar in his funny hat, and perhaps some of his staff members, and even Obama? Can you hear their rationalizations and limp-wristed falsehoods? I can. They're at it, right now, as you read these words. Just listen...
The article adequately hits the point, that allegedly the "only way for BP to fill the $20 B coffer" - gosh golly, because BP wouldn't want to reduce their liquid assets and pony up the money NOW, I mean that would hurt the STOCK PRICE! GASP! - is to permit more rapine of the system. But the article missed, perhaps, the larger point that BP continues as sole-source mega supplier of the Pentagon!
This Ouroboros (snake devours self) arrangement is destroying our country, making mockery of our laws, making whores of our politicians, and a bald-faced, lying hypocrite of our fledgling president. It makes a mess of our environment, and a laughing stock of our national image.
Allowing BP to fund the $20 B escrow with MORE drilling is the prostitute asking for a permit to keep plying her trade so she can pay her legal defense fund, after infecting half the city with AIDS.

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