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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Have You Noticed? Nobody Mentions BP this election: nobody

What is this telling you?
Candidates don't want to offend the oil money.
Look at it objectively:the biggest single ecological disaster to hit this country since the dust bowl is caused, this time, by a single corporation and its subcontractors.
It happened because an entire industry has been deregulated to the extent our government officials actually were having sex - actual sex! not figuratively in bed with, not metaphorically "playing footsie" no, this time actually fornicating - with the businesspeople they were supposed to be regulating.
Nothing was done. No one was even fired. And certainly no one went to jail.
Plaquemines Parish Louisiana President Billy Nungesser walked out of a meeting in Tampa where BP officials discussed the bilious topic "what have we learned?"
Billy just couldn't stand the bullshit anymore. It was about to give him a damned heart attack. He could feel it coming.
A woman in the big bend area of my state found oil in a bag of oysters sold to her as clean. Oil keeps washing ashore in Louisiana. The bayou is still choked with crude. And BP is quietly disengaging from the disaster it created.
The media has gone away.
Oh, CNN did a hand-washing ten minute segment yesterday, to commemorate the six month clock-tick on it. But Jon Roberts and Kiran Chetry sloughed off recent reports with ridiculous smiles and all is well banter.
"We've moved on now. Things are better. Things getting back to normal"
Despite the fact the woman they were interviewing kept having to restate the heart of the issue: "responsible science takes years and years" to determine the actual impact. She had to keep saying it. You could see by the look on her face, she was annoyed at the fog of stupidity.
You know, the way your boss doesn't want to hear you when you ask for something important?
"Boss my kid is throwing up in class I have to go get him, now."
"Yeah, but, you'll take care of that thing, right?"
"Boss, my kid is like actually vomiting, projectile, on his fellow classmates!"
"Oh sure, he's okay, right? You'll take care of that thing first, right?"
As with the financial melt down, the liars who are responsible are likely to be the ones singing the hand-wringing refrain "what have we learned?" the loudest. They will be found all over government. Like Nungesser said, they will also be the ones talking about how their boots were on the ground, but had not one drop of oil on their own shirts.
Back to our politicians.
Everything else but the oil spill, which should be at the top of the list.
Is our system corrupt? Do politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle continue to take bribe money from BP and other big oil interests?
If you answered yes, how long do you think it's going to take for us to seriously develop an alternative energy strategy for this nation?
Does the word forever sound about right?
While you're thinking about your venal, corrupt, scumbag politicians this election cycle, taking money under the table, hand over fist, I want you to enjoy all the new faux green commercials the oil giants are coming out with to put you back to sleep.
Lots of people standing by solar panels - always the same damned array - a couple of wind turbines. Some ass-hat in glasses while a million chemical formulas float in cartoon around his head, sweet music plays in the background. A deep baritone voice sums up: "we're facing the challenges of tomorrow here today at (insert enviro-raping corp name here).


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