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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Pay NOAA to (expletive) LIE TO US?

Just in case you missed USA Today on this date, scientists working under a contract for Greenpeace, and from a state university in Mississippi reportedly found one hell of a lot of oil all over the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Also discovered were persistent trace amounts of toxic dispersant 50 miles from the Macondo well near Louisiana.

That's right, the dispersant that was supposed to break down quickly in the environment, posing no threat?

Chief Scientist on the Research trip finding the oil was Kevin Yeager of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Yeager, Southern Miss U, Greenpeace and company, have the right stuff whereas our officials from NOAA continue to lie to us.

Months back I told you about the science taking a powder: the NOAA administrated science black-out. We discussed how the government response team was trying to corral all science under the NOAA aegis. The agency would then begin the process of whitewashing and downplaying the affair as only droning, plodding, maddeningly foot-dragging, give-a-shit government thick-heads can do. Hell they write manuals on how to stymie serious inquiry into colossal screw-ups; especially ones the government helped create.

This latest development which I found buried in my local paper on page A-4 just shows you how bad the government is lying, has been and will continue to do so, with regard to the spill.

Last week Steve Lehman a scientist working for NOAA told the Times-Picayune "The concept of a big oil slick sinking to the bottom is kind of an anathema," he said. "We have not found anything that we would consider actionable at 5,000 feet or 5 feet."

There's a point when governmentalese, designed to confuse and misdirect, must be called what it is: a damn lie. Making the person who said it, a damn liar, along with his agency. The word "god" was stricken from the previous statement in a self-edit; merely in a nod to those who have asked for not quite so much angry cursing from me.

Too strong still? Let's take a look.

The context of the word "anathema" makes it seem Steve's indicating that there is a fallacy in thinking regarding this notion (oh, silly naive us and our notions) of oil persisting on the sea floor this very minute. This professorial word tries to imply that our childish notion - that 200 million gallons simply cannot have so soon vanished into thin air - is without merit or a basis in fact. However the definition of anathema - and it's not meant to be used with a modifying article, Steve - is something very different.

The other part of his statement is parsed with legalese;"actionable" It is not a scientific term at all. What it does is, totally let BP off the hook for clean-up of any oil found on the sea floor within "5 feet of water, or 5,000." Done. Over. End of story. They don't have to clean this oil up.

Why? Because NOAA just said so. NOAA is now in charge under the response team coordination/science black-out for deeming what's actionable and what's not. Media missed this, by the way. It's huge. NOAA says no clean up of any oil found on the bottom.

Why? Because such oil deposits where ever found, have been deemed not worthy of collection, not that such deposits don't exist, aren't deadly or toxic but that they are legally in-actionable, for whatever dismissive reason of governmental not-give-a-f*ck; about you, your seafood, your ocean, or your continued survival.

No science, being responsible science, in their dim view.

There is no question that within the vast expanses of sea floor being discussed here since May 20, there hasn't been time for NOAA or ANY organization to FIND, or DISCOVER where all the oil might be, or what might the damage from such deposits might pose to the environment in the future.

Such discoveries would take years to sort out as far as impacts. Yet, we ponder the wonderfulness of NOAA yet again.

Let's flow out their logic.

NOAA: "Seventy-six percent of 200 million gallons is all gone. Bye bye."

ALL: "WTF? Are you serious? That doesn't even make sense!"

NOAA: "No no, that's not quite right. It's been handled. It's accounted for. Tiny quantities. Itty bitty tar balls."

USF: "Bullshit, here's some right over here."

Woods Hole Oceanographic: "Hey look, here's some more over here!"

NOAA: "Well is it really oil from this well? C'mon."

ALL: "Hell yes it is!"

NOAA: (pause. Nothing. Mumbling. Kind of a mewling sound like a goat chewing food and bleating at the same time)

Then Later

NOAA: "Any oil found on the bottom anywhere , and we hope you don't catch this, is AN anathema, yeah, that's it. And furthermore its inactionable. End of story, close the book, cut, print, check the gate, we're moving on."

Southern Miss U: "Hey wow, a shitload of oil over here, guys!"

NOAA: (mummed silence)

Yes, and so it will continue. As these new deposits are discovered by other agencies and universities who have taken the initiative to actually find the oil - not within the pages of Obama-drafted back room compromises and deal - but actually within the environment; BP will respond to such reports with utter Shynxian silence. The government through lying NOAA will issue bland statements of falsehood such as these.

It makes you wonder why we pay scientists, spokespeople and all their slow-moving, mush mouth staff to continue to lie straight into our faces via a tone-deaf docile media?

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