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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Obama's Three-Card Monty on Oil Comes to Light

This just in: the Obama White House has been completely full of shit with regard to the spill and the extent of its damage, all along the garden path they have been leading us down.
Obama gets no more apologies from me, no more excuses. His presidency is two years old. This is a colossal up-fuck, that your president is running from like a scared child who has been caught lying to everyone!
Lies. Falsehoods. Misrepresentations. Downplaying. Applying pressure on those uncovering the truth. All but telling responsible scientists to "STFU already."
This, from your, my, (quote signs here) Environmental President.
This was confirmed earlier this week in a report by a congressional commission chaired by former Florida governor and state senator Bob Graham.
A couple of months back I pointed out the absurdity of our continued use of BP as a government contractor in light of everything happening. Many of us still boycott the oil giant, but, our government seems not to give a shit as to our wishes and continues to use them in spite of our own laws. Obama, it must now be said, is well on-board with this incestuous relationship between BP and the government.
In August I wrote a post about the Bogus "Oil Budget" document put out by NOAA that said 76 percent of the oil had gone bye-bye. The video has mysterious been removed from YouTube. It was testimony of a government official from NOAA challenging his own boss's ridiculous conclusions in her white-paper.
Now the chickens come home to roost. However this in itself is a half-truth covering over a deeper lie. It's a small hit taken by the Obama administration. While on the one hand unfavorable news comes out relative to the administration's handling of the event, it still can be explained away as accidental, as reliance on the good faith of the oil company providing the information, and the ineptitude of NOAA. Again we get "oops" as a answer to all this.
I'm tired of "oops." "Ooops" is no longer a viable excuse. "Ooops" is not an option.
It's bad faith. It stinks to hell. It's corruption at the highest levels of this country. It's cover-up. It's a willful lie.
And we will never get to the bottom of it, because the republicans have shut off subpoena power.

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