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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fake Terrorism Again Rears its Pseudo Head

Just as news about Halliburton's faulty cement mix surfaces, we get more home-front pseudo terrorism in the form of "plots" that are "thwarted" along with undated media file footage, and stills of "terror devices," such as printer cartridges and electronic components.

Caption writers, if you still exist: what the hell are we looking at, please?

That's twice the news cycle was interrupted by incompetent "terrorists" uh-gin! sidetracking interest in Halliburton's participation in the BP oil disaster. This time it was a report by the National Oil Commission that the cement used in the Macondo well was unstable which preceded the terror plot by minutes. Halliburton is challenging the commission's findings of course .

Uh-Ghin! there is a Dubai connection, where Halliburton has its overseas nest of operations. In this case, the first package was actually discovered in Dubai on THURSDAY, same day as the cement story.

Still can't find out whether this is Halliburton's world headquarters. It is an established fact they have major international offices offices there for tax-free purposes.

Also, the American news media, especially CNN doesn't like to mention Dubai. They mention it once, as having something to do with the case, (WHERE THE FIRST FUCKING ALLEGED BOMB WAS FOUND, GUYS!) then promptly forget.

Dubai? What Dubai?

And well they should be. Let's not take me wrong. Real terrorism exists, I just don't believe this last threat was a case of it.

But the new TerrorismLITE (TM) has a habit of following on the heels of any big news related to Halliburton, its cement mix and BP, GOSH GOLLY. This time, that heel-time was measured in minutes.

Someone in Saudi Arabia "tipped off" authorities that a flight from Yemen had the bad stuff aboard a UPS cargo plane. The run-down on who, what, why someone in Saudi Arabia, where the USGovCorp maintains much of its intelligence community for the middle east, is now water under the bridge and well downstream.

Curiously, CNN keeps running these images of alleged terror weapons but they never fuhhhhucking! tell you whether these devices pictured are the ones actually found on the recent "terror attack"! Nope. Not gonna do it. You are left sitting there asking "how did they get photos of the weapons so fast?"

I bet you think those devices are the ones they recently found, don't you?

Well if they are, the folks at CNN won't say so! They won't differentiate between the most recent developments and what is more likely file footage of other suspicious packages and devices.

"Here's a photo of something, it might well be the insides of a Hoover vacuum cleaner for all any of us know, but here it is! Whatever the hell it is, or isn't... and hey, we're the Most Trusted Name in NewsLite(TM)."

FORNICATE CNN. C'mon. Let's just render an opinion here: It gives the public hind-tit when it comes to the truth, and it does so intentionally.

President Obama called the threat "credible." More lip, mumble from The AdministrationLITE(tm)

This incident in part mirrors the last act of pseudo terrorism where a curiously photogenic man "left" all the makings of a "bomb" on a busy New York City Street, before boarding a flight to Pakistan with connection through Dubai. This dangerous man was knowingly permitted to board the flight, presumably putting all the lives of some two hundred passengers at risk. Another inconsistency in the story that is glazed over by the big media players in between commercials.

Was this even a credible threat?

The most recent activity, as Chris Mathews pointed out Friday - well, as much as corporate slave-masters permitted him to - has to be one of the most circumlocutious "attempts" at terrorism, ever. You put the devices inside UPS packages destined ultimately for a couple of synagogues in Chicago. That's the official story on this anyway.

Okay (shakes hands wobbles cheeks in disbelief) I'd be delighted to know what was printed on the label, right?

"To: Staff at the synagogue
From: Yemen, where all the terrorists live

Love, Bob"

Mathews said it best. Is someone inside the synagogue even going to open this?


Mathews also had the guts - likely had to fight for it with his producers at MSNBC - to put a "where's Dick Cheney/Halliburton" comment immediately following his take on the terror "plot."

The newest terror threat would accomplish three things in the agenda of someone working for Halliburton, or Dick Cheney, or anyone within that whole nest/cabal of fascist, scumbag traitors to their country.

1. Make-work for more for weapons' manufacture.

2. Fear at election time favoring GOP candidates.

3. Bump the old Halliburton cement story right the hell off the front page.

Or look at my post on Feisal Shahzad, back in May, when word about Halliburton's cement mix was bumped off the front page the first time by the psuedo-bomber. Please take time also to watch Iraq For Sale parts 1-8 on YouTube (hey it's free, folks!) which investigates accounts of Halliburton/KBR's massive over-bulling, and other criminal acts too numerous to be believed and yet have never been denied, and yet again, never prosecuted or even slowed down, certainly not by the current administration - meet the new boss, same as the old boss .

Also, be sure to check out this story on Halliburton/KBR's brutal rape and imprisonment of an American employee. Okay? They rape, torture their own female employee, and thirty senators like Jim DeMint R vote to try to keep everything all quite.

I like to call him "toilet" DeMint, or De "Toilet" Mint. He and his fellow conspirators in the senate also voted to BLOCK subpoena power from the congressional committee investigating the BP/Halliburton Oil Spill.

What are the odds these two votes are bought and paid for by Halliburton? Do reporters still investigate the finances of senators anymore? Or is dead from the neck up, spoon-fed, dogshit, pseudo-journalism now the order of the day.

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