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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

American Hitler

Dick Cheney will go down in history as one of the most evil men this country has ever produced.

We will only fully appreciate this fact, after we deal with the world war he intentionally helped to start.

The most recent $250 million payment by Halliburton to the Nigerian government's anti-corruption police, is the latest of his Teflon-Antichrist acts.

He had been charged in connection with a bribery case involving a $6 billion natural gas lease. Muh-huh-illions! had been paid in bribes - allegedly - to government officials for securing that lease but when the government began to implode under the weight of its own corruption all the truth cookies fell out for all the world to see.

Again, Dick skates.

Let's review:

1. Dick escapes the Skooter Libby indictment. Remember? Valerie Plame's outing as a CIA agent? See the movie Fair Game for details.

2. The aforesaid scandal let the cat out of the bag on the absolute crock of shit the original "credible intelligence" was on the oh-so-deadly and yet non-existent weapons of mass destruction program of Saddam Hussein.

3. Hallibuton was served up buh-illions! in contracts for the war which resulted.

4. Cheney held a 100-day long meeting with oil industry execs within the White House during his time as Vice President that allegedly nutted, de-fanged and de-clawed regulatory agencies overseeing domestic oil drilling operations. Halliburton and BP were represented at these meetings. No minutes from the meetings have been available to the public.

5. Cheney accepted a huge final payout from Halliburton at the time of his (wink) "exit interview" before becoming vice president. He then urged his president on to a war...........which resulted in a number of multi-billion dollar contracts for services, that went to Halliburton and subsidiary KBR.

Where is Cheney now? Anecdotal reports have him constructing a massive underground bunker somewhere but who knows, and the media never finds out. He pioneered such a structure allegedly, beneath the official Vice President's residence, in 2002. When neighbors complained of all the noise and construction, Cheney's people reported that the vice president was merely creating an office work space on an upper floor. Current Veep Joe Biden later confirmed that indeed there exists an underground bunker beneath the residence.

You note that Halliburton is NOT named as one of the defendants of the US Government's limp lawsuit in the BP oil spill, despite the conspicuous reports that there was something, at the very least different, if not deficient, about their cement mix used prior to the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill.

The televised media shied totally away from the Nigerian bribe within a bribe.

Only those of us who assiduously read the internet for BP news and watch our YouTubes are really aware that the former Vice President of the United States was named as a defendant in a bribery lawsuit in Nigeria. Has this sort of thing ever happened before in the history of this country? Much less that his former employers paid a $250 million highwayman mordida to make those nasty charges simply vanish.

Why? Why is cable news afraid of Dick Cheney?

How docile is the allegedly-left television winky-tinks, to the former republican veep, who should normally provide red meat for the libby grist mill? Why is there this deafening silence where there should be outrage and clamor?

How is it the allegedly responsible players, CNN and MSNBC, haven't reported on it? Choosing instead to snatch the predictable divisive issues, perennial low-hanging fruit, such as Don't Ask Don't Tell?

At the beginning of the summer Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper stood with their concerned gazes before the scenic backdrops in places like New Iberia, vowing to get to the bottom of it all. Oh how those teary concerned eyes lied to us.

"Look how concerned she is. She really means it, doesn't she?" we said, feeling good that a voice and a face America trusts would not let us down.

Now? The beltway sword dances during the lame duck weeks, the idiotic tears of John Boehner, and other nonsense minutia, these bits of awful fill the screens of gelded lightweight MSNBC, and CNN between the Cadillac commercials and celebutard news: Lindsay Lohan slapping a nursing tech at her rehab center.

Disgraceful, emblematic of a society in decline, piloted there by a media controlled by plutocrats who silently, malevolently brook no dissent, no discussion, no protest against their atrocities.

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