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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ooopsie Daisy. Blow-Out Preventer Useless as Evidence?

Yeppers. Steep chance that this is now a sad fact.

Coming up on one month ago we made a comment concerning the blow-out preventer in this article that postulated corporate sabotage as a potential root cause for the oil spill.

You'll note deep in the article we discuss the Blow Out Preventer, that earlier reports note the BOP sitting on a NASA dock, open to the elements and largely unsecured.

Now The Houston Chronicle and MSNBC report that the very same BOP (oops and gosh golly) is possibly null and void as a key piece of evidence.

Anymore I hate it when I am correct.

So let me get this straight: a supervisor works for Transocean one of the three major players in the drama. He's working on the rig before the explosion happens. He then goes to work for a contractor helping to investigate the blow-out preventer and there's video of him putting his hands on this key piece of evidence?

Is this accurate? Are we serious here?

Is that not like putting an Oswald relative in charge of securing Dealey Plaza prior to an investigation on the Kennedy assassination?

Cluster-fuck alert!

Well, of course, this is all just random, see? There IS no conspiracy here, folks. Nothing to see, go about your business. Move along now sheeple. Er, uh, I mean people.

The bad decision count on the logic board by now is certainly up to 20 to 0. The null set representing good decisions start to finish.

The Obama administration of course should register its outrage with regard to this by orchestrating a Rose Garden photo op with the nuns and orphans fund, sometime following the Holiday week. So please look for it.

What no one will report on this week is the potential sabotage angle.

"Really? Pfft. You must be joking. C'mon, nnnnnno one would ever THINK of doing something so heinous. Get real and have some egg nog. Go ahead, have sex with an office mate atop a copy machine or something, like the rest of us. Go soak for a while, would you please?"

If there was any evidence to be found of any sort of negligible culpability, or sabotage, either exculpatory or damning to any party in this mess whatever, that evidence is now tainted.

And what we all know about that from either the Simpson trial or a thousand cops shows we have watched is, that introduces reasonable doubt, which lets everyone off the hook.

Merry Christmas BP, Halliburton and Transocean! You've just been handed your "get out of a meaningful trial free" card.

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