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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DEAD BIRDS! Nothing to see here folks, just thousands of them

Now in Kentucky, in addition to Louisiana and Arkansas.

CNN sent a reporter to the University of Georgia who in 3 minutes at the bottom of the hour between 5:57 and 6:00 EST rehashed the same story as yesterday. The blunt trauma theory rides again.

Without mentioning the state of Kentucky, CNN again assures us that birds, all in unison, mostly red wing blackbirds, with a smattering of starling, now, and other delicate creatures, for some reason or other, began driving themselves into phone poles, power lines, and the ground on New Years, presumably due to sensory overload from fireworks.

In this BBC video, you see the birds didn't even wait for the fireworks in Beebe, Arkansas before becoming "disoriented" by loud noises and explosions, they began their death spirals at 7 p.m. Dec. 31.

CNN calmly informs us there is no reason to suspect chemical poisoning, even though chemical tests to rule out chemical poisoning, could take "a couple of weeks." They nod, and ask no further probing questions.

It should be noted that hard-hitting, gruff and tough journalist Wolf "take no shit" Blitzer and company spent a roughly equal amount of time near the TOP of the hour, on their courageous story on Starbucks (tm) changing their logo on their coffee cups. (NO LIE!)

Sometimes the courage and fortitude of CNN in their in-depth coverage makes me weep with pride that I was once a journalist, and that we have a truly free press in these United States of America(tm). God Bless the mighty 4th Estate.


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David Kearns said...

Anderson Cooper, reportedly, asked Kirk Cameron, former child star of "Growing Pains" what he thought about the dead birds..............because that makes sense