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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, January 31, 2011

Now is the time to squeeze BP

Machiavelli said it best: there is very little difference between a problem and an opportunity.

That being said, what have we here with the Egypt situation?

An opportunity. Right now oil prices are rising. Why? Because Egypt contains both the Suez canal and the pipeline connecting the Saudi oil fields to tanker supply lines through the Mediterranean Sea. Without these two crucial elements, said tankers must travel some 6,000 miles out of their way to make the same deliveries.

Thus, oil giant BP has already begun gouging the consumer in addition to the rising price of oil attached to the futures market of that commodity. Do you love it? It was also recently announced BP had posted record profits due to inflated prices.

Think back to the days when the Big Oil apologists were urging you not to boycott BP because the oil giant wouldn't be able to pay reparations to the Gulf Coast. Witness how they have bought off the process through Ken Feinberg, who thinks BP should skate on half the tab.

The only way to combat rising prices is to select one oil company and boycott the shit out of that one producer, or retailer, thereby forcing the others to come down in price to compete with it.

You didn't create the situation in Egypt, at least not directly. But there's no excuse for you NOT to use it to your advantage. The best defense is a good offense. Go on the attack against BP because you can bet your ass they are going on the attack against you, the end user.

It's not enough anymore to simply stop using BP yourself. It's time you got out, got aggressive and urged others not to as well.

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