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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, January 24, 2011

MSNBC Fires Keith Olbermann

Yes, it's true. MSNBC makes it official. The corporate state has spoken. Big brother is watching and listening.

The take away?

Make sure, pundits, that you don't question the large, monolithic corporate construct. That you don't too deeply touch upon oil spills, corporate corruption, war profiteering and especially don't question Halliburton, and Poppa Dick.

Friday we posted something on the resurrection of the anti-Lazarus Dick Cheney through the wonders of the modern pay-for play, forgive and forget, BigMediaCorp "I love Dick" fest.

Whether it is related or not, Keith Olbermann DID have the guts to bring up the serious issues with regard to Halliburton, Cheney, Big Oil and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

He was fired Friday. At the end of my last missive, boys and girls, I said the following of BigMediaCorp:

"Watch them, read them with an eye toward what they DON'T ask, and how hard they stretch NOT to ask it. Then come talk to me about how we still have a free press in this country. If such talk keeps you up at night, it should."

Here's the Judas version: that being, the official story that the Associated Press ran:

Note the words "combative" and "liberal"?

"Ooo. Uhm....yeah. Big no-no. Mmmmm. See? We're not gonna be able to keep someone on who is, uh, doing that."

Translation. Liberal =bad.

"Campaign contributions". Yeah. Joe Scarborough did the same thing. Didn't he?

"Yeah, but, uhm....well. (stammer) I mean, c'mon, right?"

Now let's look at the real reason. Olbermann, as much as he was able to, didn't pull any punches against the monstrously huge, corporate dildo attempting to fornicate all of us into slavery, or reduce civilization to rubble, or send all of us, minus the elites, back into the stone age; or whatever the hell it is, precisely, they have planned for us all. And surely, it can't be pretty.

In honor of someone who dared to speak out and now joins the ranks of we lowly basement bloggers, I have randomly gathered some highlights from his take on Big Corp, Big Oil and the oil spill. If you gain the sense there might be a correlation between his termination, and these clips, then you are not alone.

On Halliburton's Move to Dubai and War Profiteering.

His guest, there, a former CIA officer and investigative journalist, said it best, perhaps
"These companies are not interested in what's good for the United States they are interested in what's good for themselves." But I guess that makes him a liberal, and combative as well.

Here's another one on Halliburton receiving twenty five percent of the overbilling charges during the Iraq war.


"Corporate CEOs knowingly happily stealing millions in profits off the backs of Americans and even our troops." - great quote.

"Should corporations be making millions and millions when Iraqis and Americans are being killed?" - What a great question.

"Are they (corporations) actively getting pro war candidates elected?"- Olbermann.

The link discusses all the issues, BP, MMS, "voluntary self audits", Halliburton. He also discusses the mandatory acoustic cut-off switch.

Of course there's no doubt Olbermann's attacks on FOX are part of the reason he's been let go.

But remind yourself of one thing here:

THIS is permitted to remain:

And THIS was taken off the air:As Marvin Gaye said, "what's goin' on?"

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David Kearns said...

Those who are interested, should also take note on how quickly MSNBC begins disabling the YouTube links for all of Olbermann's greatest moments.
Any day now. Any hour.