David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Listen to this mumble-fish moron. He has no authority over you. Stop listening to or engaging with corporate flunkies they are NOT law officers. Yet somehow the police aren't stopping them from impersonating law enforcement.

"You got to have PPE."

"Cleanwaters, cleanwudders. You got to have the proper PPE." Steel toed boots, and then wet-suit booties inside those, huh? Gloves. Yeah, huh? Is that right? Oh yeah, huh? And you didn't just make that up driving over here?"

Listen here's what's going on. People are getting paid to excavate the oil and haul it off, but once again, no federal regulation is happening. They are working under their own 'supervision' so what do YOU think is happening?

What if they simply bury the oil with sand hauled from the tide line or the dune? Done. Likely plow up sea turtle nests when they do it. Did you see how nervous this clown got? Is this what they are doing? Seems to me, the way things have been going this is precisely what's going on.

They make up some mumbo jumbo gobblety gook about PPEs or some other dogshit, and you're expected to swallow it. Law enforcement sits there and lets a SUB-contractor from "cleanwaters' or wudders or whatever the fuck this ass hat said, come along and TELL YOU what YOUR RIGHTS ARE?

People, wake the fuck up and make a damned stink. Go down and film whatever the FUCK it is they are doing or they are NOT doing. GET ARRESTED OR LOSE YOU RIGHTS!

This is bullshit. Do not put up with corporate thuggery!

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