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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Truth Comes out: Our Military IS the BIGGEST customer to BP?

This whole thing is a Manchurian cluster-fuck.

This sorta-kinda destroys the idea that BP (insipid whiney voice) "will lose the ability to pay for the mess" or that BP will be "needlessly harmed" by any boycotting.

That's the good news, that the latter particularly stupid and insipid argument is put to rest.

The bad news is, this is the reason why the government response has been so slow, why Obama has been the ostrich with his head stuck in the sand, why the vice president also has been MIA on taking names and kicking ass in the Gulf, why the Army Corps of Engineers has been so slow to move allowing those rock jetties to be hauled in to protect the marshes of Jefferson Parrish, why BP has not had its feet held to the fire for stopping the leak and paying more than ten cents on the dollar for claims, why they are permitted to rake our commercial and charter-angler fishermen over the coals with red tape, and the list goes on and on.

Why the black-out of the media? Because if a photo of even one dead sea turtle covered in oil hits the world-wide, there is prima facia evidence of a federal violation, and there this whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Fact.

The tentacles of BP are wrapped around our collective throat like those of the Giant Octopus. And now, they own our asses. Could the lesson be any clearer? This is why, children, it is bad to be in bed with Big Oil, particularly a company that has such callous disregard for our citizens, our environment, demonstrated over and over again.

By the way, this is even more reason to suspect the sabotage angle: how to cripple an enemy? Disrupt his ability to mobilize, to move about. And certainly severing our relationship with our military's chief supplier of petrol would qualify.

But soft, children. BigGovCorp and the Obama administration won't ask these questions, leave off give you answers to them. Because BigGovCorp would rather our national image be reduced to chicken-shit.

Every nation on planet earth can see now, can watch like spectators to a rape getting off on the violence of the thing, as we are done over a railing, pirate style. They can bear witness while a company with maleavolence and insolence, does to us what our sworn enemies have not been able to do. Only terrorists in 2001 have come close to what a corporation is doing.

People locked in Guantanamo for years haven't been able to accomplish what BP is doing to us, day in and day out. The lack of urgency, the insulting patronizing attitude toward our citizens our press are muddy boots on the ground.

The foreign power, the enemy now comprised of our barbarous federal agencies and corporate interests have yet to begin kicking down doors of citizens. As yet, they haven't done this, we can be thankful.

But the media blackout they have imposed the stalling of real remedies says there is even worse treatment to come.

The bell-weather will tole when we begin ignoring our own federal statutes against using a government contractor that is currently under criminal investigation regarding or found to be in violation of our federal and state laws.

In that hundreds of thousands of species of wildlife are being killed by the oil, some of them threatened or endangered species, do you think BP is in violation of any of our laws? Are they being investigated for such?

How long before our regulators - gosh golly - notice the glaring criss crossed violations going this way and that in all of this mess?

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