David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill is a deception, a chess piece, a trumpet horn of British Contempt for US

You have to admire how deeply below the belt this thing has hit us.

For a piece of pure cowardice, it rivals 9-11 in dollar value, certainly.

The ultimate aim is our ruination. It is the first in a number of threats to our national security which will likely culminate in WW III. Here's a guess: the Brits will NOT be our friends in this one.

Think of the assassination of Austria's Archduke Franz Ferdinan and his wife Sofia in 1914, the event largely thought to triggered the first World War. Conspiracy? Yes it was. Those that said it was contemporaneous to the event were ridiculed as paranoid lunatics.

We have known for a few years here, that a select few in congress, prodded by plutocrats in finance, defense and the oil industry, have been keenly interested in destroying the middle class of this nation. These corrupt, soulless, treasonous swindlers have sold us all down river. Big surprise there.

This is where we find ourselves; waking up in a fox hole next to a dead body representative of our freedoms, with no ammunition and our arms tied behind our backs.

But, the good news is, we ARE waking up. This oil spill has done that. A bit of shocking overkill that is too ghastly to ignore.

The Brits bear us open contempt now. The PM David Cameron is here today to put the requisite, smiling, yet condescending, face on things. Mr. Obama, like Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, will react to his Harvard training and instinctively defer to all things British. He'll blush like a virgin, a small dog in heat, smile and accept whatever lying, head-patting explanation Mr. Cameron dreams up, or has been directed to utter, regarding the release of Mr. al Megrahi.

Perhaps Mr. Obama won't even find the stones to ask Mr. Cameron the first, simpering question regarding the event. If our president, perhaps like Thad Allen, is pretending to be an idiot coward for purely strategic reasons, he's damned good at it.

But former coup d' etat president Cheney has done this to us, of course. He and his crowd have dragged the British into our foreign policy decisions and cost them many young lives as well, and now they are angry. As they rightly should be; as angry as we should be with ourselves for not waiting, for accepting the official story too easily; for reacting in rage and anger, and in need of a straw man to burn.

The Brits don't know how to express their anger with us openly, yet. They haven't since 1812. And so their official take is silent, while the realms of equal cowardice are exploited via the oil spill, via the release of the Lockerbie bomber. This while strangely sending the Queen to our shores; a little salt in the wounds, perhaps? Or was there hope we would insult her royal person with jibes, taunts or protests?

The British establishment will continue to push for separation from us; cowardly, covertly, through goofs and insults "so sorry, really quite and truly we all are", all the while slapping us on the back, smiling, and shaking our hands. This while our young president continues to treat the Oval office as his man-cave; busying himself on smaller issues, such as golf, and where Lebron James might play basketball.

This is not to suggest the entirety of the British nation is comprised of terrorists. No. This is to state without equivocation, that there are elements within the British government who are PRECISELY that!

Might those terrorist elements include BP's top man Tony Hayward? Listen to me closely while I state it for the record: Absolutely!

The intentional injurious contempt he displayed regarding people along the Gulf Coast is totally unacceptable, suspect, rife with bad faith and, fits in precisely with this notion. Indeed there is no other logical explanation for Mr. Hayward's reaction, is there?

To essentially blame, denigrate, insult, bear hatred, pithy remarks for those your company has essentially murdered? Rendered unable to provide for themselves? To glaze over the destruction of the ecosystem with a calloused, bored jaundiced eye of upper crust cynicism; to be all those things hatefully Brit in the face of what your company has done?

We don't recognize subtle European manners which bespeak fanged aggression. Too few of us have played soccer, or are even familiar with the game. A late challenge for the ball: cleats are raked across the thigh of a defender: "Look mate, so sorry. I didn't mean it."

You have a mysteriously stopped well, on day 87? The fact the equipment to at least mostly stanch the flow was at the ready all along, doesn't register some concern within our alleged media? All along this equipment was there, usable, available, everyone making the decisions within the company knew about it, and yet there it sat while millions upon millions of gallons flowed into the Gulf of Mexico!

Add this to the unassailable fact that as many as ten things had to go wrong for this to happen in the first place and every, single one of them did.

If you offered your friend the use of your car and he "accidentally" struck ten phone poles one after the other on the way home, would you question it? If a doctor gave your aged mother not one but ten forms of wrong, poisonous medication in an afternoon leaving her in a coma, then refused to give her the one thing that might begin to heal her until day 87 would you allow yourself a moment of skepticism?

Today's meeting with Mr. Cameron should tell us much. It is either a photo opportunity with absolutely no information forthcoming or there will be some backbone displayed by our president.

If the latter is true, then at least we know all is not lost, that the course of human events for the next twenty years hasn't been pre-determined in a Bilderberg boardroom somewhere.


susanballarini said...

You still believe in Obama?

David Kearns said...

Yes, I still believe he has the raw stuff inside of him to look at himself in the mirror, and pull his head out of his ass, and do what's right.I believe that, otherwise I wouldn't give a shit at all.