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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, July 12, 2010

Machiavellian Media Awards

Here is an update on outright, obvious, conspicuous media chicanery regarding the story, I have noticed as consumer. (updates will continue as they are observed. At this time, CNN tops the list. FOX isn't mentioned because FOX is fully complicit with a GOP agenda siding with BigCorp always, and thus always receives an M rating for everything they continue to do.)

I=Mere incompetence
B=Suspicious bullshit. May or may not be evidence of conspire to alter coverage, or suppress it.
C= Conspiracy, apparent, to suppress information related to content controversy.
S= Apparent shilling for BP, or soliciting/"whoring" to illicit from, or quid pro quo after the fact, for advertising dollars.
M= Machiavellian avoidance, well apparent to the rater: Avoidance, manipulation of the story, selective editing, or changing beat reporter due to apparent pressure exerted by the parent company, other corporate consortium, entity, or subject party.

1. CNN just "waking up" to the fact that dispersant "gosh-golly" could be used by the company to hide the actual volume of oil. CNN also awoke from their Machiavellian, good-morning-sleepy-head slumber to sheepishly ponder whether or not BP's insistence on using Corexit, THE most toxic dispersant, is related to their connections with the chemical manufacturer that makes the stuff. Rating? M

Our response: Hello CNN! YA fuckan' THINK? This is only what people have been scuh-REEEEEEMING with every scintilla of volume in their voices since day one.

2. After months of virtually ignoring the Haiti story, CNN decides with Machiavellian verve, to send Anderson Cooper to Haiti. This, just when Cooper began seriously digging into the story and was actually getting somewhere. His repeated challenges and documenting BPs refusal to go head-to-head with him, on air, inspired by what Edward R. Murrow did in challenging Joe McCarthy. But, CNN - owned by Time Warner Inc. - decided to stop Cooper from pressing on, denying the public whatever information would have fallen from the tree. Now, coverage of the Gulf resumes its plastic-smile, all-is-well pablum format. Rating? M

3. The Thad Allen sit down. CNN. The most trusted name in news decided on a sit down with Admiral Thad Allen, for whatever strange reason. Perhaps the first time in history an admiral in the US Coast Guard has been given free media reign to go over highlights of his career at the end of it. Allen is at the center of controversy. Many are of the opinion he has been far too fawning, lenient, accepting, and receptive to nonsense and lies from BP; thus, in part, putting us at day 83 of the gusher with little or no meaningful protection of our coasts, marine resources, or our coast residents in the affected region. Mr. Allen has seemingly been more interested in directing his service to help BP suppress the media. Allen continues to receive media softballs from all major media outlets. Rating? C

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