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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is BP currently posturing itself for strategic extraction from the Gulf of Mexico?

Q:How do we know BP may be working behind the scenes to pull a fast one on us; may try to do the old dine and dash?

A: Are you familiar with the company currently trying to kill the Gulf of Mexico?

Also, there is a pattern to recent events that points to the distinct possibility.

Containment cap in place and no one other than Olbermann is asking why it took so long to find one that seems to work? One thing about this is, it forever obscures, if not completely covers up, the amount of crude oil leaking from the well since day one. If they get the gusher stopped, I'm all for it. However as Keith Olbermann pointed out last night,"why the hell wasn't this done before?" They had an oil expert on MSNBC also with Olbermann, a cat named Bob Canvar, who said the equipment now capping the well, is basically garden-variety gear aboard many drilling rigs, and found within every oil company. So again the big "why wasn't it done sooner?" After Olbermann asked this question, the man said that it is one of those million dollar questions that makes you slap yourself in the forehead and then pound your head on a desk.

Now, you watch; no one else will have the guts to ask it. I can feel it. This is a question too close to the heart of the matter, and possible evidence for something nefarious that BigGovCorp will never-ever-never explain, nor allow the media to dig into.

In other words, the answer to that one simple question (why did it take this long to do something this simple THAT ACTUALLY WORKS COLLECTING THE OIL?) could explain the whole deal: and we know children, BigGovCorp can't allow that. We've seen enough to know that by now, haven't we? And indeed, MSNBC's daytime anchor, who looks like a Powerball Z cartoon character, can't remember her name, just had Cavnar on again, and she RE-FUH -YOOOZED! to ask that simple question to him "why did it take this long?"

Children, THAT question is GONE! It's over! Done! Poof! You love that? If this current containment cap works, THE QUESTION WILL NEVER BE ASKED AGAIN.

Signs that the containment cap will at least work to catch most of the oil?

Payments have been cut to half and sometimes one third to those impacted by the spill in advance of a pull out. No warning; no information provided. Imagine an old war ship menacing your town from the harbor. One morning you see the men on board, aggressively trim ship and prepare to haul ass out of there. A retreating Man-o-War. The gun ports are closed, out come the sails, the rigging is at the ready.

If BP can get away with it, they will crap out that $20 billion in escrow with about as much impact to their overall balance sheet as a gnat fart, and they will exit. Where will they go?

BP is positioning itself for a massive project in Lybia, while considering/making press noises, creative leaks about a possible bankruptcy in America and also making noises it wants to sell off assets in Alaska. I mean: HELLO?! WAKEY-WAKEY SLEEPY HEAD.

BP are working on a contract with the Gaddafi's or Godawfuls or whatever it is we call them. The prisoner from the Lockerbie Scottland Pan-Am bombing was released to the Godawfuls who rule Lybia with an iron fist. The idea was, the man was suffering prostate cancer, and so why not let him die in his homeland? Well don't you know, there is a different story coming out that BP was involved in a deal to swap the guy out for a massive oil lease in Lybia. And now other reports are surfacing that this man no more had prostate cancer than he had Ebola. An investigation is under way that will never get to the bottom of it. I mean, come the fuck on. Do you think even if they found evidence of string pulling and deal making on this level, anyone would EVER TELL YOU ABOUT IT? Get real.

All these taken together could be an indication of a strategic, fast-exit; what Hunter Thompson referred to as "a savage burn." The most savage burn in U.S. history.

Where is President Obama?

Golfing, more than likely.

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