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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Corporate Sabotage STILL ON THE TABLE

Anyone with a rational mind knows it. No small irony that if it was an act of sabotage originally designed to possibly reduce our domestic oil exploration, it will now end up being government sponsored in the form of sanitation, and blow-back muffling.

Because those formerly in possession of a conscience and a spine are found without them when it comes to BP.

Manslaughter, eco-terrorism, sabotage. Yes. That's what I said. There is a strong possibility, in my view, that this is precisely what we have experienced and the government blessing thereon will fall from His Majesty, our own wayward and corrupt president, and our equally corrupt congress who don't particularly care anymore about this issue and want it gone at any cost.

Months ago we spoke of motive and opportunity in the potential sabotage angle concerning the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

An article Saturday reported that the Oil Minister for Pakistan says his president and another official have forced him to accept a deal giving BP massive oil reserve drilling rights in Pakistan for pennies on the dollar.

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Recall that the previous article regarding the sabotage angle I said something to the affect that for a thing to be intentional, there has to be a number of decisions that could have been made to prevent it, and yet were not chosen.

More simply, the curious presence of the wrong decision, not once but in repeated succession, again and again. More than three bad decisions leading to a disaster of this proportion, and you have to ask yourself if there isn't intent to make the wrong thing happen.

We have at least twelve such bad decisions.

Yes, the muted weasel commission's findings actually show about twelve things that could have gone wrong and did and each decision was based, nine times out of twelve, on time constraints. And curiously most of the bad decisions were made in the safety of the shore side urging the workers on the rig, on pain of termination from employement for failure to follow through, who then suffered the outcome in eleven human fatality cases. Those dozens who survived deal with horrific memories, injuries, and nightmares.

As in "Oops. Our bad. Sorry guys! But keep up the good work, valued employee! ... those who survived anyway.."

Other seemingly random events such as the worn out blow-out preventer parts have yet to be addressed since the $15 million, six meeting, presidential oil spill commission is apparently waiting for the recovered device to rust before commissioners - gasp! - "discover" the parts' rusted condition prevents its use as actual evidence."Heavens! Look! It's Rusted! Oh well!"

This no joke. This crucial piece of evidence is reportedly languishing in the open air on a NASA dock in New Orleans receiving whatever insults nature and Joe the Dumbass wandering by? can mete out to it, just now. Do you find that curious? No? Nothing conspicuous with this choice for THE most crucial piece of evidence in recent memory? No? Not surprised?

BP have allegedly lobbied to release a convicted terrorist, remember? No investigation currently? BP have certainly killed their own employees (oopsie!) before this, then pinky-promised to do better. Remember? BP allegedly continues its enviro-pillage in Nigeria, oh but, you know, there's no evidence to suggest perennial partner Halliburton allegedly bribed anybody in the Nigerian government, and get real would you?

Halliburton has also allegedly killed its own employees and just as allegedly raped others; then allegedly told them to shut up about it while pointing to non-disclosure agreements. But it's all good because it was a subsidiary KBR, see? and not really the parent company, so that makes it alright, allegedly.

These are not nice people, allegedly. By that I mean the alleged management of these corporations. Not the line employees who risk their lives under a cloud of taint and bad decisions.

But now, with a deal cut in Pakistan, everybody gets rich who is supposed to, the war continues via cheap gas in situ.

Connections: BP supplies our war gas. It now has a cheap supply in Pakistan, so who needs competition coming from the Gulf? But if BP is also hamstrung by persecution by Obama for its misdeeds here, it finds solace of friendship with Musharraff who is talking a little more like our enemy, lately.

Reviewing then. BP= Nation state unto itself. And we wouldn't want to piss it off, would we? So accept the lie, I suppose. This thing is scripted. Get on the page and STFU. Like that.

Now Obama can glide through the end of his historic term as "first black president" having accomplished absolutely nothing. His Glibness playing mop boy a part scripted for him, sprung on him like a trap, by republicans and oil greased democrats.

Thus, a mathematically probable act of corporate sabotage, and most certainly a wanton act of disregard for safety and life on earth, in lieu of money, is ushered under the rug of obfuscation so that business in the corrupt usual may continue.


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Here we see anonymous threats?

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