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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tony Takes a Tiny Tumble

Well, he was warned. I warned him. We ALL warned him. Didn't matter.
Not only did Tony Hayward not listen, he didn't give a shit. Now his job is over.
But remember, children, there is a huge difference between getting fired - as it is handled in the rarefied air of the top branches in these giant corporations - and being thrown in prison for, by way of example, perjury before congress.
Yes, let us reflect on the grim reality, exemplified by Tony Fucking Hayward's considerable severance parachute rumored to be in the neighborhood of $18 million in cash, and hundreds of thousands of shares in company stock. Or the fact he is now working for BPs Russian joint venture, at $1.6 million a year.
Oh, and lest we forget, he got his life back.
What about the rest of us? No? Not yet?
Didn't think so, all you waterfront folks along the Gulf Coast.
The career demise of Mr. Hayward served to provide media tin foil over the emerging truth regarding our toxic friend, the dispersant called, Corexit: that, just as you and I suspected is ever so much more toxic than the EPA and Thaddeus "hey whatever" Allen let on at the start of all this.
In effect "well, oopsie daisy, all of you untrained scientists, not even fortunate enough to be on the government cheese-wheel; all of you schlepping along with your own lives, some of you without even a bachelor's diploma much less a degree in organic chemistry, were correct after all."
The truth is, Virginia, Corexit is chock-full of volatile organic compounds and thus incredibly harmful, perhaps even more detrimental to the fishery and all life in the oceans than the oil itself. Just as all you brave little children postulated at the get go, and for your trouble, you were given the proverbial flesh-lolly to suck on, and a disgraceful little pat on the head. Thanks for playing
Meanwhile, as you've hopefully noticed, CNN continues dolling out untruth Dildonium via their Machiavellian little morning segments; cheer-leading for big oil with countless reports of "hey, if it really was so bad, where is all the oil?"
Phillipe Cousteau: "hey, gang! Remember me!? Where is the oil? I showed you just last week! See? It's below the surface, millions and millions of gallons of it have been broken down into tiny droplets that...."
CNN: "YEAH, BUT, WHERE IS THE OIL! (shouting here)! WHERE IS IT!"
Phillipe Cousteau: "Guys, like I just said there are perhaps millions of gallons of it broken down, and also trapped at different depths all throughout the water column...that...?"
CNN: (on a megaphone here) BUT WHERE IS THE OIL? Attention! We cannot find the oil!"
As if their own producers - gosh golly - have simply forgotten countless news items they themselves have produced discussing the DISPERSANTS! This to satisfy the under-educated masses who just want to hear that the all-clear has been sounded and we can all go back to Snookie and The Situation on Jersey Shore again.
CNN the most trusted name, now, in shilling for big corporate when their managers want to tweak their BP shares.
It is all spookily reminiscent of George Carlin's last comedy bit; which, off the Doric columns of our stoney minds, rings like Plato's admonishments.

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