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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


His Majesty Barack Obama's "do nothing and see if that shit flies" commission looking into the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster is in a bit of a bind.

Two days ago the commission, chaired, disgracefully by Senator from Florida Bob Graham, attempted to float the turd of "BP did not sacrifice safety" in spilling 205 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, and that the commission agreed with 90 percent of what a BP inquiry into the matter had discovered; that being "ooops, it happened" and sometimes things do and BP weren't especially cutting corners or doing a rush job on sealing the well.

But yesterday, Graham and others of the committee were on the record, walking back those words with a more stern finger wagging, "these firms need top to bottom reform."

.........And they'll get right on that.

The UK's Daily Mail has some interesting comments: I thought this one particularly apt:

"This sounds like American policitis at its best. Reilly and Graham are all backpeddaling from comments made yesterday by another of their peers because Obama and his henchman called them on the carpet for being positive about BP. Mr. Barlitt said yesterday that he and the rest of his colleagues agreed with 90% of what the BP report stated. For this "team" to come out singing a different toon today sounds alot like Obama policitics."

The commentator hits the nail squarely. Tried to get away with taking the fish entirely off the hook and setting it free, but now with the finger-wagging for the benefit of the media.

Top to bottom reform was what was promised us when BP killed several works in 2007 with shady practices in a Texas City Oil refinery.

Top to bottom reform was what new CEO Tony Hayward was all about, until the Macando well exploded and could not be contained for months.

Now again we get this soft cheese about the need for Top To Bottom reform. These are your hard earned tax dollars at work. This is what they have arrived at after a few weeks and a few million in funding for the committee, the need for "Top to Bottom Reform."

Be sure to tell the White House what you think of their lame-assed response.


David Kearns said...

SNAFU with the Daily Mail comment section. Here's what I attempted to put there.

Mr. Maidstone BP is the primary contractor. It is BP's site, it is BP's supervision, it was BP's watch and monitoring. It was BP's management. BP was the boss, the top dog, the head honcho, and if anyone fostered an atmosphere of laissez fair let the bottom line decide saftey, and "get 'r done now" it was BP. Yes, Halliburton, were an actual living human being, and not a fictitious one, would be a murderous negligent raping psychopath, in my opinion, but BP had the sign off on the procedures on April 20, 2010. BP lied and dragged its heels over and over. BP's Tony Hayward was the one who crammed his foot into his gob not once but repeatedly, at times up to and including his ankle. And if the BP name is bad for Britain you need be addressing your concerns with BP.

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David Kearns said...

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