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Thursday, November 4, 2010


War isn't a morally-defensible jobs program.

But brace yourself, that's all you're going to get from the bright-idea, think-bank of the republican-controlled congress. Scrap alternative energy as means to get the economy moving, reduce oil spills, and reduce our need for foreign entanglements because they have demonized it with the catchy term "cap and trade."

Worse, so-called democrats have been feigning interest in alternative energy for years; all the while taking cash under the table continuing the mush-mouth, limpotent ruse that they actually give a damn.

Don't expect help from the right. They will continue to look into the camera and spew this gibbering canine excrement with total conviction: "cap and trade is a jobs killer!"

They got this phrase, for the most part, from foreign-run, enemy combatant counterintelligence shill and traitor to his adopted country, Rupert Murdoch; through his sniveling sock-puppet Glenn Beck.

Now class, does anyone know precisely what this phrase "cap and trade" means? Anyone? No, and what's more, neither do goddamn those who defecate this out of their mouths every time one itsy bitsy solar panel or wind turbine is ever mentioned, or even meekly pointed at, in a news item.

Cap and Trade, Cap and Trade, Cap and Trade, Cap and trade!

What is it?

Job Killer, Job Killer, Job Killer, Job Killer, Job Killer

See? I can do it too!

Never mind that war is an actual people killer, running a close second to famine.

The "Cap and Trade = Job Killer" saw reminds me of this little ditty from the movie Idiocracy.

Predictions: future talk about solar panels and wind turbines, tidal and geothermal will be sidelined. Though they may discuss the nuclear option because republicans have an affinity for anything that produces deadly toxins, or anything that kills human beings or the delicate creatures of the environment that sustain life.

They also like nuclear, much the way they like oil, because of the large initial investments required for start-up. This means construction contracts, massive outlays for materials, engineering. These kinds of projects have more sheer tonnage of bribe money and kick backs available for the taking.

Prediction: all the sudden, the word will get out that unless we do something about Iran, as in yesterday, the world is going to go to hell in a hand-basket. We will be ushered to massive warfare on a new front. If you throw up a hand in protest, you will be deemed unchristian, unpatriotic, all-together un. Again, nothing provides for kick-backs, thievery and bribes, like a little psuedo-christianity/patriotism and a whole whopping shitload of fear.

Look for pseudo-terrorism to be on the rise.

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David Kearns said...

And as predicted, one of the nut-roots joined at the hip with his thwarted biblically clouded view of Israel, has been the first to suggest a pre-emptive strike against Iran.