David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


They struck in the middle of the night. They hit us in our veins, kicked us where we couldn't cover up.
They came pretending to be our friends, attacking from the inside. They even used the help of traitors within our institutions all the way up the highest office in the land.
They had help. They made it look like an accident. Then they pretended to help stop it, while they really kept the flow going, and took pretty pictures of themselves "at work on the problem."
Evidence that it was planned?
Fail-safe after fail-safe thwarted by suspicious coincidence; more than four major ones involving a Blow-out preventer. Then the cement mix, by a cementing contractor, then of course, the fateful decision to cut corners on the removal of the drilling muds.
Taken in all, the evidence adds up: one had to try to make this happen. Someone did, and IT did.
Strangely just a few weeks prior on April 5, a ship crashed on a reef off Australia spilling oil and coal on the Great Barrier Reef.
Incompetence is the new weapon of economic injury; no one sees it coming, no one can blame anyone for mere incompetence, and so, everyone stops looking for a villain.
And yet the weapon does its deadly work; the targets, the fisheries, morale, and tourism.
In a down economy, a segment of a society can limp along with a decent fisheries. Tourism can sustain economies that are impacted by financial loss, and a waning real estate market.
From the morale perspective, those reduced to a one-income household may yet still find solace in that inexpensive camping trip, to revive their familial batteries. Not anymore.
From a perspective of tourism, an area decimated by job loss, then, suffers vacant hotel rooms, vacant restaurants, further unemployment from a lack of fresh seafood, and a lack of patrons.
The threads of culpability are not checked, because they are not suspected. There are no criminal charges, so no one is interrogated. No witnesses are flipped. No bank records demarking a massive influx of cash to the guilty, is ever checked because no one would ever suspect that individuals charged with protecting the public would intentionally do something so evil, underhanded and potentially devastating.
The perfect crime, codified, and signed off on, by bought and paid accomplices in government who sold out their countrymen for cash, trips to the Bahamas, a gram of coke, a bar tab, a fling in a bathtub that remains secret.
On another level, members of the rising Plutocracy, who show no allegiance to any nation save their astronomical bank statements, have also sold off their positions, high in government, to sell out their countrymen and women, while holding the office of Vice President of the United States. In so doing selling them downstream to become chess pieces on a game of Risk being constructed and wagered using real human lives by the millions.
The perfect crime. A new Dead Sea is born.

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