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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Halliburton or BP Inside Job? Others ask the question as well

This just in: other media has finally suggested, or is considering the sabotage angle.

Finally myself, and the NWO worriers (right or wrong), aren't the only ones suggesting the possibility that the Deepwater Horizon blowout may have had its origins in an intentional act of sabotage.

This writer firmly believes that no one INTENDED for the severity of the final event, but someone - counting on our national penchant for crying NIMBY, at the first blush with trouble, and BPs penchant for cutting corners for the almighty greenback - likely was up to shenanigans in order to force us to scuttle domestic sources of oil. This "domestic phase" was President Obama's pragmatic, yet, enviro-dangerous plan for getting off the fossil.

This is my first post regarding this theory, here.

Look at it. The Macondo well, which may be an ongoing crime scene, sits on a massive reservoir of oil. One source puts that mother load at perhaps 46 billion barrels, certainly enough to make an oil executive salivate. This figure may represent two days oil consumption for the United States.

Forcing us back into the sole source Middle East for oil, means lucrative weapons contracts for giants like GE, Lockheed, Boeing and that list goes on down to the ancillary manufacturers. It also provides more work for your troop support groups corps as Halliburton, who performed the cementing job aboard Deepwater Horizon.

Halliburton was Dick Cheney's love child prior to taking the reins as co-president (vice). The lackadaissical meth-doing, lap dancing, legs spread members of the MMS, Minerals Management Service, who were responsible for the oversight of Deepwater Horizon and other offshore drilling leases.

Cheney had a mysterious meeting according to reports, while in office, with top execs from the oil industry that he REFUSES to comment on. IN fact, where the hell is he? No one is saying, and the big media isn't bothered with asking.

Another weird tid-bit is the report that yet another company, Schlumberger, was aboard the Deepwater Horizon just hours before but did not preform a described "gold seal of approval" test on the cement bond capping the well.

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