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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tony's Little Yachting Adventure

What the hell is wrong with you, America? Haven't had enough yet? Got no balls?

No? Nothing? No come back?

Here BP gave Tony Shameward a raise. Of course, the raise was announced during all his cost-cutting, leading to profits to the shareholders, that eventually led us to where we are now. But the raise went effective AFTER the spill happened, sort of like those stock dividends which were quietly put into escrow and now await the slumber of the American public to be siphoned back to shareholders.

Here, for what it's worth, you can watch a clip wherein Tony says "we will get this done, we will make this right."

But by now you know the truth. Tony the Tiger is buggering off, back to England where he can get his life back. He's so put out by all this Yank whining and sodden, booo-hoo nonsense, he's thumbing his nose at you by attending a yachting event with his son.

Lovely that. Bit of bonding. The sea has such wonderful restorative properties doesn't it, Tony?

Does it surprise you, American, that this company continues to make war on your soul, now that the groin kick has been delivered and you're still standing?

Now the company, full-on, shakes the middle finger in your face, doesn't it. Even the UK press thinks its a bit much for Tony to be sailing at this time. Not BP.

BP backs his every move 100 percent. Just sift through the comments in this piece by Huffpo.

BP's Robert Wine says the Tonester hasn't had a moment's peace since the whole miserable incident began, poor dear.

His spokeswoman says Tony is always in communication with the Gulf. The chairman of BP went so far as to recently refer to those of us put-out by the slick as "the little people" and then went right on and apologized for this inexcusable comment.

So my question, children, is why the bleeding F(*&K any of you are STILL purchasing your gas at BP? Why the HELL haven't you done your bit and clipped up your BP cards?

Can't you tell when someone is making war on you? Are you just that soft? Just that unpatriotic? Just that "give a shit" about your fellow Americans.


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