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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, June 14, 2010

We go on Geraldo

Thoughts on the "Geraldo" appearance.

They will call you a reactionary, a zealot, and a "vigilante" but don't you listen to them.

My video where I, that being my character Stanley, drops grass clippings on the BP property, and then cleans it up because, as he says, he's "better than BP," caught the attention of a producer for FOX's Geraldo at Large, show.

After some back and forth, a couple of emails, the car from FOX arrived at my door at 8:30 p.m. on the dot on June 13. My daughter and I rode in the limo over to the studio of a subcontractor to FOX located within or near the Orlando Universal Studios attraction compound.

The ride itself was amazing. A black Lincoln Continental, a plush cocoon of silent gliding. Seats so comfortable you could stretch out and sleep. I was told Sean Hannity had ridden in this car, as well as some members of the Orlando Magic.


Okay, bam. Cut to inside where very nice and cordial dude puts me under the hot lights and the camera. You have the mic and the earpiece hooked up. You're told about the 14 second delay and you wait, staring straight into the camera. You're jacked in, hearing the chatter of not only the show proceeding but, the back and forth of producers asking if everyone for the next segment is ready to go.

My spot is alongside a panel of folks, a gentleman tragically lost a son in the Deepwater Horizon explosion; the woman who now faces and year in prison for pouring oil on herself during the congressional hearing, a damned gutsy move and I wished to hell I had thought of it first; and two officials from a small town in coastal Louisiana.

At first the G-man stated that we all were experts on what to do about the spill. We were also referred to as possibly those sort of folk President Obama "would be listening to." The joke being, myself and, we can suppose, the brave woman who poured oil on herself, are cranks, reactionaries, whack-jobs and so on.

Straight off I was deemed a "self-described vigilante" this before I had opened my mouth. G-man went on to interview the others in this panel, as he said, "trying to get to everybody before we run out of time" and I held my tongue, biting it so as not to interrupt the man who had lost his beloved son.

This is what we risk, if we stand up.

What my character and I do; the worst of it, is direct others through theatrical demonstrations on how to use the ubiquitous presence of BP stations in our communities, as a means to voice our displeasure toward this horrific spill and the company which has so injured us.

Never once have I called myself a "vigilante." By definition the term is a stretch and a half. The term can be taken to include someone who uses violence, and destruction of property. These are things I am definitely against.

I was able to press the point that Boycotting is our right as citizens, protesting is our right and duty, and that if BP either local or worldwide has a problem with that, tough!

Further, the local proprietors MUST address any lost revenue as a result to BP corporate because this loss is a verifiable, legitimate claim. And Tony Hayward said he would pay these.

Geraldo, agreed with me. I was stopped short of saying another word by this admission because I have seldom heard him say this, not in all the years watching him on television.

Again, wow.

This shows you that FOX and other massive corp media, are tied in with those in power, those in Big Energy, Big War. And their mission is to squash you, and keep you silent should you like the non-flush nail raise your ugly head above the surface of the societal wood.

No matter fight back anyway.

Fuck 'em. Enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

F - BP - - Love Stanley - said...

Stanley, An American Hero

Snoqualmie Raging Falls Farm said...

Squeaky Wheel, Squeaky Wheel, and No Tony, we don't want any of your oil to stop the squeak. We want the Squeaky Wheel(s) to stop the Oil! Ha!