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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Robert Redford Calls out Dick Cheney

How do I know Dick Cheney is feeling guilty about Deepwater Horizon?

Robert Redford has called him out, and we're not hearing a peep out of Dick.

I want you to imagine the way we were prior to Deepwater Horizon. Imagine the world we lived in. Dick was all over the news, commenting on the poor performance of the Obama administration, while jabbing the various enemies he has faced over the years. He even went on a radio show with GOP apologist and former comedian Dennis Miller to blast Sen. Patrick Leahy again, over something that happened in 2004. In another Machiavellian coincidence the original dust up concerned Cheney's favored FitzRoy, Halliburton.

This thing with Robert Redford, a canonized saint among the Hollywood elite, is Cheney's red meat. Not should be, is.

Yesterday The Sundance Kid went the rounds of evening talk shows talking about the ossified energy policies of the Cheney White House that led us to our present predicament. In one instance Redford actually slipped and said "we need to get rid of Cheney," obviously referring to the former co-president's mega-influence which malingers to this day, and not the man.

And yet once again, crickets chirp. The wind gently puffs through swishing nettles. Off in the distance, a crow kaws from atop a phone pole.

Cheney had set aside five minutes - a whole five minutes, ma! - on June 16 to speak to the press during a confab of business gurus in Erie PA. Apparently not one member of the media made the trip, for again, the hollow ring of nothing. No information.

There is a media blackout that follows Cheney, after Deepwater Horizon. It hangs over him like a cloud inflating the Vaderian carbuncle of his former public presence.

And yet, this Redford thing, should have drawn him out. Too succulent to resist. That a Hollywood figure, an avowed environmentalist, should summon the temerity to disparage His Cheneyness; that should have done the trick.

It didn't. And it wont.

There must be a team of lawyers and handlers strapping him to a gurney. Or perhaps Cheney like, the mighty Shane O'Neal, has had himself boxed in heavy sand, so he cannot harm himself or others.

Media continue not to mention Cheney. The president continues not to call him to the White House. Congress continues not to mention him, even though he knows a lot about what led up to the fatal bits of deregulation and the Minerals Management Service.

And Cheney continues to lurk amid the weeds of "retirement".

Hush children, mustn't mention the obvious.

Cheney's feeling guilty about something. For once he is silenced by his own chicken-shit cowardice.


Snoqualmie Raging Falls Farm said...

Right on! True as usual.

BPGasBoycotts said...

BP has over 9 Billion US dollars in defense supply contracts. Just One Of Many "Big Dick" Cheney's Gifts To The World. Boycotting BP Stations HELPS, But Stripping BP Of ALL Goverment Contracts Works TOO! Then We Can Work On Taking Away All BP Oil Leases. F - BP - Stanley Morton III. is Right, BP is Wrong!

David Kearns said...

Your support is deeply appreciated. Let's all adopt a BP station today and remind others that to participate in BP is to be just a leeeetle bit treasonous to your country. There's no excuse for filling your tank with BP gas!