David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BP has no intention of shutting off the flow

That's right!
Every decision they have made has been based on what?
Right, the Almighty Balance Sheet.
Why continue using a harmful dispersant?Because it can hide the volume of oil spilled, which ties into the potential fine assessed.
Why say something like "the environmental impact will be modest?"Because you want to pacify people into looking away, so they don't know the extent of the devastation. So they don't boycott.
What a joy it must be to live in such a simple world, all choices made for you by the ABS.
So, why, why, why in huh-HELL! would BP plug up this well, before a side drill could save it?
Ninety-nine decisions, small and large, leading us to this moment. At the last, that very last decision before total enviro-holocaust, the cold, calculating CEO and his team decide, "you know what? It's time to do the right thing and plug this hole, even if that means drilling another expensive well later to get to precisely where we are today."
(Music rises here.)
"Even if it means we lose a billion dollars, or fifteen, on the lost chance to recapture this reservoir."
And the music fades out. We cut to commercial.
(snap snap)
Wakey wakey, Sunshine!
Do you believe that cartload of horse-shit? Did you watch too many ABC After School Specials growing up?
You must have.
What you are viewing or hearing about, from your Top Hat, Top Kill, Hot Tap, Junk Shot, Dome - this litany of vaguely pornographic terms - is nothing more than stage drama, designed to divert your attention.
It's like the serial killer helping detectives "find" the bodies, but, he takes his time, misdirects the detectives so his accomplice, another even more dangerous killer, can get away.
Is there a sense of urgency?
Who are these people behind him on computers? Is this a NASA command center? Is this a moon landing?
He continues to use the words "professional" and "extraordinary".
The man must think none of us have anything in the way of education.
There is nothing professional about what has happened. Nothing.
The only extraordinary thing they are doing is parsing their legalese and covering their asses.
The thing that strikes me most extraordinary about all this is the notion people still believe the criminal will make everything whole again - he's almost there, almost capped it - if we just give him a little bit more time.

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