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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Word is Getting out on Boycott

Here we are, now world famous Stanley Morton III is interviewed by the BBC World News

Speaking of the British. You know sometimes I have to wonder if there is something to this reincarnation business. Here is a little something on Captain Charles Boycott, the Land Agent for Lord Erne in County Mayo, Ireland. An infamous Englishman for whom, the term Boycott is named.

A skin-flinting, pernicious, notorious rent racker who had a penchant for seriously pissing off labor in the community, Boycott was ostracized by the local Irishry. They wouldn't tend LordErne's fields, work in his house, nothing. They simply would not interact. No matter what he was paying. He had dispossessed too many families of their homes and farms; had abused too many local workers on behalf of his absentee landlord.

There are stories in county Mayo of the last day Boycott spent in Ireland, not even able to be tended to in roadside pubs and eateries as he left the country with his family. No one along the way would so much as accept a farthing from him, or his retainers.

It made worldwide news. The idea that someone from the gentry could be reduced, run out, hobbled, humbled and humiliated by the worker class, by them simply not interacting with him, simply not participating in any shape form or fashion.

Tony Hayward is Charles Boycott: he is quite simply, begging for it. He has said "I want my life back" to the very people whose livelihoods have been destroyed because of this growing oil gusher. His complete contempt for us is only underscored by his sickening advertisements where he feigns, only half-heartly, that he is concerned for our country, for the marshes, for the millions of organisms now suffering and dying because of his company's negligence or worse.

The well still has not been shut off!

Gas prices are coming down as battle continues.

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