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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Explain to me like I am a four year old WHY if it's "our fault" for boycotting BP? If we are being so damned cruel to "MOM and POP" grocer, why is this pension fund is suing BP for lost revenue?

Wouldn't the pension fund be urging people to buy BP gas so as not to "hurt" "mom and pop" investor? Isn't this the same logic? Aren't we guilty of hitting their retirement funds by urging a general boycott of BP gas?

Hell no. That's a lame ass argument. The ugly cousin to the lame ass assertion that we should stop boycotting because mom and pop grocer will be hurt. The attorneys for the pension fund are not stupid. They see two things coming, just a mile or two down the road. 1. that oil will make massive landfall in not one but thousands of places an when that happens millions will be as angry as you and I now are. This is only the beginning. 2. Boycotters do not have the money, BP does.

The attorneys for the fund aren't suing BP because they care about the Gulf, or the Arctic where BP is planning on setting up shop this fall, oh no. Couldn't give a damn. They are however, smart enough to be first in line.

The gas station owners - and it must be a corporate value, denial - have yet to see the light and are still blaming silly protesters and boycotters for their woes. Still getting on the twitter sites, and Facebook and YouTube lambasting a righteously outraged public. But even these shouts are dying off.

This lawsuit will be a landmark case, in my opinion. The first spurt in a nearly ruptured pipe.

Which mom and pop gas station operator is going to be smart enough to get in on the ground floor and just like the pension fund, sue BP?

When will they wake up and realize that more than the fishermen hotel owners, those who run the gas stations with the BP brand, have BP by the balls? They have irrefutable data that their stores' revenues were immediately impacted by the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

Who handed them, or are attempting to hand them the vice grips if they would only take hold of them?

Us, the Boycotters and protesters.

Rather than blaming us for exercising our right of free speech, you should be thanking us.

Follow the money. And we, silly protesters and boycotters don't have it.

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