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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Useless Eater Alert: Let's admit something is up with this Corexit Business

I've joined the ranks of those who believe there are murderous prime movers behind the oil spill in the Gulf, that it was done for a reason.
As someone who knows the U.S. government is capable maintaining horrible and fantastic secrets I may have some insight into this thing that the less conspiratorially inclined do not.
But, at the same time, I find it hard to believe the whole thing was done in order to institute a carbon tax, as Alex Jones does. No, it's much worse than that.
I think bio-uptake, bio-amplification of poisonous toxins into the food chain via Corexit is part of the deal. In essence, our government - I will still say 'apparently' - wants to kill many of us. Quickly, slowly, whatever. Doesn't matter.
What proof do I have?
Well, they are doing it. Very systematically. And they are claiming it is all accidental. Once again, if any of this were accidental, they would eventually make some errors that were not lethal, not toxic. They would have erred on the side that would benefit us.
Listen to me closely now: nothing, they have done, during this entire affair, has been correct. They, BP and our government, have not done one goddamn thing right. Everything they have done with regard to this has been the most harmful. Think about it. They are batting 1000 for hitting all potential negative health impacts. 10 times out of 10, they did what was most harmful to the public, to the environment. Does this seem to make sense to you? Is it credible that it is an accident?
Wake up.
As with all vast conspiracies, you know there is one afoot when tons of people benefit from massive tragedy and that payoff for some - Tony Hayward, Evergreen Avaition, Nalco/Blackstone the Japanese stockholders of Corexit - is instantaneous.
In Hayward's case alone ask yourself in what bizarro universe do you reward a CEO who presided over, then botched the clean-up and public relations effort on, the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history?
They, BP, aren't even being coy about it are they. "Boom, here you go Tony. Good job."
How in-your-face is that, America?
" Tony, ol'e son, for your hard work screwing up the Gulf, here's $18 million, plus $1.6 million a year at the new job for our Moscow subsidiary."
Tony: "And the mail-order bride? You've got that covered as well?"
So angry I can't even make a fist. You probably are too.
In Tony's case alone I could go down several different logic branches here, "if so, then" if "the following is true, then" ones you haven't even thought of yet, since you've got too much work to do just keeping up with the bills.
I am unemployed former journalist; having months ago joined the ranks of Downsized Nation, or the Armies of the Damned, and thus am I armed with the most dangerous of all commodities, time.
You know something is up when they trot out that old line about the basement loons such as myself. You know, the one Glenn Beck uses? "in your underwear, in mommy's basement" typing on the computer, etc. etc.
"Chief among these tools is ridicule" as the man said.
That man being an insider of the intelligence community who was kind enough to leak out the tools of counter intelligence on the web for those of us inclined to read it. There's that sticky wicket again: time.
If they could only find a way to enslave us AND disenfranchise without giving us so much damned time!
"Plutocracy To-Do List: 1. Pass a new law preventing the unemployed from using the internet."
Almost too far-fetched, that last bit. But really not a stretch considering that corporations want to reinvent the internet now as some sort of pay-for-play state. Might be one way to stop the basement loons such as myself from investigating, or putting all the pieces together.
Back to the original conceit: that I see a conspiracy here, a big one, that the Georgia Guidestones outside the town of Elbert may actually be a warning sign.
Let's look at some of the effects of Corexit
Here's some more:

There's more on this to be found here at protect Gulf Impact.
The professional ridiculers will of course, attack the goofy peace-nick beard of the latter speaker, or the granny glasses of the first, in the hopes you will dismiss the words of these two scientists.
What they are saying is true.
Population control via reduction etc. is one of the theories of the New World Order enthusiasts. Yet, now I am at a loss to point out where they are wrong!
To intentionally and continuously inject poison into the food chain, despite easy science telling you not to, is genocide, particularly in the quantities of toxins discussed. No matter that it is slow genocide. You know the dispersant causes cancer, can potentially affect millions, yet you keep pouring it on us.
Couch jockies who don't particularly give a shit, also need to wake up.
The uptake of the toxin will reach everyone eventually through our seafood supplies. Fact. Even if we wait for a number of years, the toxins will still be there at the background levels.
One thing about our current president that is severely disappointing - or perhaps indicative of his complicity - is his, seemingly, utter lack of science knowledge caboosed with the absence of any ethical science advisors working for him.
The ethics of a team of science advisors who would go along with the continuous - I will still say 'apparent' - campaign to poison American citizens and destroy our environment can only be described as Hitleresque.
Energy Secretary Dr. Steven Chu is currently Obama's science point man on this fiasco. Chu, a Nobel Prize winner, has a research background in atomic physics and lasers. He has also conducted studies of biological systems. Ignorance of what's good for the environment is not a plausible excuse here. So one must logically question his ethics in advising Obama.
Below you will see a clip in which Chu is babbling to Rachel Maddow. If you can make head or takes of his opening remarks you are a better one than I, Gunga Din. For the remainder of the video clip he evades questions. Maddow usually nails people for doing this, but here, owing to her apparent hero worship of the stratospherically educated, she flinches.
Obama's laissez-faire attitude with regard to BP may come from Dr. Chu's cozy relationship with same. Below Chu is touting BP's projected help in "stewardship of the environment" when BP teamed up with The Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory, which Chu was director thereof, to the tune of $500 million or so? Can this be right? Maddow's usually crack team of researches, missed this one, which was easily discovered by doing a search on YouTube.

So called New World Order "freaks" have theorized that one world government begins through the environmental initiatives. I have to wonder whether or not that is corporate disinformation that has entwined itself on the tree of their solid suspicions like a choking vine.
That's not saying it couldn't be true.
Perhaps what we are witnessing is the second in a series of shocks to our national systems designed to prepare us, condition us, for greater impacts, greater losses of life and liberty. This could be among probing tests to see what we will put up with before we rise in armed insurrection devolving into social chaos.
Having witnessed enough from the Gulf now, and seen enough criminal abrogation of duty from MMS all the way up to the office of the president, I realize we are in for a long rough ride, at the hands of people who feel they have every right to downsize, disenfranchise, and then disinfect us from the face of the earth.

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