David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Friday, August 20, 2010


Every time you fill up your tank at a BP you are committing treason to the United States of America.
Tiny treasons all, with every purchase. They add up to big treason.
Some of you can't see it. You're lulled by the advertisements with the sell-out who happens to have the right accent, telling you "BP is here for the long haul."
BP is not here for the long-haul. BP is in it to haul ass, just as fast as they can. And, your treasonous government, is going to help them do it.
That's right: treason. Say the word. Use it. It is what's happening to you. Why not familiarize yourself with reality. Treason and fraud.
Recently the Obama administration strongly urged BP to place $2 billion in the escrow fund for damages to Gulf Coast business. Then, quietly pushed congress to allow BP to tie future revenues to filling the remainder of the fund - the other 18 billion.
That's right. You pay for the damages, through the gas tank. Do you love it? Obama handed them a link between your participation at the gas pump and the reparations to the Gulf Coast residents and businesses.
Now, if you boycott, which is your right, and I think your duty, BP and your government can come along - and they WILL - and say that YOU are harming the Gulf Coast residents who need your help by not filling up at BP.
Those BP commercials reminding you not to boycott, are currently in the works, there is no doubt of this. This is their next logical move to extricate themselves from this situation as rapidly and as cheaply as they can: to convince the public that buying BP gas, despite everything they have done, is GOOD for the very victims they have created out of our citizenry.
Obama will likely be making a public service announcement to this affect as well, to go along with this campaign, wherein he will specifically ask you NOT to boycott BP. The final insult to your sense of reality and your intelligence.
You can see that, can't you? That's not too far fetched?
I can even script it for him. Picture him in his customary Oxford shirt, jeans, no tie. Sunset along some Gulf Coast beach. He stares into the camera and says....
"America, people along the Gulf Coast need your help. Now is not the time to boycott. Now is the time to pull together, put our petty angers aside and pitch in and help the victims of this terrible tragedy."
I can hear him already. Can't you?
Now is not the time to let down our guard, or stop watching and listening to what is going on. Now is not the time to forgive, forget, or let our foot off the throat of this corporation. The boycott needs to go on, it needs to hurt them more, not less, than it is now. We are relaxing our grip on them, and we should not.
Things are about to get very strange. You need to watch. This is your country going to hell in a hand-basket here. A corporation, federal government, the president, and both parties are shoving this process along.
Think how strange things already are!
A terrorist who killed American men women and children along other innocent civilians from many nations was released to a Lybian dictator at the urging of this company. Fact.
Everyone including Obama stood around and watched it happen, saying nothing until it was too late.
Senators and other elected officials have publically apologized to BP for our impotent attempts to hold the company accountable; or at least make a show of it for the cameras.
Our government has given the company the tools and time, and the excuses it needs to hide vast quantities of oil. Oil that was inconveniently discovered by University of South Florida in Tampa, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute in Falmouth, Massachusetts.
Despite even the basics of scientific principles known to every eighth grade science student, science advisors for the Obama administration - some of whom are Nobel Prize winners - have stood idly by while grotesque quantities of toxins were spread all along the Gulf waters. This same group then, without the first meaningful study, sounded the all clear to open the fishery again.
The media will not help you. It has collectively decided that the train is leaving the station, on to more lurid, divisive stories in this election cycle of Hollywood East.
Those who seemed to care so deeply about you, have now abandoned you to the worst fraud and treason ever perpetrated by our government on the citizenry.
What are you going to do?
You need to continue to boycott BP. You need to clip up your gas cards; yes the same gas cards whose interest payments alone were enough to bribe officials in the MMS.
The thought of using a gas station with the BP logo on it, should fill you with dread. It should anger you that others are still doing it.
Remind them. Don't be afraid to call out to them from the intersection.

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