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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Wizardry of Thad Allen

No one has ever explained why Thad Allen still serves as "incident commander," when the retired U.S. Coast Guard admiral's true calling, is that of a wizard.

He is able to alter the fabric of space time and change the past. That's the reason he seems to be continuously lying to us; and yet is so convincing, so emphatic.

In the retroactive, quantum physics world of Thad Allen, tachyons from the present move backwards in time and change history, all at his direction! Things he appears to have said, now don't exist in the new timeline. Events that have occurred have been erased.

As we know, Google search engines are merely encased in lead in the basement at Google HQ. and thus, are somewhat resistant to Allen's tachyon bursts jetting from his fingertips. Google should immediately remove the lead so that the version of Allen that exists in our future, can have an easier time of it.

Prime example: The bottom kill has been just hours away, from getting under way, for months now. A new article today has Allen telling us "there is no timetable" for the beginning of bottom kill. Not only that, "it's never been done before."

On July 7, Allen said the relief well was ahead of schedule, but conservatively placed the completion of the well at Mid-August. But we now know "there is no schedule." Never has been. He's a genius I tell you! NASA needs this man, now!

Bottom kill is the procedure they - Allen and BP - had assured us was the sure-fire method for finally sealing off the well. Absolutely. "It's been done before" his former self said, pre-tachyon burst on July 29.

There are also hundreds of schematic representations from CNN and other networks of the infallible bottom kill. Allen's former self assured us, the Ixtoc blow-out was a prime example of a blow-out killed using bottom kill.

But Allen must have sent a warning back in time to the 1970s preventing the Ixtoc blow out from happening at all. Because now, it, along with the method used to stop it, don't exist anymore. You'll notice he never mentions the Ixtoc blow-out these days. (whispering) it never happened.

One of his great feats was approving unknown, uncounted quantities of COREXIT, then going back in time, physically, to count the gallons of the formerly-toxic chemical to come up with a figure AND ALSO rendering it harmless! In so doing, earning "MERLIN" level wizard certification.

There are times when he uses his strange powers to control the present. Take the number of times he assured us there was no pressure on the media exerted by the Coast Guard at the direction of BP.

Damn you GOOGLE! Damn those YOUTUBE vids, locked in your lead-sealed vaults!

Apparently lead is also found in the heads of Anderson Cooper and James Carville. Here they seem befuddled at numbers they are recalling from the altered past. All these figures Cooper and Carville are referencing here, have been changed, and we now exist in the clean time line.

Cooper was sent to Haiti by the good medical doctors working for CNN to relieve the condition with chelation therapy. Carville was given time-out from CNN for suggesting "get a bat and beat these people over the head."

Cooper also was disciplined by his handlers at CNN because he failed to recognize WHY the military were preventing camera-folks from filming the formerly-dead birds. Everyone knows that when the tachyon bursts are doing their work erasing the past, blindness to the witnesses is a result. We note that the National Guardsman HAD the correct titanium and cobalt protective lenses in place. The cameraman did not.

What does it look like when the incident commander uses his tachyon bursts? Well, when they are projected from the present into the past, tachyons cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, we here at Black Gulf have been able to detect them jetting from Allen's fingertips by using our own pocket hadron-collider, located within our own labs.

The following is the footage we studied. You'll note Allen is forced to squint, and shift his eyes away from the tachyon beams while he alters the past, present and future.

While you have to click through to CNN's web-page for another example it is worth looking at. The video show's Allen working his magic again. A firm estimate that 76 percent of the oil is "gone" has been morphed by his magic to mean "accounted for".

He also tells you every reason why, U.S. Government scientists, who, after all, have nooooo incentive whatsoever at this point fudging their data, should be believed over the recent findings of independent researchers at USF, Tampa.

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