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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WW III and the "all is well in the Gulf" OUTRIGHT LIE

Sometimes we are given a rare glimpse into how things really work in this country, and in the world.
BP is the Pentagon's biggest oil-services provider, according to undisputed yet highly-ignored reports.
The government's rush to shovel this steaming turd of the BP oil spill off the front pages - with the complicity of bribed media, and cowardly journalists who are paid too well to even squeak in protest when told to shut the fuck up and read the news spoon-fed to them - seemingly has its roots in BP's connection to the Pentagon.
One has to ask why the Pentagon would continue to use BP when our laws strictly prohibit the government from using contractors who are in violation of federal laws? One would also question why federal regulators would be fining BP billions on the one hand; and with the other take money from BP for brand new oil and natural gas leases in California?
How can a moratorium on Gulf drilling not be the right thing to do with so many questions concerning the safety of blow-out-preventers, and the potential security risks on oil rigs remaining in the 'unknown' column?
How can this be?
How could our nice president, who campaigned on promises of energy and environmental initiatives, have turned on a major segment of the society? How could he so callously - and it borders on criminal - abrogated his duty to protect us, not only from the oil spewed by this evil contractor, but also the unprecedented use of Corexit which is poisoning the fishery?
How could he then issue an "all clear" on the fishery and the beaches with unknowns to health safety and welfare, outstanding?
He didn't seem like someone who was reckless, and psychopathically irresponsible when we voted for him?
Scarcely a year in office and he waves to us from a golf course while unspeakable horrors are being foisted on the environment and decent, hard-working Americans?
How can this be? Why?
In 2002 I was told by several people working for defense contractors that "we will be in Iraq within a year." I happened to be coaching their children in soccer. They stated it as fact, long before there was any vote to invade. They knew.
The decisions for war anymore, are not made in congress. Defense contractors like to joke among themselves that Washington is a show, a sham, a stage play. They call it "Hollywood East." How do you like the sound of that?
The decision to go to war takes place in corporate boardrooms, and is then shoved through congress; lubricated via the diseased innards of our lapdog, corrupt media. And we swallow what comes out the other end.
As this process begins we find we can no longer trust the media which busies itself with divisive non-news by comparison: gays and the non locked in eternal combat; pro-Hispano, pro-Anglo hatred and flair ups; celebrity and contrived-celebrity mishaps. All pablum; shiny objects waved in front of a dog, or a newborn child.
Those of us who wish to actually know what is going on in the world, are left to look through the hazy window, searching for patterns.
Apparently, with all these oil and natural gas contracts opening up, coupled with Obama's strange about-face and opening up waters off the east coast for oil explanation, a vast amount of oil is needed in relatively short order. No, it's not about the growing energy needs of a bustling economy. Don't be soft. There is no economy, stupid!
So why the need for all the new oil - as in, like OMG - yesterday!
The decision to exterminate a vast number of our finest young people, along with millions of fellow earthlings, has been made within the halls of real power: the corporate boardrooms. We are planning for war on a world-wide scale.
How do I know this? The oil spill has opened up that window on this hard truth. And the government is working just has hard, just as unscrupulously, just as murderously, and as furiously as it can to shut that window and bolt it down.
What do we see in the window?
We will murder and steamroll our own people to get that oil. We will poison our seas to cover up for a contractor. We will starve a whole segment of society so that the young, able bodied within that community have no other job prospects.
And, as with any good ole fashioned World War we will serve up a massive economic collapse.
All the patterns from the past are there.
They aren't tea leaves, these are rungs on a hamster wheel, and you and I are the hamsters.


Xina said...

Check out this little gem of Whimsical F*ckery: Sapphire Energy, a biofuel company founded in April 2010 with a combo of former BP & Monsanto executives:

David Kearns said...

Like George Carlin said...and you can find his bit a few posts back..."it's a great big club, and we ain't in it."