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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Lockerbie Bomber: another story that simply vanished!

Amazed yet, children? I know that I am.
Whatever happened to the inquiry into Mr. al Meghari, the Libyan terrorist convicted of the Lockerbie, Scotland airline bombing?
Chirping sounds, crickets, the lowing of a cow in the field far away.
No? Nothing?
As we recall, the big, bold, responsible, puffed up, arrogant, holier-than-thou, quote-un, "journalists" in Big Media were supposed to keep on top of this story.
Since reality television has rendered us with the collective attention span of the American ground squirrel, let us review.
The Lockerbie bomber was release on humanitarian grounds in 2009 in the hopes that he had only three months to live. But the bastard draws free breath as we stare at our computer screens together.
Imagine the man's face as he breathes. There goes another, and another. Did you see that last one? He smirked! Did you catch that?
He received a hero's welcome home, after, gosh-golly, someone got his ass out of jail.
And there was this buzz, see? this cloud of taint surrounding BP; whispers alleging BP had something to do with orchestrating the murderer's release behind the scenes.
The puffing of cheeks, the wobbling of nervous sweaty hands, blustery sounds expelled from mouth, perspiration on the brow.
BP: "Outrage! We did no such thing!"
Oh, and guess what? BP are just moments away from firming up their arrangement to drill for oil in Lybian waters, ever so close to inking the deal!
BP/Big Media/The British government: "No connection whatsoever. C'mon. Pure coincidence."
There were reports a British intelligence officer, who now, gosh golly, works for BP, had a shitload of time put in rubbing elbows with the Gaddafis.
There were reports that upper echelon managers for BP made discreet inquiries - but not quite arm bending; no, no, nothing like that - into whether or, if, or when, perhaps, mother may I pretty please, Mr. Meghari might find himself on the other side of the nasty ole' wall of shame and en route to Lybia.
BP: "We were randomly interested in the release of a terrorist from a 1980s era airline bombing. And so, like any good citizen interested in the early release of mass murderers reported to have inoperable cancer, we - just as randomly - expressed our curiosity in his release so that he might spend his last days with his family."
Big Media/The British government: "Pffft. No connection whatsoever. Pure coincidence."
President Barack Obama asked British PM David Cameron whether the U.S. could be privy to any information an inquiry into the matter the British might find.
British PM: "Well, no. That's simply out of the question."
British PM: "... out of the question."
Yes, but why?
British PM: "....not the sort of thing we do."
Yeah, but why?
British PM: "....snorkel..."
What does that mean?
British PM: "Nothing. Just a bit of sophistry designed to draw you away from your initial line of inquiry."
American Press: "What color snorkel?"
Two weeks later: Chirping sounds, crickets, the lowing of a cow in the field far away.

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