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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The bioaccumulation of Corexit into the food chain is poorly understood, according to the abstract of this study by the University of California's department of ocean and marine sciences.

However this quote from the study's findings is pretty clear "...Thus, chemical dispersant use in oil spill response may reduce short-term uptake but not long-term accumulation of hydrocarbons such as PHN in pelagic fish"

PHN is a typical hydrocarbon, or oil molecule. So according to this study, over the long haul the COREXIT may not even work to help keep oil out of the food chain and may, in fact, produce a toxic effect in larger fish species we eat.

What does this all mean?

Some of our public officials ringing the all-clear bell, while wearing the all-is-well smile need to be dragged from their desks and thrown into the street without their pensions, at the very least. They are serving no purpose.

They aren't protecting us, the environment, or the food supply.

What purpose do they serve?

Ken Salazar has fired no one from the MMS since it was let out that some of those who approve oil leases, were also accepting sex, drugs and lap dances from the very big oil flacks they were supposed to be scrutinizing at arms-length as a part of their job function. It is a federal crime to accept bribes as a U.S. Government official. No one has been prosecuted. But now, the allegations are being investigated, two years after the fact. Essentially, criminal investigators are doing the job for Salazar while he still earns a massive paycheck, for doing what, precisely? (He certainly earns more in a day than the unemployed he's supposed to be protecting, do in a week.)

And he does spend some time on Facebook. So he's got that going for him. Note, he lists himself as "politician". (Seconds after posting, the term was apparently removed from Facebook profile for Ken Salazar. At least he's quick on the draw about that!)

Thad Allen........need we say more?

NOAA's top administrator Jane Lubchenco can, just by osmosis, tell us for sure than NO bioaccumulation of toxins from all this is occurring. We can believe her, of course, because she seems angry and after all, what do oceanographers from the University of South Florida, in Tampa know about the Gulf of Mexico? Pfft. After all Jane was confirmed by the Senate on March 19 last year and USF has been working in and around the Gulf for decades.

Leave off the absurdity of what she says here. "Fish will degrade that oil and process it naturally so it will not bioaccumulate." Of course, this is like saying "the sky is blue, but, actually not blue." By nature of 'processing', bio-accumulation has begun. Bio=life. Accumulate, means to posses and add to. How much toxin is taken up by fish flesh from the globules of tar/Corexit emulsion? No one knows.

You know someone is lying when they say something like this, and yet they have a massively extensive background in zoology. This is a pHd, making this scientifically asinine statement!

So where are we? A bribed government, paid off, silenced like a rape victim by a corporate construct continues to abuse and offer us disservice. This while our gelded president continues to make nice with everyone like a puppy. This, while a complacent media watches politely from the sidelines.

What must we do?

At the very least we must march on Washington.

They should fear us, not the other way around.

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The Goverment really has only two jobs. To protect our country and keep us safe. The truth is they have no intention to do either in the Gulf. The News is just filler until the next advertisment. Senators would rather give an opinion on a Mosque or who is a racist, that way they can distract the idiots from the real injustice that is The BP Gulf Oil Crime.
In The Mean Time - Enjoy the Shrimp!