David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, August 2, 2010

Government: You may be eating COREXIT, be not alarmed. Go about your day in ignorance, thank you

Everything dove-tailing like some Kubrickian nightmare movie script.
People will eat seafood which very likely will be laced with low to moderate levels of Corexit.
Agencies will then test those of us who ate the seafood.
You've hopefully noticed that, without the benefit of the first meaningful study, our federal agencies, stuffed with people who make kick-ass salaries to allegedly protect us, are now sounding the all-clear on swimming in seawater contaminated with Corexit, and oil, not to mention telling us to go ahead and eat the seafood.
A colossal "who gives a fuck" moment.
The studies, to come after the inevitable sickness such ignorant, criminal abrogation of duty will cause, will be used to monitor the long-term effects of ingesting the toxic dispersant, to better estimate of the eventual sickness-mortality rate of those along the entirety of the Gulf Coast region.
Many believe all of this is no accident. Some New World Order theorists, who are seeming more credible day by day, believe the intentional poisoning of an entire population was the aim of this vast experiment all along.
Like any chemical tainting in the food chain, the active ingredients in Corexit are subject to bio-amplification. These chemicals are picked up by fish larvae, and plankton, which are ingested by larger and larger marine life forms.
Humans consume the fish, and the filter feeders, such as clams, oysters, shrimp, and receive potentially lethal levels of the toxins.
There are already examples of this in nature such as ciquatoxin, a bio-accumulated poison that comes from a form of plankton, which gets et by smaller fish, which are et on by larger fish and so on. Ciquatoxin can kill you, if the fish you have et on, has a lot of it, in its tissue. Which is why, as every Caribbean fisherman knows, you should not eat the Great Barracuda, ever.

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