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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, May 3, 2010

News Accounts say Halliburton the cause of the spill

Starting this blog trying to catch up. If you read the profile, you see I have a degree in oceanography.
Prediction: this story will be AS important, read from the future as the beginning of the Gulf War.
For five days now, the media has been ever so slow picking up on the importance of this story.
The day after the spill my local paper and former employer Florida Today, ran AP versions quoting the U.S. Coast Guard, who quoted BP officials that, there was no leak. Day later, it was a whole different story.
Numbingly bemused at the rancid indifference of Big Corp/Big Oil machine.
Newest item, an alleged connection between the spill and Chaney's former employer Halliburton.
Major suspicions in my mind at this time? 1. That the explosion was intentional. 2. That it was the result of sabotage 3. We will never get to the bottom of how this accident occurred, because the drill hole is a mile underneath the Gulf of Mexico.
Other than this kind item regarding Halliburton, the media has ignored the first question they should be asking, how?
How did this happen? They have yet to interview any of the survivors, to my knowledge.
The environment here, and the fisheries, used as pawns to divert attention from this question. The politicizing has also commenced in full.
Pundits from FOX are rushing to call this Obama's Katrina, and just as quick to render a verdict of FAIL.
From the Halliburton story, at the very end you see a PDF of a letter to Halliburton. The technical jargon seems to be indicating a problem developing wherein, technicians sealing off the well underneath the water - the seals are made of a slurry of cement and water - they failed to account form gas bubbles entering the mix from below.
These wells are after rife with natural gas flows, in addition to the crude oil.
This news eclipses previous news, two days ago about an emergency shut off valve. There is no explanation of why this apparently malfunctioned on the rig, and now that a Halliburton connection has been mentioned, this perfectly vital and valid question is left in the dust and fading in memory.

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