David Anthony Kearns with video contributions by Stanley S. Morton, III

BP Oil spill in Gallons

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Response to Stan Morton's crusade

Someone working for a Kangaroo store got quite angry with Stan for his video, "woops I spilled something" and wrote a long lambasting email concerning Stan's protest methods. The video and the return volley to the email follow:
What's been proposed on this video is the essence of non-violent "woops" accidental protest, a new method of combating a new kind of tyranny: that being corporate tyranny.
Corporations hide. They rape, then they hide. They pollute, then they hide. They murder, then they hide.
Corporate tyrants such as Tony Hayward hide behind walls of people, and his own lies. He says things like "the impact will be modest" then admits he was wrong, after hiding for a few days. He did it again today. Yes, against reason and sanity, and in complete insult to our country, he asserted that somehow a cadre of people with booms has been keeping the black tide to sea. Favorable winds and tides have been merciful. Essentially this blaspheming cretin attempts to take credit for a merciful god, and the shear fact Tony's growing stain simply hadn't expanded enough to reach the coast. But that is now happening.
They are like cowardly groundhogs, corporations and their functionaries, only sunning themselves when they think the coast is clear, the sun is shining sweetly and no one remembers their atrocities.
Corporations who do these things use you, small business operators, as their human shields. You who come out and plead with others not to protest, or to do so, but only, not quite so loudly, or with a list of preconditions that sound suspiciously as if they were written by corporate attorneys.
What those who work for Kangaroos attached to BP, and BP proper, should do is walk off the job: all of you en masse. Just leave your store. Those in BP corporate offices too: just leave, walk away from your evil employers. Do it now.
Can't do it? Can you?
No. Now imagine you have to stay in your store, and you can't breathe; you eyes are burning. You have filth constantly on your toes, on your skin, oily stinking poison. You come home sick and coughing. Now imagine you have to take the scraps from the very same company that makes you bathe in this filth for a few months, but after that there will be no job. Nothing. Someone will cut your hands off so you can't even man a cash register. Maybe you can begin to see what was done to the people of Gulf Coast Louisiana.
What has been done to all of us is every bit as economically damaging as 9-11; it will just work itself out slower; like water torture.It will be protracted over years, decades.
The company you are associated does this, and you ask me to modulate how angry I or anyone else should be? You ask me not to show a video of me throwing yard trash in a bp parking lot, because someone might copy what I have shown here?
Let me tell you something friend; what I propose may just save lives. It's not arson, it's not poison, it's not even violent. All it will do is, cut into man hours, cut into pump time, and therefor cut into profits.
The father of one of the men who died on the rig said it best: the only way to get them to listen is to hit them in the place where their heart should be, and that's BP's profit margin, in the wallet.


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