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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Friday, May 21, 2010

How much did they pay you for your soul?

Some people don't have a soul anymore. They say inflammatory things they know damned well are lies. Take this pile of excrement out of the mouth of a BP executive.
He's sure the Gulf will rebound. Yeah, and that'll happen too!
Do you love that? It's like a reckless driver rendering a medical opinion of "oh, he'll walk again" to his victim in the wheel chair. Do you love the corporate culture of these mater fornicatti! This is a corporation that thinks the words "hydrocarbon," and "incident" perform the Jedi mind trick when used in conjunction.
If they say these words - and Tony Hayward is ever so fond of the words "extraordinary" and "response" - we will all go to sleep, and not think about it. Yes, my murderer/robber/rapist has things well in hand. I should trust him. He's using those magic words, again.
Then you have Rand Paul, an absolute turd of a human being, in my honest opinion. This is a man who will say anything so long as it appeases his daddy, and the wart-core group of rich, curmudgeonly misanthropists at the center of his own party.
Here he says it is unAmerican for the ultimate representative of the people, that being the President of the United States, to use the term "foot on the throat" of BP while describing the amount of pressure needed to gain corporate compliance, leave off accountability, which we will never get.
Do these people know the word hypocrisy? These are the very t-baggers who are (quote-un, hand cupped in feigned masturbation) helping small business. You love that? Isn't the common businessman the shrimper? Isn't he the rugged individual whose family runs a fishing charter? Isn't he or she the seafood restaurateur?
Dipshit, (can I call you Rand?) let me ask you something: where does cattle feed come from? What percentage is seafood? Shrimp, anchovies, mullet, and so on?
Only now do the self-centered pseudo-Christian jackasses of the bag, perk up. Yeah, dumbasses! Wake up! Hello! Your rancher buddies are fornicatto as well!
Oh, gee. Didn't think of that!
When these folk begin to see the length and bredth of this catastrophe, only then will we see them cultivate that rumpled, damned-near whisperingly dead vestige of a soul.

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Xina said...

Wow! Thank You! It amazes me how oblivious most people choose to be over this whole matter. I guess I can understand how I would be much happier if I haven't been upset & stressing about this for the past 51 days. But (un?)fortunately I have a soul. I'm glad to see there are a few others who do as well. Overcome the addiction, No More Blood For Oil!