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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, May 10, 2010

Domed to death

It's a game of three-card (dome) Monty.
No, no. We need another dome, see?
Hey, no, no. It's not bullshit! Swear to God it's not.
Now it's a smaller dome. Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket.
Never mind these facts.
1. Methane aka, CH4 is such a well known gas. Even in the hydrate form, that is to say, CH4 locked into a lattice with water molecules to form ice, science knows precisely how it reacts given conditions.
2. There is a thing called a phase diagram for common compounds such as methane. It tells you under what conditions a substance will be a gas, liquid or solid. All you have to do to determine this, is, follow on an x and y axis - x axis for temperature, y axis for pressure - and see where it falls on the phase diagram for liquid, solid gas.
The science - still not eradicated from the classroom by republicans - is so settled on this. Here's a real simple one for Carbon Dioxide.
Super easy, even a BP executive like TF Hayward can follow one. And knowing the temperature at depth, just above freezing, and the pressure, which any basic certified SCUBA diver can calculate, and then using one of these diagrams, these should give you the answer you expect, that Boom, this stuff is going to form ice.
Question, was this dome that failed built precisely to match this first attempt or was it something BP found lying around? Media? Look into it.
If it was just found lying around, then, you have your answer. This dome business is bullshit. A time-waster a public relations stop-gap, while BP tries to come up with something else. Something they should have thought of already and put into a blow-out contingency plan which had to go through an approval process. Yeah one of those pesky pieces of paper that our MMS waived under the direction of two presidential administrations, the latest following the lead on the first.
Today it was announced a new dome, smaller was needed.
Yeah, that must be it.

File it under Late Breaking Horrendously Bad Form News. It is a GR- Gotta Read.
How does a state senator move AGAINST small lawsuits filed by people afflicted by this oil spill? On what cretinous planet does this man live?

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