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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Enviro-Holocaust Denier ROUND-UP

Searching through recent news-clips and blogs to see who is the biggest enviro-holocaust denier as of this blog's date and time. So far, here are the rankings:

1. Halliburton "Spawn of Evil" Inc. - Cement preparer for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Halliburton has remained nearly completely mum through all of this despite allegations their cement is at the heart of the explosion. Halliburton and its "previous" subsidiary KBR, past records of business ethics include unanswered charges of employee rape - no, seriously, this is true. Al Franken got up in the halls of congress and said this (below) - as well as essentially offering foul bathing water for U.S. Marines, and that's just the start. Watch Iraq for Sale

2. BP CEO Tony "WE DIDN'T DO THIS" AKA "Blame the Rape Victims" Hayward- That BP was even involved with Halliburton goes well against their fluffy little ads.
Tony Hayward has been busy covering his ass rather than expressing a sense of urgency. He also insulted victims through the London Times, see previous posts. Tony has also been very courtly and careful in using words to suggest his company is not to blame for the spill. A cold fish indeed and showing no signs of changing his tune.

3. MMS "Marijuana Mattresses and Sex", AKA Materials and Minerals Services, a division of The U.S. Department of the Interior. Took bribes, had sex on our behalf, relaxed rules allowing BP to slide under radar and not put all technologies on their rig. Apparently, the Interior Director was rafting soon after the explosion. Truly a "Brownie" moment.

4. Transocean "Mum" Inc. - also involved in the accident, yet, somewhat eager, as is the entire trinity, to slough off blame in reports and maintaining a low profile despite the horror of what has transpired.

5. U.S. "Inferior" Interior Chief of Staff Tom "Hey I'm on Vacation" Strickland. Three days after the beginning of the worst oil spill disaster in history, one of the country's top public officials overseeing minerals, mining in the borders of the United States was taking some PL at The Grand Canyon. This, while hundreds of thousands living near the gulf were and remain, living in fear of an operation permitted by his office.

6. President Barack "Enviro-President" Obama - sadly, this is true. Where is he on this? His moving about, glazing over the issue seems to bespeak a complete state of denial with regard to the seriousness of this situation. Also, the environmental president showed an alarming eagerness in championing offshore drilling just weeks before this event He needs a 180 reverse course, he needs to be on scene taking names and kicking ass to get himself off this list. At the moment he is instead folding himself up into the womb of his adoring base by addressing immigration while the entire nation is being hit in the bread basket by an act of corporate terrorism by way of incompetence or outright sabotage.

5. Texas Governor Rick "Act of God" Perry - the Texa,s secessionist-speaking, George Wallace sounding, Tea-Bagging politician finds a convenient scapegoat in the Lord God Almighty, rather than bend a finger at corporate culture, or maliciously fallible mankind. The politician, who will likely by played by his near twin, Josh Brolin, in the movie version of this fiasco, has no problem using the creator to start meetings in his state, and found a ready goat tied to a post from same, when conspiracy theorists surfaced on April 20. Texas is an oil state, and before moving headquarters to Dubai, Halliburton was based in Houston. Coinky-dink?

6. Mississippi Governor Haley "we don't have to call it a catastrophe" Barbour - Barbour recently said the slick was just a thin thin residue in one statement besmirching the name of the Mississippi education system AND the political process which put him in office. His statement belies a profound inability or unwillingness to understand the nature of poisons, basic biology, physics, mathematics, geography, aquatics, fisheries biology, and sorely insults the ability of all citizens to know bullshit when they hear it.

7.Rush "increasingly irrelevant" Limbaugh for first suggesting this was an environmentalist act of sabotage.

8. Glenn "white noise of nonsense" Beck - for stupid fecal matter about this, yet to fall from his mouth.

9. Sarah "Blowing Rogues" Palin - The never-governor of Alaska's continued association with scheming characters who are, to a man, anti-envronmentally minded remains perplexing in that she comes from a state of such stunning, pristine beauty and that has suffered a similar tragedy. An unrepentant fan of the phrase, "Drill Baby Drill" as much a fond memory from high school prom night, perhaps, as it is an encapsulation of her life ethos.

10. The Mainstream "attention span of a gnat" Media- After 48 hours either paid-off or pressured media execs, many of whom actually answer to big oil interests, are easily led away from the heart of the story, feigning ignorance of science in their superficial coverage.

11. Dick "Dr. Evil" Cheney - Halliburton's baby daddy has gone to ground since the spill. Neither hide nor hair can be found of the former vice president who arguably served up a war to the company that gave him more than $30 million in recent severance just before he was elected. He has not surfaced to even peep a word against all the talk swirling around the carbuncle of his once very public persona.

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