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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Monday, May 10, 2010

When is, what is, E.V. Day?

EV Day is when the amount of oil dumped out of the Deepwater Horizon well, equals the amount of oil dumped in the Prince William Sound Alaska following the Exxon Valdez back in 1989.
That quantity is thought to be 10.8 million gallons of oil
Every minute after this day, the Deepwater Horizon spill, gains the distinction of "The Worst Oil Spill in the History of the United States," forever solidifying BP's, and Transocean's and Halliburton's place in sequential infamy.
Well, Halliburton is already there for other reasons, but, you get the point.
Now, when is EV Day?
Depends on which estimations for flow rate provided by BP that you believe. And boy that estimate sure probably is accurate, hey gang?
Now, this is really easy math. Republican senators such as John McCain, conservative Mommy bloggers such as Sarah Palin, follow along slowly as we go. No, mathematics is not a progressive plot to make you look bad in polls. Glenn Beck....? Forget it, you won't understand this.
Here we go.
The estimate that BP goes by is 200,000 gallons a day, but recently in NYT the company announced the estimate may be as many as 60,000 gallons a day too low.
If we use the first estimate, it will take 54 days total to reach EV, in which 20 have already lapsed leaving 34.6 remaining, bringing the date to June 13.
If we use the second estimate, 41 days total to EV, of which 20 have elapsed bringing the date to May 31, the end of this month.
Splitting the difference, we have EV Day falling on June 6, 2010. Also known as D-Day. This should make it easy for folks to remember.
On D-Day, June 6, of this year, in all likelihood the Deepwater Horizon will have replaced the Exxon Valdez, and every moment thereafter, the bar of environmental violation, poison and pillage is set higher and higher.

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