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BP Oil spill in Gallons

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great Britain's Petroleum Attack on the United States

Our last staunch ally needs a pretext to side entirely with the European Union. MI-6 in the form of Tony Hayward? has perhaps given it to them.
BP's foot dragging will mean we will have to take over that oil well. Obama then will go hat in hand to the Queen and beg forgiveness. We had to do it, he'll say in a shameful display which will put him in the light of Chicken George, which we will detest as a nation, and so will the UK.
This will complete our isolation on the world stage, something the Rupert Murdochs and others of the Plutocracy set, Dick Cheney and so on, have been pushing for, for years. Orchestrating it like a symphony. Really have to hand it to them. Brilliant.
You notice the media coverage of BPs disaster is completely different in the UK than it is here, both sides playing against the middle; and that middle would be us, children.
Tony Hayward plays his role and assures the British masses the yanks are on about nothing, over and over again, despite the pictures underwater, despite the film, despite the satellite photos.
Yes, British press, not unlike hours, not unlike the sniff-sniff, "yeah okay go with it", five-second rule lapdogs they universally are, with rare exception, run with what comes from the mouths of they in the know. And come on, Tony Hayward? "Seems a nice enough chap, doesn't he?", say the easily charmed mums in their row houses, "Would he be lying to us?"
"Bloody yanks you know how they are." Father nods, creases the Times over to sports.
This all despite the fact, Tony Fucking Hayward, is indeed completely full of bung! Lying his ruddy, charming, smirky little school boy English face off, he is.
For years it's been in the works, our renewed alienation from the UK. First they got rid of Tony Blair and replaced him with Gordon Brown, and then he was no good, too close and chummy with the yanks. Tony Blair pretty much cannot show his face anywhere in London; Bush's creature. Plague.
So now what? Brits would certainly like to distance themselves from that whole thing in Iraq, they would. We're the villain you see, been practicing for the role since 1991 when we went into Iraq the first time.
All that was needed to touch the powder keg was a pretext; something both sides would find inexcusable.
On our end, we cry "what is going on with the oil spill, damnit? Can't you stop it?"
They smile, attend another press conference. Feign ineptitude.
Notice Tony Hayward spends quite a bit of time speaking to the foreign press. He has yet to show up at a senate hearing on the Hill.
On theirs? The (quote and un) outrage at us when we take over the site, seize their assets, send them packing. This we very likely, will have to do.
All pawns in position, right down to the window dressing. Those who can't remember history; yes, that sort of thing.
I find it extremely suspicious that a group screaming for seizing the assets of BP was primed and ready to go at nearly a gnat's fart for notice when all of this went down. Even had themselves a pretty little web site with all the frills. Hell I was so angry I signed their damned petition before I even read a word. Some obscure law they were on about, from the late 1800s, giving our government the right to seize property when and if the interests of the United States are so compromised by those of a foreign company or party, so on and so forth.
I thought hang on? How did they come up with all of this so fast? Even had themselves and little rally in Tampa St. Pete, with signs printed all, vaguely Jugo Chavezy sounding, anti-capitalist mumbo-jumbo, but not so it convinced you; more like a web company sending kids out on the street with t-shirts to brand themselves for the cameras.
Yes, where have I seen this sort of thing before? All the ready made propaganda? Why that would be Honduras during the strife, revolutions, elections, assassinations. Good times.
So our Gulf becomes, what?
A part of a larger chess board. This dangerous game that the likes of the Plutocrat set - Rupert Murdoch who plays both political voices on both sides the Atlantic, and Dick Cheney, who rose so high in our government, we scarcely find the testicular fortitude to summon him to answer what he knows - has used this perfect, blue tapestry. These movers and shakers sullied it with unspeakable horror, to continue their game.
And we, all of us, pretend we don't know what the hell is going on.

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